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Before anyone had the opportunity to speak, a high pitch scream pierced through the room. Charlotte jumped out of her seat to go where the girl was. The birthday girl's excitement scared Vivian and she took cover behind the Carmichael boy when she screamed in happiness.

"Charlotte!" Charlotte's mother, Priscilla scolded her daughter, "How many times have I told you not to scream! In two more years, you will be hitting the mark for growth and screaming like a hooligan is no way to behave for a young lady as yourself."

"But she is so cute. I love her!" the vampiress declared in joy and then said to her brothers, "This is the best present ever!"

"I told you this is what she was asking for," said Leonard triumphantly looking at Julliard who looked wary at the moment as his aunt scowled at her son.

"Charlotte, sweetheart. Why don't you come here while your aunt and I speak to your brothers," Charlotte nodded at her aunt's words but before walking alone, she held the human's hand who looked scared, to take her to the couch so that they could both sit.

After seeing her niece and the unknown girl sit on the couch, Renae turned to her son, "Leonard," her son straightened when she called him by his full name which meant he had caused trouble, "You cannot gift a person as a present."

"Why not?" he frowned at his mother's disapproving eyes, "Mr. Peril bought a man as a gift to his sister. Why can't we?" Mrs. Carmichael raised her brows and asked him,

"Where did you hear that?"

"I heard father and uncle Sullivan speak about it a week ago," Mrs. Carmichael looked at her boy. His dark red eyes looking up at her questioningly at what he had done wrong. She knelt down to speak to him, "Leo, we don't gift people as presents because it is wrong. Everyone are their own person and stealing that right is wrong."

"Why did Mr. Peril gift a man if it is wrong?" Leonard asked his mother. Mr. Peril was a close acquaintance with the Carmichael's and he didn't understand why he would do that if it was wrong.

Mrs. Carmichael pressed her lips wondering what to reply to her son. It was true that people were traded as objects by the name of slavery but she didn't agree to it. Just because they came from a pure bloodline of vampires, she didn't want her son to embrace the slavery to be something normal.

"He is a stupid man. I am sure both of you..." Mrs. Carmichael gave her nephew a pointed look along with her son, "Don't want to be stupid or called to be one."

"I knew it wasn't a good idea," spoke Julliard to only be snapped by his mother, "Where came the talking when you presented the human as a present. Young man you better be prepared to clean the library once we get back home."

Mrs. Carmichael stood up on her feet. Turning around she saw her niece showing some toys to the girl who sat very quietly, listening to her excited niece ramble about teacups, "Now. Where did you find the girl so that we can return her to her family before we get accused of kidnapping."

"She works here," her son responded. Realization hit Mrs. Carmichael that she was the girl Martha, their housekeeper had brought home about a week ago.

When Paul, one of the servant man of the mansion arrived at the door to call everyone for breakfast, he saw the little boys being given pointed looks by their mothers. It had been three years since he had started working here at the Carmichael's mansion and the scene was something very common he had come to know here. The little boys always got into trouble doing something or the other, keeping their parents mostly their mothers on their toes. Not long even a month had passed since the boys had set Ms. Tate's fur coat on fire. Though the situation had been dire that day it was laughable now. Before he could wonder what the boys had done this time, his eyes fell on little Vivian sitting next to Ms. Charlotte.

"I am glad you are here," Mrs. Carmichael sighed at Paul's appearance.

Vivian who was much familiar with Paul than the others in the room, slipped quietly from Charlotte when her mother began speaking to her.

"We have been searching for you since morning," said Paul when Vivian caught hold of his loose brown trousers with her small hands, "Are you alright?" he received a nod from her and he smiled, "That's good to hear. You must be hungry, let's fix you breakfast when we get back to the kitchen."

After listening to what his mother had to tell them, Leonard's eyes fell on the two servants- Paul and Bambi. Something Paul said made the girl smile, something he hadn't seen after last night. She looked frightened since his cousin sister had screamed out of sheer excitement. Charlotte was famous for it and she had that effect on most of the young vampiress of her age. When the girl's eyes met his and he saw her clutch Paul's trouser for dear life. It seemed that Bambi trusted his servant and was scared of him.

Paul who had finished talking about the cake they had prepared for Ms. Charlotte found the young Carmichael stare at him, his eyes turning narrow to which the man gave him a puzzled look.

"Won't we be going to the fair?" Charlotte asked her mother.

"Not today. We have to go visit your grandparents remember. The sooner you finish your breakfast and get ready, the sooner we get to the fair later," her mother replied.

"But Bambi will come too right?" Charlotte asked with hopeful eyes, "Let's have breakfast together!"

Priscilla passed a trouble look to her sister and her sister, Renae nodded, "Unfortunately, she..." At her glance at Paul, he gave out the girl's name, "Vivian."

"Yes, Vivian has something to do and won't be able to join us at the table. But you can play with her later once we get back from meeting grandpa and grandma. Is that alright?" Renae asked her niece and got a swift nod.

During breakfast, Mr. Carmichael and Easton's family was joined by the Meyers family and Giles Carmichael's younger brother, Sullivan. Renae's second sister Margery was married to William Meyers and they had a son named Rhys who was two years younger to Leonard and Julliard as Margery had married late compared to her other two sisters. Sullivan Carmichael worked for his brother who managed lands and animal rearing.

"Happy birthday, Charlotte," Sullivan wished her from his seat.

"Thank you, uncle Sullivan," Charlotte thanked him while swinging her legs slightly under the table.

"I heard that you opened half of your presents already. You should savor the time of a present," said Sullivan, taking the napkin from the front of the table and placing it to the right, "What did your brothers gift?"

By the mention of it, Charlotte opened her mouth but her mother interjected between, "They haven't given one yet. Julliard has promised to get her a gift at the fair, haven't you Julliard," Julliard who had his mouthful did nothing but nod his head before swallowing his food.

"Yes, mother."

"We have something really big planned. It's going to take time," Leo added taking a bite from his plate.

"Another gift! I am being spoilt," murmured Charlotte to hear the adults chuckle.

"It is your day, dear. Everything is accepted," her uncle Giles answered to see a wide smile on her face.
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