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Zombie Sister Strategy 84 Zombies Block the Way

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Lin Qiao didn't know that the people she was looking for weren't far away from her. They were at a distance of two cities, but she missed them!

When she drove into Fu Zhou City, Lin Feng and his people had entered San Ming City. Lin Qiao was heading to Pu Tian and Quan Zhou, while Lin Feng and his families were driving toward Nan Ping City. 

Therefore, they missed each other. Lin Qiao didn't encounter Lin Feng and his family who were being chased, but entered Fu Zhou City with Junjun. 

Their way was blocked when passing through Min County. 

What jammed the road was still a large crowd of zombies. However, what happened this time was a little different than before. Lin Qiao's way was blocked by a group of zombies which stood straight motionlessly on the ground even before she got near to the central area of this county.

Lin Qiao stopped the car and rested her head on the wheel with confusion, looking at the group of motionless zombies which stood two or three hundred meters away. 

The zombies in this post-apocalyptic world were all unorganized, and would mostly act alone. Even if they occasionally gathered together, they would only shamble around purposelessly. 

But right now, hundreds of ordinary zombies were standing quietly on the road, staring at Lin Qiao expressionlessly; now that was a little scary!

It seemed that all the zombies in this area had gathered in this place, because no other zombies were found except for the crowd which had jammed the road. 

While Lin Qiao was carefully observing the surrounding environment and the group of weird zombies at the front, Junjun, who was sitting in the back seat, let out a deep roar in pain. 


Lin Qiao immediately turned back to look at her. She was holding her head with both hands, and her pale face had twisted badly at that moment. She seemed to be suffering, as her eyes were closed tight, teeth clenched and bared. 

She seemed to be enduring something, or trying to suppress something. 

'What happened?' Lin Qiao asked. 

She had no time to write at that point, so she gave Junjun a deep roar to ask that question. 

"Roar!" Junjun struggled to open her eyes and responded with a roar.

From her voice and thoughts, Lin Qiao confirmed one thing—A strong willpower was trying to control her mind and make her obey it. However, when she sensed that willpower, she also felt a great pain in her head, as if a bomb was exploding inside her brain. 

Willpower? Control? Obey?

Lin Qiao remained calm as some thoughts flashed across her mind. She reached out to grab Junjun's hand, then both of them disappeared from within the car. 

After entering her space, Lin Qiao immediately began to observe Junjun's reaction. As she had expected, Junjun relaxed her tightened face after getting in. 

As Junjun looked relieved, Lin Qiao pointed at her own head. She didn't say a word, but asked the question with her eyes. 

Junjun understood her meaning. She took a deep breath, then nodded. 

She told Lin Qiao that she had stopped receiving that strong willpower after coming in, and her head wasn't aching anymore. She also informed that her space was able to block the source of that pain, which had just now made her feel like her brain was exploding. 

It seemed that her space was completely isolated from the outside world, and that made things much easier. However, Lin Qiao still didn't understand why she didn't feel anything while Junjun did.

At that moment, Junjun had fully recovered from the headache, and thought of the same question. So, she looked at Lin Qiao with confusion. 

Lin Qiao took out a piece of paper and started writing—'I felt nothing.'

That deepened Junjun's confusion, making her look at Lin Qiao with puzzlement.

They were both zombies, but why did she have that feeling of pain and danger while Lin Qiao felt nothing?

Lin Qiao closed her eyes to observe the outside situation. After finding out that the zombie crowd stayed the same as before, she decided to go out and find out what exactly was happening. 

'You stay here, I'll go out to take a look,' she wrote on the paper. Junjun nodded in response, as that was the only solution at that point. 

Then, Lin Qiao turned back and exited her space, leaving Junjun in there. 

After coming out, Lin Qiao was still sitting in the driver's seat. She stared at the zombie crowd which stood motionlessly in front of her, trying to figure out what was going on. 

She was a little far away from the zombie crowd, so she decided to drive closer to see if she could sense anything. 

She felt really strange about the fact that Junjun was affected so badly in this place while she herself sensed nothing. Based on the current condition, she couldn't make a judgment. If she could sense something, she might be able to figure something out. 

Lin Qiao drove the car slowly toward the zombie crowd. Normally, all low-level zombies would all slowly draw away when facing her. So, she now wanted to know if these zombies which blocked her way would do the same. 

As the car moved slowly forward, the distance between Lin Qiao and the zombie crowd was shortened bit by bit. Two-hundred meters… A hundred and fifty meters… fifty meters…

When Lin Qiao's car was getting closer and closer, the crowd of zombies remained motionless. They just silently and expressionlessly stood there, without making any moves. 

What was strange was that even though the distance had been shortening, Lin Qiao still sensed nothing: no information, no thoughts, no voice screaming 'hungry'. She sensed absolutely nothing! Why would that happen? She couldn't sense anything from these zombies!

She was used to sense the simple thoughts of ordinary zombies about their simple desires to feed. But now, she was facing so many scary-looking zombies, but still could hear nothing from them. She felt that something was amiss. 

When the car was seven or eight meters away from the zombie crowd, Lin Qiao hit the brakes. She did that because she caught a sense of danger at that moment, which was causing a great suppression. 

After she stopped the car, the zombie crowd which had been remaining motionless the whole time silently started moving. 

The crowd split up slowly and showed a path in the middle, which was wide enough for only one person. After that, Lin Qiao saw a figure slowly walking out through the narrow path from behind the zombie crowd. 

Lin Qiao figured everything out at the sight of that figure. 

It turned out that a zombie at a very high-level was there controlling the crowd of ordinary zombies. Keeping hundreds of zombies so well under control and making them quietly stand there required an incredible willpower. 

Therefore, this high-level zombie which had been slowly walking out of the crowd possessed an extreme willpower! It was even stronger than the level-five zombie that Lin Qiao had encountered before. 

Lin Qiao looked at this high-level zombie, feeling a little surprised. 

This zombie had the same dark-circled eyes as Junjun did, and her face was also perfectly undamaged. Her eyes were blood-red, pupils black; her adorable lips were dark-purple, matching her pale face quite well, not bad-looking at all. 

Besides, this zombie looked very young. She was a young girl! She was about five-feet and two-inches tall, having a slim body and limbs. She had a doll face, and her long hair was tied in double ponytails, looking very cute.

She was wearing a white dress which was perfectly clean, and a pair of red shoes which looked cute as well. 

However, this pretty young female zombie made Lin Qiao feel a great pressure and a strong sense of danger.
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