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Zombie Sister Strategy 76 Fierce Battle Against The Giant Snake

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Seeing Lin Qiao charge at it, the snake immediately felt provoked. It gave a start, then showed ferocity in its eyes as it suddenly turned to the side and took a half circle. Right when it turned its head around, Lin Qiao darted up to it.

Lin Qiao was going to attack the snake on the head, but to her surprise, the latter was quite smart. It actually came around and reached its mouth to her back.

Under the urgent situation, she only had the time to swing her claws at the snake's strong body before leaping away as soon as possible. 


Another sharp metallic sound was heard. 

Lin Qiao's claws were sharp and strong, but the snake's scales on its body were even thicker and stronger than that on its head. Therefore, she only managed to leave a few white marks on its body without even breaking its skin!

On the contrary, her hands were numbed because of the collision. 

'Damn! Why is it so tough? How should I fight it then?' As her attack failed to deliver any effect to the snake, Lin Qiao couldn't help but complain silently. 

Her only choice was to attack the snakehead now. However, after suffering two strikes, the snake had smartly learned to protect its head already. It kept its head away from Lin Qiao while using its body as a weapon. 

As she had expected, the snake fiercely charged at her once it found that her attack failed to harm it, and that she was drawing back. 

Now, the snake intended to coil around Lin Qiao and then tighten its body as hard as possible!

Lin Qiao caught a sense of danger which sent shivers down her spine once she began drawing back. So, she immediately said 'in' silently, and then vanished into thin air. 


The snake missed its target and threw itself to the ground. It paused shortly in confusion, then quickly raised its head and took a few circles around the spot where Lin Qiao disappeared from.

It looked around for a few times, but still couldn't find a trace of its prey. 

If it hadn't watched her disappear right in front of it, it would have thought that something was wrong with its eyes. 

While the snake was looking around to search for Lin Qiao, a transparent figure came out of thin air. However, the snake didn't sense the vibe of the figure, neither did see it. 

The snake could not see the transparent Lin Qiao, as if it had gone blind. 

In fact, this snake didn't feed on zombies. It chased a coyote to this area, and that was why it showed up here; the coyote was mutant as well. It was turned into a coyote-like creature, which liked to live in mountain areas, from a Chinese rural dog. 

The snake had been starved for days. After spotting the coyote, the snake had been following it the whole time, waiting for an opportunity to swallow it. But today, when it chased the coyote to this orchard, a zombie suddenly showed up.

The scent of this zombie was a little different from that of the others. This zombie smelled nice to the snake, like something edible! Therefore, the snake forgot about that small coyote right way and cast its eyes on Lin Qiao. 

However, eating Lin Qiao was harder than the snake had imagined!

Not only was it wounded by her claws, but it also watched her vanish before its eyes. After suffering two claw strikes and witnessing the disappearance of its prey, the giant snake was furious.

While the snake reacted with fury to what happened, the transparent figure silently walked up behind its head. 

Lin Qiao quietly stood behind the giant snake. At that moment, she seemed to be weightless, so the snake failed to sense her approach through the ground. 

She stood behind the snake, then quickly entered her space and came back out within a blink. Meanwhile, she swung both claws strongly toward the snake's head.


The giant snake suddenly sensed Lin Qiao's vibe behind its head. Before it could react, it felt a sharp pain from its head. It didn't see anything when it turned its head around, but the pain from its head was real.

Lin Qiao re-entered her space after she launched the claw attack. So, the snake didn't see her when it turned back to see what had happened after suffering the pain. 

Failing to find even a trace of hers, the snake began struggling on the ground once again because of the pain as the wounds on its head had worsened. 

After all, Lin Qiao had aimed precisely at the wounds which she had caused on the snake's head earlier on. As she had learned how to turn herself invisible by using her space, she aimed at the snake's head and then happily launched the attack. 

So now, the giant snake was madly twisting its body in the orchard, wriggling all over the ground and breaking the surrounding plants and rocks, sending them flying away. Sand and dust were stirred up in clouds, with rock pieces flying all over the sky. The snake's head was covered in blood as the transparent figure had been showing up from time to time, cutting at its head with sharp claws nimbly, swiftly, and fiercely. 

In a couple of minutes, the giant snake gradually slowed down. 

It was dying actually. Soon, it lay weakly on the ground, unable to move. Its body was twisted, stomach facing the sky; but, it couldn't do anything about it. Its head was badly mutilated, and eyes blinded. Blood gushed out of its body, covering the ground, grasses, trees, and rocks around it. 

The invisible Lin Qiao stayed around the snake. Sensing its vibe fading quickly, she knew that it was dying. 

She didn't show her face. Instead, she remained invisible and kept observing the snake. Only when the snake's vibe disappeared completely did she make herself visible and then came out of her space. 

She kicked the snake on its head and found that its body was already soft, and could no longer make any response. After that, she squatted and wiped her claws on her cloth, then dipped her fingers into the snake blood on its head and put them in her mouth. 

A sweet and salty flavor spread in her mouth, mixed with a faint fishy taste. Lin Qiao smacked her lips as she felt that the snake's blood tasted not bad. It wasn't delicious, but in comparison with fruit juices, it was already good enough. 

After tasting the snake blood, she immediately wanted to take a bucket out of her space to hold it. However, as she prepared to bleed the snake, she slowly turned around and stared at front with cold eyes. 

Two people were standing at a short distance, looking at her curiously. 

Lin Qiao wanted to scold these two people once she saw them.

'Damn! Does this man have a dog's nose?' Lin Qiao didn't understand how Wu Chengyue managed to chase her to this place. She knew that that level-five zombie was probably following her vibe, but couldn't figure out how had Wu Chengyue been tracking her.

And, these two people showed up right after she dealt with her prey; neither too late, nor too early. What a coincidence!

While thinking, Lin Qiao suddenly moved her hand, and then the over-ten-meter long snake disappeared. 

After that, she stood up and looked at the two people expressionlessly. 

Meng Yue and Wu Chengyue had looked at her silently as well, not seeming to want to move immediately.
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