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Mo Wen had never felt so shocked. The palm was too big, and it moved up into the clouds. It was as if it could gouge a hole in the sky. Mo Wen could not describe exactly how big the hand was. He recalled the story of the great sage equal to heaven, Sun Wukong. The great sage equal to heaven could travel 180 thousand miles with just a tumble. However, it could not tumble out of the palms of Buddha. Perhaps this palm belonged to Buddha.

Mo Wen was greatly shocked. However, it was not over yet. The palm lifted bit by bit and an arm was slowly revealed. Then, the being continued to rise, and a head was revealed… Then, a body was revealed…

Eventually, when the entire being appeared in front of Mo Wen, he felt as if he could not breathe. What exactly was it? It was enormous.

It was a living creature that was humanoid-shaped. It looked like a human but magnified countless times. Mo Wen was certain that the palm of this creature could hold an entire planet. Furthermore, it had three heads and six arms, just like that of the idiom!

"How terrifying."

Mo Wen had never seen such a creature. Even though he was hidden in the nine-colored light, he still felt afraid. A sense of terrifying danger wormed into his heart. Even the colored divine stone of the Sacred Heart Lady could not stop the fear in his heart.

The living creature didn't seem to have noticed Mo Wen. It roared into the sky the moment it appeared. Then, it took a step. It did not step forward. Instead, it stepped toward the sky. It was just a single step, but the whole world seemed to shake. The mountains and land around the creature cracked and collapsed. The hundred-mile radius around the creature collapsed entirely. Large abysses appeared in the ground.

The enormous creature seemed to have walked to the ends of the sky in just a few steps. It radiated with a brilliant light and waved it six palms vigorously, attacking the sky madly. It was as if it wanted to destroy the sky. Lines appeared in the sky. The cracks were all enormous and so deep that one could not see what was at the bottom. In the deep darkness, there seemed to be a link to infinite unknowns and emptiness.

The enormous archaic creature attacked wildly, and the sky was torn into tatters. It seemed as if it might collapse at any time. The scene was like an apocalypse. Mo Wen, who was a visitor to this world, was pale with shock. This was his first time encountering such a terrifying existence. Fortunately, for some reason, there were no other archaic creatures within several hundred miles of this place. Otherwise, the archaic creatures living on this land would definitely perish, and it was possible that they might be completely obliterated.

The Sacred Heart Lady's primitive world was not as fragile as Mo Wen had imagined. The cracks sealed rapidly mere moments later. The large archaic creature that had three heads and six arms continued destroying the sky while the sky continued to heal. A balance was gradually reached.

The enormous archaic creature was evidently annoyed, and it grew even wilder in its destruction. He tore a crack in the sky with his hands and then buried his head in the hole, trying his very best to burrow inside. However, he did not manage to do much before an invisible and powerful force collided with him. This continued over and over again.

Mo Wen gradually grew to have some understanding of what was happening. This enormous archaic creature with three heads and six arms seemed to want to get out of this world. However, the world would not allow it to, stopping him again and again. No matter how hard the enormous archaic creature tried, he could not manage to leave the world.

"What a powerful world." Mo Wen was secretly shocked. The enormous archaic creature was an unimaginably terrifying existence. Such a powerful being could not leave the space barriers of this world. The horrifying giant was stopped by this wall of space.


The giant seemed to be completely enraged. The anger in his eyes was mixed with his unwillingness to be defeated. His roar rang through the entire world. Rays of light shone from the giant's body. The rays of light were like the utmost original laws of this world. The moment it appeared, the entire world twisted. An invisible force seemed to be changing the laws of this world. The space barriers seemed to be growing weaker and weaker. The cracks grew larger and larger, and the barrier seemed to gradually fall under the giant's attack.

"The power of the Heavenly Path."

Mo Wen was shocked. The giant had managed to understand a heavenly path. The power of the heavenly path was vast and mighty. It was the most primitive rule of the world, and the power of the Heavenly Path could change the entire world.

Heavenly paths were the utmost highest goal warriors who wanted to become immortals chased after in this world. Once they understood the profound mystery of a heavenly path, it was certain that they would be able to become immortals. Powerhouses who touched the Heavenly path were as powerful as the God of the Underworld had been in the past.

There were many paths of heaven and earth. There were large paths, small paths, and also the highest, the heavenly paths.

The esoteric meaning that ordinary Primordial Soul immortal cultivators understood was a part of the small path. It was the most basic path. It was as good as being at a rudimentary stage. Further up was the big path. When one completely understood a big path, they would be able to cross into the realm of big paths. At this point, the cultivator could be termed a divine soul. The level above that was the heavenly path.

Legend was that immortal cultivators cultivated in the heavenly path. When they understood a heavenly path, that would be the building blocks for them to become immortal. One could tell how terrifying grasping the power of the heavenly path was.

The giant with three heads and six arms was not only terrifyingly powerful. Its realm was also very scary. Mo Wen even sensed that the giant understood more than one heavenly path. It was possible that it understood several heavenly paths. Otherwise, it would not have caused such a large change to the laws of heaven and earth.

