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Zombie Sister Strategy 85 The Red-eyed Zombie

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After walking out of the zombie crowd, the young female zombie didn't show any anger or ferocity. She just stood before the crowd with a calm expression, looking at Lin Qiao with curiosity in her eyes. 

Lin Qiao was also looking at her from up and down. However, she hadn't been receiving any thoughts from this female zombie, probably because the latter's level was too high. 

Looking at those blood-red eyes, Lin Qiao couldn't help but tighten her entire body. 

The eyes of ordinary zombies were pale gray, and the eyes of the zombies at level-three or above were pure dark. The level-five zombie that Lin Qiao encountered before also had black eyes; but occasionally, those eyes would glow with faint traces of red light. 

However, the eyes of the female zombie in front of her were completely red. Unlike the legendary red pupils of vampires, the pupils of this female zombie were black and bright, while the part of her eyes which was supposed to be white was blood-red, glowing with a faint red light.

Lin Qiao hadn't seen such a strange zombie ever since she woke up in the post-apocalyptic world, not even from Lu Tianyu's memories. According to her memories, Lu Tianyu hadn't even heard about any zombie like that!

Looking at the female zombie's clean white dress, Lin Qiao felt that she would look exactly like a human being if she didn't have blood-red eyes and the dark circles underneath. 

Lin Qiao sat in the car motionlessly. The young female zombie stood in front of the car quietly, just looking at Lin Qiao. Both of them remained absolute silent, but this scene seemed to be a little weird: a car parked on one side of a broad road, with a group of dirty-looking zombies in ragged clothes standing in front of the car motionlessly; and a pretty, clean-looking, weird young female zombie standing before the zombie crowd, also motionlessly. 

If anyone could see this scene, they would freak out and wonder what the hell was happening.

'She's not a… level-six zombie, is she?' Lin Qiao stared at the pretty young female zombie and thought.  'Damn! I heard that level-six zombies were rare, and not seen frequently. No one wants to see them anyway, because a level-six zombie can kill a level-six superpowered human being almost instantaneously!' 

Level-six zombies were very powerful, so human beings never wanted to encounter them. Reaching level-six was awfully difficult for zombies; hence, very few zombies managed to do that.

As for level-seven…

Lin Qiao felt that this young female zombie was even more dangerous than the level-five zombie leader. She now even regretted not drawing back and leaving just now!

Based on the current situation, she understood that she had entered this young female zombie's territory already!

At that moment, the young female zombie abruptly raised her delicate nose and sniffed toward Lin Qiao. Then, she let out a scream. 

Her voice was very shrill and penetrating. 

Lin Qiao only sensed a pain from her ears before a strong willpower was sent into her brain. 

'Who are you?'  Through her scream, the young female zombie asked a question with curiosity. Lin Qiao felt no hostility from her, even though her voice was sharp. 

'Eh? No hostility?' Lin Qiao was surprised, because this female zombie only showed curiosity toward her, without any other intentions. 

'So innocent!' Thought Lin Qiao. 

"Ah!" The young female zombie screamed again as she didn't get Lin Qiao's response. Her pair of little canine teeth were faintly visible. 

'Who are you? Tell me who you are!' She said. 

'My ears hurt!' Lin Qiao complained silently. 

It seemed that the young female zombie wouldn't let Lin Qiao pass before the latter introduced herself. So, she thought for a moment and decided to get off the car and communicate with her, as she had shown no hostility so far. 

She was worried that the female zombie might lose her patience and destroy her car. If the happened, she would be in trouble. 

At this point, she had completely no intention to find out how powerful this young female zombie who looked like a level-six was. 

With that thought, she slowly opened the car door and got off the car. In order to let the female zombie know that she didn't intend to attack, she dared not to move too fast. 

After Lin Qiao got off the car, the young female zombie tilted her head and began looking at her carefully from head to toe. It was the first time for her to see a zombie who was in clean clothes like herself!

Lin Qiao quietly looked at the young female zombie after getting off the car without answering the latter's question immediately. However, the young female zombie started getting impatient. She suddenly moved, as fast as a gust of wind. Within a blink, she was standing right in front of Lin Qiao, about a meter away. 

Lin Qiao tightened her every muscle instantly and automatically popped her claws. 

However, the female zombie didn't scream at her again, but mumbled a few words that made Lin Qiao pause in shock. 

'Do you have memories?' She asked. Lin Qiao was stunned, staring at her with disbelief. 

'What does she mean? A zombie asking another zombie if she has memories? What memories? The memories she had before turning into a zombie?' Lin Qiao now had so many questions. 

Lin Qiao found that she had problems understanding this young female zombie's words. 

Seeing Lin Qiao make no reaction, the young female zombie showed a confused look. She took a step backward, again looking at Lin Qiao from head to toe. After that, she glanced at the car next to Lin Qiao, then crossed her arms before her chest and began wondering if she had mistaken something. 

'Isn't this zombie the same as me?' She wondered.  'But she can drive! Why does she know how to drive if she doesn't have memories?' 

Seeing the confused look in her face, Lin Qiao suddenly understood the young female zombie's meaning. So, she took a notepad and a pen out of her pocket and began writing. While writing, she was also observing the young female zombie. 

As she had expected, after she took out the notepad and the pen, the young female zombie had her eyes glowed, and actually showed a smile. 

'Do you remember things before the apocalypse?' Lin Qiao wrote on the notepad. 

Having finished writing, she raised the notepad to show the question to the young female zombie. 

The young female zombie was smiling in a pleasant surprise, but her smile froze after she read the words Lin Qiao wrote on the paper. A few seconds later, she suddenly closed her eyes and pounced on Lin Qiao. 

Before Lin Qiao could react, she felt that the young female zombie had embraced her, and then heard a series of howls from next to her ear. 

'Whooah! Whooah! Whooah!!!'

Again, Lin Qiao was stunned. 

'Damn! Damn! Who can tell me if I'm listening to this zombie cry? Is she holding me and crying? What the hell is going on? Did anything happen? Who can tell me what on earth has happened?' She screamed in her head. 

The young female zombie's voice was still shrill, but Lin Qiao had sensed the strong sadness contained in it. And, her voice had sent a great amount of information into Lin Qiao's brain. 

'I woke up like this! Zombies everywhere! Mom and Dad have both turned into zombies! They don't remember me anymore! And, they were so afraid of me! They tried to hide every time they saw me! I went to the other human beings, but they attacked me once they saw me! No one told me what happened! No one told me why I became like this! Why do I still have my memories? My parents became zombies, and they saw me as a strange zombie. Once I forgot to keep an eye on them and let them run away, then they were killed by human survivors! Their heads were chopped off! So scary! So scary! I'm so scared! Whoo… I'm not a human being anymore, not a zombie either. I spent five years all alone. No one was there for me! I'm so scared!' 

Lin Qiao sensed the young female zombie's fear and sadness which came from the bottom of her heart, and were so real. She was like a poor kid abandoned by the whole world, terrified, helpless, and uneasy.
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