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"Sorry for disturbing you," Lu Tianyi walked in and greeted Wu Chengyue smilingly. 

Wu Chengyue stood up from his seat and smilingly walked out from behind his desk while responding carelessly, "It's alright! Take a seat. I heard that you went out of the base earlier. Have you just returned? Why are you in such a haste to see me? What happened?"

While speaking, he pointed at the two-seater couch in his office. After that, he walked to the water filter to get a few cups of water, then turned back and put the water on the desk before the two young men. 

Next, he walked to his daughter, lifted her up and sat down, putting Wu Yueling on his knees. 

Lu Tianyi and Kong Qingming walked over and sat on the couch that he pointed at. Xiao Yunlong walked out, closing the door and then standing behind it. 

"We're here to ask that… It might be a little… Well, you… Where did see Lu Tianyu for the last time?" When speaking of Lu Tianyu, Lu Tianyi felt a little uneasy. However, he still managed to say it out. 

He had to. He and Kong Qingming went out of the base to search for her body, but found nothing. They couldn't tell if she had become a zombie and ran away, but they had checked the surrounding zombies and still failed to find her. 

Therefore, they had no choice but to come here and ask Wu Changyue if he knew where Lu Tianyu's body was. After all, she had raped him. Even if Wu Chengyue didn't care about what Lu Tianyu had done to him, he did care about his daughter. 

To their surprise, Wu Chengyue didn't get angry as they thought he would. Instead, he responded calmly and smilingly with, "Can I ask a question?" 

Lu Tianyi nodded. 

Wu Chengyue looked him up and down with surprise, then asked, "You're from Zou's side, but why are you asking about Yang Chao's woman? Did you make the decision to come to ask me, or did Zou send you?"

He meant that he wanted to know if Lu Tianyi asked that question for himself or for his boss. 

While speaking, Wu Chengyue continued looking at Lu Tianyi from head to toe. He had heard about Lu Tianyi; he didn't know him well, but he had heard his name. The base was huge, with millions of people. Three level-three leaders were ruling the base together, so without a doubt, each of them had a large number of followers. 

Wu Yuecheng had heard about Lu Tianyi, but never seen him. Lu Tianyi had a different duty than he did, and lived rather far away from him; so, they didn't have the chance to meet each other before. 

He didn't think that Lu Tianyi would come to see him today. Now, seeing Lu Tianyi's face, Wu Chengyue had some thoughts flashing across his mind. That was why he asked him that question, 

Lu Tianyi's face darkened a little, but soon turned back normal. He looked at Wu Yuecheng in the eyes and said, "I know that the woman had done something… some indescribable thing to you. But, I'm not gonna hide our relationship from you. She's my half-sister. We didn't get along well when we were little, so after the apocalypse, we lived separately. But anyhow, half of her blood was the same as mine. So, even if she's dead… I want her to rest in peace."

The smile on Wu Chengyue's face was replaced by a knowing look. With surprise, he said, "So, she had a brother! You know what, I don't care about what she did to me. But, she left Ling Ling in a very dangerous place, and that's why I can't forgive her. However, I've heard that she's dead. Since she's dead, I think I can let it go. If you only want to know where I saw her for the last time, that was in the T-Mall at the Morning Lane, Southern District." 

Lu Tianyi carefully listened to him, then memorized what he said. At that point, Kong Qingming abruptly began talking, "Chief Wu, we knew that Lu Tianyi left your little Ling Ling outside, but how did you find her? You had searched for Ling Ling for a long time after Lu Tianyu died, and during that time, Ling Ling was all alone. How did she manage to survive till you found her? I'm just really curious about that. Not even I can find out what happened! I feel that's a miracle."

He was really curious. Kong Qingming was the leader of the intelligence department on Zou Shihui's side, so no news could hide from him. However, he had failed to find even a clue about the missing body of Lu Tianyu, and the previously missing Wu Yueling. 

Kong Qingming looked like a lazy and carefree person, but every time he had a puzzle, he would fall into it until he had figured everything out. Otherwise, he would keep the unsolvable puzzle in mind, and wouldn't even be able to sleep at night. Sometimes, he would even become a little neurotic. 

Wu Chengyue surely wouldn't tell him about Lin Qiao. Not because that might affect her, but because that would definitely affect his daughter in a bad way. 

So, he smiled calmly and said, "Speaking of which, I'm also wondering what had happened to her out there. If Meng Yue didn't have a special power, we might not have been able to find Ling Ling's location. When we found her, she was left in a town far away from the city center. I think the ones who took her there were also human beings, so they took her with them the whole time. But, I don't know why they didn't show up when we arrived. I don't even know who those people are."

Wu Chengyue told a story which was half real and half made-up. He explained why Ling Ling didn't die of starvation or in accidents. He pretended he didn't see that female zombie, but told Kong Qingming that the ones who took Ling Ling to that town never showed up, so that the latter wouldn't continue asking him about that, even though he wanted to know. 

Sometimes, the best way to keep something secret was to know nothing about it. 

Ling Ling wouldn't talk, so Kong Qingming and Lu Tianyi would never be able to get an answer from her. Actually, if they manage to make Ling Ling talk, Wu Chengyue would feel somewhat happy about that. 

Hearing his words, Kong Qingming was lost in thoughts. Gradually, he believed in that story as he felt that Wu Chengyue's words did make sense,

"Chief Wu, we've actually been to that mall you mentioned. We've searched through the area ten miles around it, but found nothing. However, I do know one thing, that Lin Yong and the other two were killed by your people. I'm thinking that you must have asked those three people some questions before killing them, right?" Lu Tianyi said. 

The meaning of his words was clear. He knew that Wu Chengyue had sent his people to catch Lin Yong and the other two. As for why did he do that, that must because he wanted to ask them about where Lu Tianyu was. Therefore, he believed that those three people had told him something before their deaths. 

Wu Chengyue thought for a moment, then said, "Ah, you're talking about the three who used to follow Lu Tianyu around to protect her, right? They were taken care of by my deputy chief, Xiao Yunlong. He hasn't told me what exactly happened yet. I'll tell him to come in, then you can ask him directly." 

He had been dealing with official businesses since he returned, so Xiao Yunlong had prepared to wait until he finished the most important works of his, and then report to him about that small personal matter in details. But, the latter did mention it to him earlier on. 

After saying that, he turned to shout at the door, "Cheng, go tell the deputy chief to come back."
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