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Bambi and the Duke 274 Interview- Part 4

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Alexander Delcrov: The fire never dies. She's been by silly girl and she has continued to be the same. Our sex lives is-

Katherine: Alex! *looks utterly embarrassed at her husband. 

Interviewer: *who had leaned forward to get the juicy details frowned sadly* Tell us something about your mother and father. We never got to hear the story of how they met and fell in love. After all, it was love decades ago between the pureblooded vampire and a white witch. 

Alexander Delcrov: If you're lucky you'll hear about them in the fourth book as I author-san and I have a deal that I will share a good screen time or page time in the book with my cousin. To make the story short, my father was a hunt and thinking my mother was a human, he went to take a bite from her when she slammed him on the ground to his surprise. 

Interviewer: Your mother was a beautiful and courageous woman. I am sure the ladies here look up to her. 

Alexander Delcrov: Thank you. Yes, I believe from the stories Vivian has come to tell me, she was a woman I am proud to call her my mother.

Interviewer: Thank you for answering my questions. Wait, there's a few more. Unfortunately, we don't have Jerome and Elliot Wells here as they have gone to a skiing trip in the north. Did Jerome attend your wedding?

Alexander Delcrov: Jerome is Elliot's brother but no he didn't attend the wedding. He has been traveling for quite some time now while looking after various projects for architectural designs. I am sure he has his reasons also one of them might be that he never took interest in the council work, unlike his younger brother. 

Interviewer: Let's move on to our most loved couple of the evening, though I think it is because author-san killed you guys that you are loved more now *sweats bullets looking at author-san* Just joking ha ha ha *clears throats* But personally I also feel it so because we have seen both of you grow up and with large amount of cuteness where one cannot stop awing at you guys. Vivian coming to you, what do you think sets Leonard out from the crowd that had your heart captured?

Vivian: *smiling widely* Leo is an amazing man. 

Nicholas Rune: Ideal man

Vivian: Yes, someone who has loved me since the first time to the end. He is a perfect gentleman that I couldn't look away from him when he captured my heart. He sometimes has the habit to keep things that are weighing in his mind until I dissect it with my touch. Leonard is a man of high pride but he has no ego. I know it because he would give up his life for me in a heart beat. 

Interviewer: All the couples here have shown great support and trust when it comes to each other but undoubtedly your faith and adoration to him has been so wonderful and sweet. I must say even I envy your relationship the way the understanding has been built. You must have been really happy when he was saying his vows to you in the church in the middle of the night. 

Vivian: *looks at author-san as if sharing a secret*

Interviewer:  Are we missing something?

Vivian: Just a secret between us.

Interviewer: You are one of the very few ladies who has passed the exam. Do you regret working there even though Leo is giving out some pointers that the Council is a difficult and complicated job?

Vivian: Difficulty depends on what you think is difficult. Initially, I found it difficult but I had good colleagues who helped me. Especially when I often got lost in the building. The whole of it is like a maze which can make one feel confused.

Interviewer: You must be missing your colleagues who used to work with you. Dutan passed away and so did Hueren with age.

*Vivian nods her head*

Leonard: We visited their graves last Sunday.

Interviewer: One of the readers has a question for you- Vivian, is there anything you wanted to experience once in your life but wasn't able to? If so what is it? If not what made you so content with what you had?

Vivian: *thinks deeply* I don't think I have anything at the top of my mind. We spent so much of time living like a normal couple in the world of the ghouls that I even pulled Leonard to the giant wheel. It was a beautiful night. I don't think I ever grew up to ask for more because what was given felt enough. Though my parents had pushed me away, people like Paul, Martha had accepted me without question. There was also Leo's mother. Lady Renae took care of me when Leo wasn't there. I was too small to remember everything but with the skill of touch, I can touch my very soul to see back at the events of my life.

Interviewer: That is surely a cool skill you have in there, Vivian

Vivian: Thank you

Interviewer: *turns to look at Leonard* Everyone feels very strongly for your character, Leonard.

Leonard: ....

Interviewer: *continues* What about Vivian caught your eye?

Leonard: I haven't met anyone who has broken the vases one after another as she has. She has been adorably clumsy. 

Interviewer: *looks at them with starry eyes*

Leonard: Vivian might come to appear clumsy and delicate but in truth, she is the strongest woman I have met. She's elegant and smart, for someone to have survived and come out triumphantly, she makes me only prouder. 

Interviewer: We all can vouch for that. One of your fans wanted to ask you-If Vivian wasn't in your heart would you have maybe fallen in love with Eleanor?

Leonard: Eleanor is only a cousin sister of mine. So it was out of the question that I would look at her differently. 

Interviewer: What happened to her? We were curious to know how she was doing *Especially after the little stand between her and Vivi-thinks the interviewer*


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