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On the battlegrounds, Mo Wen and Tongming exchanged blows rapidly. More than 100 moves were used in the span of a breath breath. An ordinary person would have only just picked up their teacup and taken two sips of tea before the battle ended.

Tongming and Mo Wen stood ten meters away from each other. Compared to before they started fighting, there seemed not to be any changes on the two. However, Tongming was now looking at Mo Wen with a an obscure expression in his eyes.

"Benefactor Mo, I admit defeat."

Tongming placed his palms together and bowed deeply. Then, he backed away. Only he knew what had happened in the battle between both of them. He had never thought that Mo Wen could be so powerful. Even his physical body alone was extremely strong.

He was vaguely aware that, among those of the "Tong" generation of the Golden Buddha Sect, no one was a match for the young Mo Wen. Even the most powerful of them, Senior Tonghui, might not be able to defeat the young man.

"I have not wasted this trip to the Martial Arts Circle Convention, as I have gotten to witness a young hero like Benefactor Mo. I ask for nothing else. I will take my leave now."

After leaving the arena, Tongming bowed once against to the presidium as well as to the spectator platform. Then, he led the disciples of the Golden Buddha Sect away from the Divine Dragon Nest. He did not even fight for a place on the rankings again.

The Golden Buddha Sect lost to Mo Wen and would not be able to take first or second place. However, they could still fight for third place.

But it now seemed that the members of the Golden Buddha Sect were not interested in that.

Among the Sinister Wind Sect team, Hu Shuo's expression was extremely dour. Tongming had lost in a simple competition of body refinement. Even though he did not know what had happened exactly, he could tell that Tongming had, indeed, lost to Mo Wen. That boy was quite young but he had managed to accomplish a great deal in terms of body refinement technique.

Hu Shuo could tell from how Mo Wen and Tongming fight, that Mo Wen also had startling skills in the usage of power. Even though he had not obtained Tongming's ability to make 13 Layered Waves, he was at the level of Five Layered Waves. Otherwise, their fight would not have been so simple and without frills. Furthermore, Mo Wen's physical body was definitely stronger than Tongming's. Otherwise, he would not have been able to defeat him.

"The scarier you become, the more uneasy I feel. I feel as if there is a thorn in my side. I have to get rid of you, no matter what."

Hu Shuo breathed in deeply and left the battleground with a grave expression. Then, he put his fists together and turned to the presidium, saying, "The Sinister Wind Sect will withdraw. We no longer wish to fight with these sects."

Then, Hu Shuo led the warriors from the Sinister Wind Sect from the Divine Dragon Nest. When he walked past Mo Wen, he paused for a moment and looked at the young man meaningfully before turning to leave.

The Golden Buddha Sect did not wish to fight for a place on the ranks of the Martial Arts Circle Convention. The Sinister Wind Sect was not interested, either. That was because a man, a young man, had beaten their sects. They were too embarrassed to fight for their ranking. Furthermore, these rankings were never important to the sects of the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. Otherwise, they would have attended the Martial Arts Circle Convention for the last 10 years.

They had come this time because of the enticement of the Goddess' World. Also, because there were already sects from the Peng Lai Immortal Realm that were participating, other sects also joined in for fun. They did not expect to meet a freak like Mo Wen who would take on their entire sect alone.

Hu Shuo knew very well that he was no match for Mo Wen. He might be a little more powerful than Tongming, but the difference was limited for sure. Rather than being defeated by Mo Wen, he might as well not participate, in case he embarrassed himself. Furthermore, there was something else that was more important than the Martial Arts Circle Convention. He had to return to the sect quickly and report Mo Wen's emergence to his superiors. Then, they had to plan to deal with the kid.

The withdrawal of the Golden Buddha Sect and the Sinister Wind Sect made all the other sects of the Peng Lai Immortal Realm too embarrassed to stay. They all chose to withdraw. The eight major sects of the immortal realm all withdrew from the competition in the blink of an eye. Even the Goddess Cult was no exception. All of them left.

Everyone on the spectator podium stared with wide eyes. The eight major sects of the Peng Lai Immortal Realm had all chosen to withdraw from the competition. In just a moment, of the top-eight sects, other than the Blood Evil Temple that had been eliminated earlier, only Dafang Sect was left.

Everyone turned to look at the young man in the center of the battleground. Everyone knew that the eight major sects of the immortal realm had withdrawn because of this young man. He had forced them to back out with the might of a single man. That was amazing. At this moment, the young man's figure left an indelible impression on the minds of everyone present.

Mo Wen's expression was also very odd. He did not expect that the Golden Buddha Sect's withdrawal would cause such a reaction. The sects from the Peng Lai Immortal Realm had all left.

However, he knew clearly that those sects must have also realized that they were no match for Mo Wen, even if they joined forces. That was why they had withdrawn without fighting. They could at least retain a sense of mystery. He had some idea of his abilities now. Those warriors from the Peng Lai Immortal Realm sects would probably be no match for him even if they all fought him together.

In a sense, he and the infinite warriors of Peng Lai Immortal Realm were no longer on the same level. Mo Wen's growth in the primeval space had been far beyond his expectations.

Of course, he did not look down on the sects of the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. Some of those sects even had extremely strong powerhouses in the Tide Changing Realm. One could only imagine how powerful they were. Those who came to participate in the Martial Arts Circle Convention were probably only sent for show, and were not the strongest warriors of those below the Primordial Soul realm.

