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Saksham ended the phone call and took a deep breath. Right now, his blood was boiling. He couldn't tell how angry he felt at this moment. As he closed his eyes to calm down his boiling emotions, but all he could see a high-school girl screaming in pain as she was burned alive. Saksham clenched his fist tightly as he went back home. After entering his house, he simply went back to his room and closed the newly fixed door. After sitting on his chair, he sighed lightly. Although Vatsal would suffer inhumane torture, Saksham still felt that it was still not enough. But what else could he even do now?

Saksham smiled wryly and shook his head. Right now, this shouldn't be his main concern. The concerning thing is the elder brother of Vatsal. According to what Rhytham told him, Vatsal's elder brother is an awakened in the #1 gang in Ghaziabad. Now, Indirapuram is just a small part of Ghaziabad. There were many other cities in the Ghaziabad district. And for a gang to be #1 in the whole Ghaziabad, their power is not something to be trifled with. But now, Saksham's killed the little brother of the awakened in that gang. Seeing how much an awakened is valued in a big gang, they have a big say in many matters. If Vatsal's elder brother someday comes to know, that Saksham killed his little brother, then things will become dangerous for Saksham's gang.

Saksham didn't know how long would it take for Vatsal's elder brother to catch this news. But he was fairly certain that it would not be more than a month. After a month, there will definitely be some big trouble coming to knock at his doorsteps. At that time, if Saksham is not prepared, Rhytham and the rest of the people in his gang will be wiped out. As no one knows who he really is, Saksham can hide and will be safe from all this. But will he let someone destroy his little gang? The answer is no. And that's why Saksham needed to think of the ways to overcome this problem.

After several hours of careful thinking, Saksham thought of some things. As for how to put those things to work, Saksham was not entirely sure. After stopping his thinking train, Saksham gritted his teeth and said, "What happened to the people sent by other countries to find me?"

"Are you sure you want to use 1 EP?"

Saksham took a deep breath and pressed [Yes]. Saksham really didn't want to press [yes] but he knew that such information was really necessary. He really can't feel comfortable knowing that there are people hidden in the dark, looking out for him at every instance. So, even though he didn't want to press [Yes], he still did. And just as he pressed [Yes], a window popped up with some information.

"People who entered India with illegal ways were caught and kicked out of the country by IOEA and the Indian Government. The people who came legally were left alone by the IOEA. But as there has been not a single proof you for the past month, these hidden forces have retreated back to the shadows. Some have returned back while some are waiting in the dark, waiting for you to show your trail accidentally. In a nutshell, people sent to look out for you in Indirapuram have retreated back for the time being."

As soon as Saksham finished reading this, he struggled to keep his eyelids open as a heavy sense of exhaustion came from the bottom of his soul. He didn't try to even struggle to keep awake and just went back to his bed and slept soundly soon.


2 Days later

It was finally weekend and also the day when Saksham promised Vishal and Akram to visit IOEA HQ in New Delhi for the registration. He was really curious about the IOEA. He knew that there were still many things about this world that he didn't know. Many doubts and questions were also in his mind and he was pretty sure that IOEA should have an answer for that. And that's why Saksham was looking forward to his visit to the IOEA.

After making an excuse to visit Ayush's home, Saksham left his house in a hurry. If you are wondering that his Boards Exam were very close, then how come Savitri allows him to go out any time he wants. Then all I can say is, his grades were enough to let his parents be assured. That's also the reason why Saksham and Anita could go on a date because their grades were very good. That's why there were no objections to them going out.

After about an hour and a half of traveling, Saksham reached Laxmi Nagar, But he didn't rush to call Akram and Vishal. He first went into a public washroom and took out his Assassin's Suit and wore it quickly. After coming out of the washroom, he started walking towards the direction of landmark Akram told him. But the strange thing was, even though he was passing by many people, no one seemed to have noticed him. Only some people, whom he would bump into accidentally in the crowd, would notice him. Others were pretty unaware of his presence.

After a 10 min walk, he was not far away from the landmark. He saw a very tall building whose outer cover was completely made of glass. The whole building looked very marvelous and unique. He took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. As soon as the other side picked up the call, Saksham spoke in his hoarse voice, "I am here."

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