"Could it be that this world can no longer bind him?" Mo Wen was shocked. If such a terrifying existence were to escape this world, it would be a disaster for the outside world. Furthermore, he understood very well that the source world couldn't withstand something like that. The situation might be slightly better if the giant were to appear in the demon realm or the spirit realm. If it appeared directly in the source world, then the entire source world might collapse even with the slightest movement of the giant. The disaster that would cause was completely beyond imagination…

The giant used the power of the heavenly path and immediately tore an enormous crack in the sky. The crack seemed to have torn the entire sky into half, and the giant managed to bury half of its body in the crack.

Mo Wen's breathing grew rapid. He knew that once the giant manages to burrow into the crack, he would be able to escape from this world.


Just when Mo Wen thought that the giant was about to succeed, a startling change happened in the sky. Cracks of lightning suddenly filled the world. A ball of thunder clouds appeared in the sky. Mo Wen did not know when they appeared. The moment the thunder clouds appeared, the entire world twisted. As the world twisted, the cracks in the space immediately sealed, forcing the giant out.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The giant stumbled backward and roared angrily. It hurtled its fists at the thunder clouds in the sky. The thunder clouds released bolts of terrifying lightning and thunder. The bolts of thunder cracked through the air as if they were going to destroy the world and collided with the giant forcefully.

Fortunately, Mo Wen was protected by the colored divine stone. The colored divine stone was crafted by the Sacred Heart Lady. In the spaces created by the Sacred Heart Lady, the colored divine stone's protective capabilities were unparalleled. No power could cross the nine-colored light. Even the giant had not noticed Mo Wen's existence.

"Lucky it didn't get out." Mo Wen heaved a sigh of relief. The world obviously did not want the giant to escape. The power of the heavenly path appeared by itself and stopped the giant. The most complete heavenly path rule of the entire world was here. Unless the giant could reach the realm of the Sacred Heart Lady then, it would not be able to leave this world.

The Sacred Heart Lady was someone who had crafted a perfect world independently. Worlds such as the Spirit Realm and the Devil Realm were separated from the source world but still relied on the laws of the heavenly path of the source world. It could be said that those under the same heavenly path laws were of the same world. No matter how many spaces were split from it, they were still of the same world.

However, the Sacred Heart Lady's primeval world was different. This world was a complete and independent world with its own heavenly path structure. The world worked independently and had its own laws. It did not depend on the heavenly path of any world. It was no different from a source world.

The source world was mostly formed naturally and was the source of all the mysteries of the universe. It gradually evolved from chaos to having living creatures in it. For example, Huaxia was a naturally occurring world in the source world that was born from chaos. However, there was also a type of source world that was created by some incredibly powerful people. The Sacred Heart Lady was someone like that.

Creating an independent source world not only required boundless power but one also had to understand the legendary law of chaos. From the law of chaos, various laws of the heavenly path would be developed. Eventually, the framework of an independent source world would be formed.

Ordinary immortal cultivators would be able to become immortal once they understood the heavenly path. They could be said to be the most powerful existence in this world. Further up was the deep understanding of the heavenly path. Further up from that was a complete understanding of a heavenly path. Then, it was the complete understanding of several heavenly paths. The last step was the gradual understanding of the law of chaos.

The law of the heavenly path was the standard of becoming an immortal. Only immortals had the right to understand this. This almost involved the legendary immortal world. However, this world already belonged to the immortal End World. Immortals did not exist. As such, Mo Wen could not understand which realm the Sacred Heart Lady of the Immemorial Age belonged to.

The thunderclouds were formed from the heavenly path power of this world. Other than the thunderclouds, there were also weird winds, divine fire, and Houtu… Various powers of the heavenly path formed and appeared. The moment those forces appeared, they completely suppressed the giant with three heads and six arms. They crushed him step by step.

"This must be the legendary heavenly tribulation."

Mo Wen breathed in deeply as he watched the sight before him in shock. Immortals who touched the heavenly path could become immortals. However, they first had to go through heavenly tribulation. Cultivating to be an immortal was going against nature. When immortal cultivators become immortals, they would experience hindrances and tests from the source world. And the power of the heavenly tribulation was the power of the heavenly path.

The world Huaxia was in was completely sealed off, and there was a problem with the heavenly path as well. As such, there had not been any heavenly tribulations since the beginning. Mo Wen did not expect that he would witness the heavenly tribulation, which had ceased to exist billions of years ago. Furthermore, the heavenly tribulation used against the giant was definitely no ordinary heavenly tribulation. Ordinary heavenly tribulations would just hinder the immortal cultivator slightly to stop him or her from becoming immortal. This would eliminate those who did not have enough power. However, the sight before him could be said to be a punishment from heaven. It was a punishment from heaven and earth. That was a terrifying power. Even an immortal would not be able to withstand it, much less an immortal cultivator who has yet to become immortal.

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