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Bambi and the Duke 84 Marriage proposal- Part 2

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She tried to move her hands subtly out of his grip when he leaned closer to her to only feel her wrists to be held down on the soft mattress. Her breathing which was already uneven from hanging on Leonard's shoulder turned into deeper breaths, feeling every little movement of the bed.

When Vivian tried to move away her leg he came to settle comfortably between the space of her legs.

"How shall I punish you, my sweet Bambi," he whispered next to her ear, bringing a silver of emotions into her body as if it had been breathed alive by his mere words. With her wide eyes, she saw Leonard pull back so that he could look at her. The expression he wore on his face was serious, his eyes dark yet red.

With slightly furrowed brows, she pleaded, "Leo, please..."

"What do you want me to do?" he asked, his words being coy as he looked down at her. Eyes tracing every curve and dip on her skin, black eyes blinked back at him. He wanted to touch her and he did what he felt like doing. He was never known to be patient, if he wanted her he would have her.

From the open windows of the room, curtains flew softly, moving further inside as clouds growled in the sky as if instigating the mood of the couple in the room. It hadn't rained since morning, gracing the people of Bonelake with the weather without rain for now.

"Let me go," she pleaded.

"Anything but that," seeing that he wasn't going to let her go, she put one last effort in freeing herself which resulted in her breasts moving to his eyes delight, "Move more and you will only end up enticing me that much more," his eyes followed from her chest up the column of her neck before settling back on her eyes which occasionally darted to her lips. On his words, Vivian suddenly stopped moving and felt the blood rush up her neck to make way to her cheeks which tinted the pale cheeks to a shade of pink.

"But I did nothing wrong. I did what you said, weren't you the one-" she felt his finger on her lips to stop her from speaking, the pressure of it gentle.

"Don't try to weasel your way out of this by putting it on me," he pushed his finger into her mouth, placing it on top of her tongue from uttering a word, "Trying to use Jerome by giving him your blood, how dare you Vivian? To give something that solely belongs to me someone else," as he removed his finger out of her mouth, his tongue replaced it. Lips moved against hers with such fierceness that felt like wooden logs that were blown to build more heat during the time of Winter.

During the entire time, Leo didn't release Vivian's hands from his grasp and instead he enjoyed it there up above her head where he could completely see her without her pushing or hiding her face away with it.

There was something about the way Leonard held her hands, dominating her with a kiss which she craved for more. She could taste him, the sweetness that came from his mouth every time their tongue rubbed against each other. It was so sweet that it made her head spin.

His lips brushed against her lips before pressing it down her cheek, one kiss after another which reached to the side of her neck. When he licked her neck, Vivian gasped before a moan escaped her lips as his mouth latched on to her neck. He sucked on it, pulling and letting go of the tender skin, enjoying the moans that erupted from her delicate lips.

"Ah!" she cried when he bit hard on her neck, hard enough to draw blood from it. Drops of blood began rolling down which he lapped with his tongue in time. Sucking and licking while pressing her body with his to the mattress.

Looking into her eyes, he asked, "Did that hurt?"

Vivian shook her head softly with a dazed look. How could it hurt, when he asked her with so much concern and she wished she hadn't at that moment.

"Then that wouldn't be considered to be punishment at all now, would it?" he stated, running his fingers over her lower lip.

"Is it necessary?" asked Vivian her lips trembling when his finger traced her skin down her chin to her neck, running his thumb where he had bit her. To his delight a bruise had begun to form, marking her skin to a dark shade of red.

She should have known offering her blood to a stranger especially to someone who was trying to gain her affections would not be something he would have wanted her to do. "Very," he whispered with a mischevious smile that made her heart flip in her chest. Leo didn't need to know what effect he had on his girl, "Shall I reiterate what you did today that has got me upset?" he asked to see her gulp in anticipation, "Your blood is mine, Vivi. Everything that belongs to you is mine to take and keep. No one else. Not even the shadow, not your smile, not your tears, they are all mine. Yet you made an offer to a man whom you know loves you, where you trying to win his favour?" his question made her hold her breath.

"Why would you say that?" she knew that he knew it wasn't true, "I only..."

"You only what? What were you trying to accomplish by doing that?" he nudged her, running his finger close to her bosom which made her gasp.

"Leo!" she looked embarrassed.

"Tell me. You know me right, Bambi," that she did. Vivian knew he wouldn't let her off until he would hear it in her own words.

Her gaze wavered away from him to look at the left bedpost, "I wanted you to talk to me..."

"I never stopped talking to you," she heard him reply, "Taunting the jealous side of me, you are quite brave. Brave but doing something you shouldn't have. Would you be happy if I spent time with another woman, drinking another woman's blood in front of you?"

"That's not fair, Leo! I didn't-"

"Hush now, darling," his voice rebuked no further argument, "The matter is still the same and doesn't change what you aimed for. I need to make sure you don't repeat it when I'm not around."

When Leonard loosened his hold on her hands, for an instance Vivian thought all this while he was only joking with her but she was so wrong. Just as she began to rise, he stopped her.

"We haven't picked your punishment. What might it be hmm?" If she hadn't regretted before for making him jealous, she did now. Who knew it was a high offence in Leonard's dictionary, "I want to see you," he declared leaving Vivian dumbstruck.

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"I won't do anything you don't like," he whispered on her lips, "I wish to see you as you are, Vivi," he cleared to make sure she understood what he meant. He had said it was a punishment but there was a permission of request in the tone of his words. Taking her face in both his hands, he kissed her once more, this time being gentle and slow to persuade her into giving in to his words. Getting her in the zone where she would be comfortable. He sucked her bottom lips, twice being gentle and third time pulling it harder than the previous one making her gasp.

Pushing her back on the bed, "May I?" it wasn't a question with his fingers hovering over the top of her dress.

Vivian was conflicted, conflicted with what she was supposed to say as words refused to form in her brain. They were scattered like flowers of spring with the demand of what Leo wanted to do.

Wetting her lips that had dried, she said, "But we aren't married. Only a married man and woman are supposed to see each other...like that..." she trailed shyly. This was Paul's teaching to Vivian, thought Leonard. His old housekeeper had brought her up well.

"We might not be married now but one day we will. I will make you my wife, Bambi. Just mine," the thought alone made her heart flutter like butterflies that had been released.

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