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Yuanyuan's eyelashes flutter and her cheeks burn in a shade of pink. She finally gathers her strength together and moves Liu Shan's arms that were wrapped around her.

Her movements were natural like this was a normal occurrence between them. Each time he gets drunk in front of her, he would always hug her like she was a teddy bear.

However, no matter how much strength she used to pry the man's arms away, the more Liu Shan tightens his hold on her and would not let go.

"Why do you have to break my heart?"

In his consciousness, he leans his forehead onto her shoulder and his shoulders tremble.

"All I wanted was for someone to love me for who I am. If you don't, please give me my heart back…"

Yuanyuan didn't dare to move anymore. She allows him to hug her, but when she heard his heartbroken words, her eyes turned moist. She faintly smiles as her head leans against his and she gently pats his arm.

"Shan… You are a good man with a good heart. This girl is you are mistaking me for, she is blink to not return your love."

Drown with alcohol, Liu Shan inhales a deep breath and a very faint sob escapes his lips.

"Why can't you love me…"

The faint smile on Yuanyuan's face disappears and turns upside down. She sharply sighs and stares into the space in front of her.

"She doesn't, but I do… I have loved you since the first day we met…"

Silence soon engulfed the room as neither person moved. However, down the hall from them, in another private room located in the back, two tall and muscular men stood guarding the door. Each person looked intimidating, but there was redness on their cheeks.

Behind the door, a woman's loud and alluring moan can be heard in a matching rhythm to a man's low groan. It was as if they were the only two people in the world and had finally reached the seventh heavens.

"Ji Chu Hua. You're very cunning to have disappeared these past few days."

The man inside the room spoke in a flat tone, but close to a growl. He stood in front of the table and starts to fix his disheveled clothes.

His blonde hair was long as it covers half of his face. However, one can see that he is appealing to the eyes of anyone.

Laying on the table in front of the man, Ji Chu Hua was in a mess. Her shirt was lifted up and revealed her bare chest that was heaving heavily. Her black pants hung on one of her ankles as if holding for dear life.

From their rough intimate session that just ended, she was covered in red marks mixed with blue bruises and sweat.

When she heard the man's question, she glances at him then helps herself sit up.

"Did you miss me that much?"

She pulls her shirt down to cover her exposed twin peaks and steps down from the table. The second her feet touched the ground, she winced in pain that shot throughout her entire body.

However, she quickly brushes is aside and bends down to fix her pants in place.

"But you should know, I also have a life."

The man stares at her with no ounce of emotions in his eyes. He turns away from her and strides to the minibar inside the private room. His movements were like the two of them had never engaged in any intimacy but were in the middle of a business meeting.

"Is that so?"

He calmly spoke and stops in front of the table filled with different types of imported liquors. He reaches for a bottle and pours himself a glass.

"Then again, who is to blame when the company that should be yours is falling into another person's hands."

Downing the drink, he turns back to look at her, and a smirk curls on his side of the face that is visible in the view.

"Isn't that right?"

Ji Chu Hua had just finished straightening her clothes. She turns her head to the man and scoffs an arrogant chuckle but tries to maintain a refined appearance.

"I didn't know that someone like you would spy on a small pawn like me."

The man���s eyes flash with a dangerous light. He refills his glass then walks over to stand in front of Ji Chu Hua.

His free hand raises to pinches her chin and forces her to look up at him.

"Of course. You are one of my women. It's natural for me to keep an eye on you in case you decide to cross the line."

His hand on her chin moves and he caressed the side of her face with the tips of his fingers.

"If you do, I don't mind sharing you with my men."

Ji Chu Hua flinched and was frozen in fear by the man. She didn't dare open her mouth again as she was afraid of saying the wrong thing.

How could she forget that he is a very dangerous man with ominous motives? Even if the person were to be one of his closest kin, one mistake and he will kill without batting an eye.

*Knock knock

A sudden knock sounds at the door and interrupts the cold air that filled the room. The man kept his eyes on Ji Chu Hua before he howls a laugh and leans forward to kiss her lips.

When he pulled away from her, the dangerous light in his eyes was no longer there as it was replaced with a soft and caring smile.

"You can leave now. I don't need you for the night."

Ji Chu Hua had only recovered from her fear of him and she was already struck speechless. She stares up at the man and wanted to ask him why he didn't need her, but before she could, he had already grabbed her red coat and handbag.

He shoves the two items into her arms and walks to sit down on one of the many chairs in the room.

"Scram before I make you."

Ji Chu Hua scoffs a sneer inside. She knows he doesn't like it when others ask too much so all she could do was force a sweet smile. She reaches inside her bag and takes out a yellow envelope.

"This is what I promised you. Don't forget to keep your promise."

Setting it down on the table they had just shared hours of memories on, she turns for the door.

She threw open the door and takes a step out. However, what greeted her in the hallway was the back of a very slender woman wearing a white dress with brown hair like her. Even the length of their hair is almost the same.

Staring at the woman, she scoffs a sarcastic chuckle and turns for the exiting side of the hallway.

No wonder he didn't need her. He already called for another slut to warm his bed.

As Ji Chu Hua walked away, the woman in white slowly turns her head to look at her (Ji Chu Hua). One corner of her red lip rises into a side smirk and she enters the private room.

"It seems like I came at the wrong time."

The woman's voice was very soft and pleasing to the ears. When the man inside saw her, he chuckles and lightly shook his head.

"Hua, you know you are always welcome to come and go as you please around me."

His tone of voice was different from the one he uses with other women. It was softer and held a trace of warmth like this woman meant the world to him.

When the woman name Hua was at a close enough distance, he grabs her wrist and gently pulls her down to sit on his lap.

"Were you able to get anything out from him?"

His words fell as he caresses the side of her thigh with small kisses on her shoulder.

"Not yet. He is quite difficult to pry information from."

Hua spoke in a coquettish tone as she wraps one arm around his neck and the other reach to stop his hand on her thigh.

"But Sun, I do have something useful to tell you."

That's right, this man is Choi Li Sun. The same man Lu Tian and Faith are currently looking for.

When he heard the woman's words, a sinister smirk curls on his lip. He brushes her hand away from stopping him and begins to touch every curve on her like he was longing to devour her.

"Tell me then."

Hua tilts her head back as soft moans escape her agape mouth.

Even though Choi Li Sun had just slept with another woman, she doesn't care. Out of all the women visiting him, only she can satisfy his needs as he to her.

Her eyes rolled back and she gradually closes them to feel the man's touch on her body.

She sighs a moan when he suddenly pinches one of the studs on her twin peaks and a smile curls on her lip.

"I have him in my claws."

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