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Zombie Sister Strategy 86 The Zombie Named Qiu Lili

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Lin Qiao felt that the young female zombie who was holding her while crying loudly had actually been shaking slightly. 

She sighed, and gently patted her on her shoulder. 

Lin Qiao could imagine how scared she must be when she woke up to find that she had become a cold-blooded zombie, and so had her family. Her family didn't remember her anymore, and no one was there to care for her or look after her. The human beings she met launched lethal attacks on her, so she could only hide. She lived alone in the post-apocalyptic world. All of this might be easier to accept if she were an adult, but she was just a young girl. She might have even been a spoiled little princess who was dependent on her families. To such people, living alone was the most terrifying thing in the world, not to mention the fact that she was still underage when she became a zombie. 

Lin Qiao couldn't move as the young female zombie was holding her so tight. She heard the zombie crying loudly next to her ear, but couldn't see if she was shedding tears. 

She wondered if zombies could shed tears. 

Lin Qiao waited for a while, then felt a little speechless. The young female zombie had cried for a rather long while, but wasn't showing any sign of stopping yet. After telling Lin Qiao her family background, she began talking about how she got through the last five years…

She tried to seek help from some human beings, but they attacked her at the very sight of her. Even though she didn't plan to fight back, those human beings never gave her a chance of starting a communication. She tried a few times, but the results were the same. As those superpowered human beings grew stronger and stronger, they soon became threatening to her. Therefore, she gave up on trying to communicate with human beings after that. However, she didn't like to talk to zombies, because she felt that they were monsters. 

Besides, zombies only had instincts, without any humanity; including the high-leveled intelligent ones and the superpowered ones. The young female zombie who was used to living in the human society felt that higher level zombies were even more monster-like than the ordinary ones. 

She couldn't bear to eat human flesh, dig out human brains, and chew human hearts like the other zombies were doing. So, she hunted animals to feed herself. She forced herself to eat those hunted animals even though they tasted awful, because she had a feeling that she would die if she didn't eat any meat, even though she was a zombie. Even though she had become a half-human and half-zombie creature, she still wanted to live. The reason was simple, that she was afraid!

She cried for three whole minutes, then finally let go of Lin Qiao and stepped back. 

After that, Lin Qiao looked at her face and found that her face was completely dry without any tears. However, her eyes had changed quite a lot. Those eyes were merely shining with a faint red light before, but now, that red light was shining so brightly that they even looked like a pair of red bulbs! Fortunately, it was broad daylight, so her eyes weren't so scary. Lin Qiao couldn't imagine how dazzling her eyes would be if it were dark now. 

Seeing that the young female zombie had calmed back down, Lin Qiao took out the notepad and the pen and started writing again. However, before she finished writing, the young female zombie uttered another scream with her shrill voice.

'I'll follow you! Where're you going? Wherever you go, I'll go with you!' She said. 

Lin Qiao stopped writing, then raised her head to look at the young female zombie with surprise. Next, she showed her the note in her hand. 

'What's your name?' 

Lin Qiao had listened to her crying for three minutes, but she hadn't told her the latter's name. 

The young female zombie mumbled to respond— 'Lili... My name is Qiu Lili. I was nearly sixteen before I became a zombie. Why don't you talk? Why do you write on the paper? Doesn't writing make you tired?'

Lin Qiao felt that this zombie named Qiu Lili was like a curious baby. 

The red light in her eyes had faded, and by now, those eyes were filled with curiosity. Looking at Qiu Lili, Lin Qiao felt like facing a three-year-old baby.

Before she finished thinking, Qiu Lili began roaring to ask her more questions.

"Roar, roar, roar?" 
'I was trying to control you and the zombie beside you, but I found that I can only control her, while you made no response to my power at all! You're so strange! And, do you have a space ? Just now, you disappeared, and so did your friend!' She asked. 

Lin Qiao shook her head, then nodded and wrote on the paper—'My name is Lin Qiao. I don't like using my voice because I feel it's strange! I didn't feel anything just now. And, I do have a space.'

"Roar, roar, roar…"
'But, talking like this is more convenient! Where're you heading to?' Asked Qiu Lili. 

Lin Qiao ripped off the first page of the notepad, then threw it into her space, because it was covered with her handwriting. She wouldn't throw the paper with her handwriting in random places, because she didn't want anyone to discover them. So, she had been throwing the used paper into her space. 

After that, she wrote down two words on a new page— 'The South'.

"Roar, roar!" 
'I'm going with you! I'll go with you! I don't want to be alone anymore…' said Qiu Lili. 

Seeing the begging look in Qiu Lili's eyes, Lin Qiao felt that the former wouldn't accept 'no' as an answer. She estimated that Qiu Lili would follow her no matter how, as she had sensed that this young female zombie was thinking exactly this way!

She also wanted to know why Qiu Lili had blocked her way in this place, and if she often did the same thing here. 

So, she wrote on the paper— 'How did you know we were passing through here? Why did you control so many zombies to block our way? Did you do this frequently?'

"Roar, roar…" Qiu Lili gave a few howls. However, as Lin Qiao had been writing the whole time, she suddenly felt quite strange to roar like that. 

After all, before meeting Lin Qiao, she would only roar at the other zombies to deliver simple messages, such as 'come here', 'get over', 'that side' or 'this side', which contained merely one or two words. But now, she needed to roar out long sentences to Lin Qiao. She was a little used to communicating with other creatures by roaring, but now, that made her feel a little weird. In fact, she felt very weird about that.

Therefore, she stopped roaring without finishing it, then thought for a moment and abruptly pointed at the pen and notepad in Lin Qiao's hands. 

Lin Qiao handed her the pen and notepad. She took over the two objects, then began writing awkwardly. 

She held the pen with one hand, the notepad with the other, and wrote with a strange gesture. Lin Qiao waited a while for her to finish writing and show her what she wrote. 

'I sensed that you were approaching, so I sent the zombie crowd to stop you. I'll stop all the zombies coming from other places and drive them away. If you were human beings, I wouldn't block your way. The whole town is my territory.'

She stopped Lin Qiao because she thought that the latter was a zombie from another place, and didn't want her to enter her territory. 

Lin Qiao now recalled that most of the high-level zombies had their own territories. Qiu Lili liked this town, so she guarded it to drive away all the zombies from other places. She wouldn't do the same to human beings, maybe because she knew that human survivors had their own bases and wouldn't linger in her territory for long. 

For that reason, she didn't need to stop the human beings who passed through this area and expose herself. Apart from this, Lin Qiao felt that she had an indescribable fear toward human beings. 

'A zombie is afraid of human beings?' Lin Qiao wondered without knowing what to say. 

She decided to let Qiu Lili follow her since she insisted. Qiu Lili could serve as a guide, as she might know about the location of the bases in the South. 

From Lu Tianyu's memories, Lin Qiao had learned that two bases were in the South, but didn't know about their specific locations.
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