Gu Jingman stood beside Mo Wen silently with a faint smile on her lips. All these people cheered loudly and screamed passionately for her younger brother… She enjoyed this feeling very much. She hoped that Mo Wen would always shine brilliantly. She only wanted to stand by his side and accompany him. She had not struck any blow from the beginning to the end and had not showcased her abilities. She just stood by his side silently. She would rather be a quiet kitten with her younger brother around.

"That's impossible. That's definitely impossible…"

Lord Merciless' eyes were filled with rage and incredulity. He did not believe - he did not remotely believe that it was all real. Why? Why was Mo Wen the one in the spotlight and not him? Furthermore, that damnable Mo Wen had once been weaker than him. Lord Merciless felt as if he were going mad. Flames surged from within his heart. That was the fire of jealousy. These flames almost incinerated him, turning him into ashes and burning up his reason.

Yang Zonglin, who was standing beside Lord Merciless, looked distraught. His entire face seemed to be twisted together. This Mo Wen might threaten the Blood Evil Temple one day. If the man had a future, he would definitely be their nightmare.

"Calm down."

Yang Zonglin suddenly saw Lord Merciless' ferocious expression. His eyes were blood red, and the light in them glinted madly. Yang Zonglin was shocked. This was a sign that one was possessed by a devil. If he were not careful, Lord Merciless might die at the hands of the devil in his heart. Slap! Yang Zonglin slapped Lord Merciless, who fell unconscious. Then, he quickly carried him away from the Divine Dragon Nest. They could not stay there for long.

Wang Yinru's eyes were filled with excitement. She had never imagined that the Dafang Sect would be so mighty and impressive. Mo Wen alone had scared the eight major sects of the Peng Lai Immortal Realm into withdrawing. The impressiveness of this act was far greater than taking first place in the Martial Arts Circle Convention. After this, every warrior in the world, including those from the Peng Lai Immortal Realm, would know about Dafang Sect.

Ling Feng, Tan Qiyue, and the others glanced at each other. They were speechless. Was that their Sect Leader? And he was such a young man!

"Big Brother Mo is impressive!"

Su Wan'er hollered with her arms held up high. Her tiny face was flushed. To her, Mo Wen was a hero. He was a great hero who saved those in difficulty. Her hero had managed to be absolutely awe-inspiring, and she was so agitated she could not speak. She was even more excited about Mo Wen's impressiveness than she would have been had she herself done what Mo Wen did.

Wang Qian was so excited that she wrung the bottom of her shirt tightly. Her little hands were slightly pale because of the force she exerted. She had come to Dragon City to see heroes. However, she had never once expected that the most brilliant one was the person by her side. Furthermore, the two of them had once gone to get medicine together - they had once sat down together to have a meal. And, and…she had once cooked and made him porridge.

When she thought of all that, Wang Qian felt slightly dizzy. All of that seemed like a dream.

"That's rather interesting!"

Yao Yu had a leopard-skin coat draped over herself. She wore a tight-fitting black formal dress beneath that. Her lithe figure was apparent to all. Her legs were long and straight, and she wore a bright red pair of stilettos that was the color of blood. She exuded an extremely charming aura. What was most striking about her was that, underneath all that charm, she seemed noble and dignified. The two aspects melded together harmoniously and did not clash at all.

"Miss, that person must be equal to an ordinary warrior on the sacred level," said the person standing beside Yao Yu, an elderly man dressed in the fashion of an old gentleman. His hair was white, and he looked wizened. However, his eyes were lively. He looked like a servant as he hunched over humbly. His expression was one of deference.

However, if anyone recognized the old man, they would definitely be stunned. That was because the man was a powerful individual on the sacred level in the Demon Gods Alliance. He was no ordinary man at this level. However, he lived in seclusion and focused on cultivation. He did not care about matters of the secular world, and, as a result, not many knew him.

But no one would have expected that such a man would behave so meekly, like a servant, in front of Yao Yu.

"This is also what interests me. At first, I really did not think much of this kid. If he had not started to annoy me, I would not have given him a second glance."

Yao Yu looked at Mo Wen interestedly. She had a wager with Mo Wen, but that was just a trap she had set intentionally. She had not thought much about it. If the young man and his female partner had not challenged her together, she would not have bothered to entertain him.

However, she had no expected the young man to be a little out of the ordinary.

"I did not expect him to grow so much in such a short time. Did he also acquire the legacy of an ancestor from Huaxia?" Stunning Snow exclaimed on her other side.

Six months ago, when she met Mo Wen in Fu Sang Country, he had been very weak. She did not expect him to grow so powerful in just the blink of an eye. He was almost at the same level as her, the Sacred Maiden Candidate who had received the legacy of an ancestor from the Gods Alliance.

"However, he probably can't defeat Yao Yu with his current abilities. I think they are still quite far apart in power. Even so, I am growing to anticipate his battle with Yao Yu."

Stunning Snow smirked. She had originally thought that Mo Wen did not have the ability level to challenge Yao Yu at all. However, it now seemed that he did have a little right to that battle. Even though the possibility of Mo Wen defeating Yao Yu was practically zero, the fight would not be all that disappointing. Furthermore, the contents of the wager were very interesting.

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