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Reaching her desk, as was her habit, she clicked on her mailbox to see how much had the world moved past while she had gone home. Most of the clients that Earthly Matters had, were scattered across the world. People responded and queried at all times. Her screen lit up and oh!

An innocent looking mail sat there amongst many other. She tried to ignore it, told herself that she would not open it now. She had so much work pending. She seriously wasn't going to open it. No, absolutely not, for sure…. Aaaand, she clicked on it.

G'morning, My Gorgeous

As I write this mail, I wonder if it is going to bounce back to me (no, I am not giving you the idea to block my ID, that is, if you haven't already. I am only expressing my insecurity).

First of all, I want to register a complaint. Can you please allow me a few hours of sleep at night? I understand that you wish to torment me, but if you will keep visiting me every night, won't you get tired as well? So let's both sleep for a few hours at night, hmm… at least till the time we are apart!

Jia Li, I wonder if you feel lonely sometimes. I say this because when I get tired of my loneliness, I run away from it, coward that I am. I wonder, if it comes to seek you after it can't locate me.

Do you know that I go and visit Fu, every now and then? I just want to make sure that he is still here and that you are safe. Has the wound healed fully? Does it still hurt you?

I have imagined a hundred ways in which I wish to make up for the pain that I caused you but each and every one of them sounds pathetically insufficient, just like me!

Damn, I had thought that I would make the words sound funny and delightful so that you are tempted to look forward to more of these. But the current attempt seems to be veering towards melancholy more than humour.

Forgive me for that, too! I shall try harder.

Btw, I wanted to clarify something from the previous mail. Mei Zhen and I are officially separated. I am told that she is currently enjoying the attentions of a besotted gentleman in Beijing.

Also, did I tell you that Wang Wei is in London? His father has been operated upon successfully there. Maybe you could visit him and offer support. He could use the comfort from an old friend.
On second thoughts, maybe just call him. Visitation maybe too much for my poor, jealous heart to handle. Uh… actually, I leave that call onto you. Just don't tell me about it.

More later. I am sure you have a lot of work to do. Have a good day, My Jia Li!

Yours, Always Yours
Xie Tang


Tang had been waiting eagerly for the hours to pass till it became morning in London. Unlike the first time, when he had been too nervous to even breathe properly, this time he had remembered to put a read receipt on the mail which he sent Jia Li. Bang at 4:05p.m. Shanghai time, his inbox pinged, indicating the arrival of a new mail. He nearly leapt onto the screen to check it and sat back on his chair with a wide grin on his face.

She had read it! Yes!!! She had read it…

In his heart, he was really unsure about his value and position in Jia Li's life currently. Gone was the suave, over confident Tang who never doubted that Jia Li could even think about someone else apart from him. As of this day, he believed that if her affection was to be mapped on a graph, he would probably be standing on the sub-zero level. He was well aware of her loathing for him, and rightly so.

But he was helpless. He loved her too much, just too much, to let her go. So, whether it was a minus position or worse, he would woo his girl till she is ready to forgive him and come back to him. Since their childhood, he had never really needed to chase her or use any tricks to charm her. She had innocently and whole heartedly given her heart to him from day one.

But now, he was going to make sure that he makes up for all those years and more. How badly he wished that he could be there with her right now, looking at her as she reads his words. Would she scrunch her eyes in anger or would she punish her lip on his behalf? He just hoped that she wouldn't be sad. His purpose of sending these mails was to slowly rebuild the bond which lay shattered as of this moment.

The words were his way of telling her that he loved her, missed her, craved her…
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