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Zombie Sister Strategy 61 The Intense Fight In the Woods

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As Lin Qiao thought, this level-five zombie wasn't only strong physically, but also had a super power. No wonder level-five superpowered human beings were no match for the zombies at this level, because average physical attacks could hardly harm them!

This time, Lin Qiao wouldn't have been able to do any harm to the level-five zombie leader if her fingernails hadn't upgraded to release the sharp air blades. 

After telling Xie Dong to retreat by using a hand signal, Lin Qiao turned and leaped away. In the next moment, a palm-wide ice blade pierced into the ground along with waves of cold air, but didn't melt right away. 

The ice blades created by level-five superpowered human beings couldn't pierce into the ground, but would only shatter into pieces against the ground. However, this level-five zombie's ice blade managed to cut into the ground; although it did not go too deep, it had shown its powerfulness nevertheless. 

Therefore, Lin Qiao turned and ran immediately. She also tried to draw the zombie leader away and allow Xie Dong to run by himself, in case it lost its temper and decided to vent its anger on him. 

The zombie leader speeded up to chase after her right away on seeing its ice blade miss her. 

Lin Qiao didn't panic under the great pressure given by the zombie leader. Instead, she raised her speed and calmly ran toward the woods. She seemed to be a little unreliable normally, but every time in a serious action, her mind would become very clear and rational, without giving her any chance to be flustered. 

Lin Qiao obtained this good mental quality through her training in the army, and it had become a part of her instincts. The more dangerous the situation was, the calmer she would be. 

Sensing the zombie leader chasing after her like a cheetah, she ran toward the area with more obstacles on purpose. The woods, as well as places with tall grasses and stone riprap could be included in her escape route. Even though she had been choosing these difficult areas particularly, nothing had impeded her at all. On the contrary, she was running as swiftly and briskly as a mouse, and even seemed to be quite enjoying it. 

The zombie leader following behind Lin Qiao had its eyesight blocked by the surrounding woods and grasses. And because it was really angry at the moment, it hadn't been concentrating to sense her moves. 

Once it entered the woods area, it generated a wave of freezing wind and ice blades to sweep across the surrounding plants. 

Ordinary human beings wouldn't dare to enter any woods area, but zombies weren't afraid of the potential dangers in there, because those could barely harm them. 

Before entering the woods, the zombie leader was moving at a very high speed, but it slowed down by thirty percent once it did, as the surrounding obstacles blocked its eyesight. Then, it sensed that Lin Qiao was running further and further away, so it turned anxious. 

However, it had its own solution, which was leaping high up. It directly leaped to the top of a tall tree, then stood high and found the direction which Lin Qiao was moving in. After that, it nimbly jumped to the top of another tree like a monkey. 

Lin Qiao sensed the zombie leader's vibe, so she turned back to glance at it. Then, she found that the zombie leader had climbed onto a tree, which meant that the situation had started turning against her. 

She didn't stop, but continued running forward. When she ran past a large rock, she suddenly paused, turned around, and twisted her body, then rolled to one side. 

Following a series of puffing noises, a small wave of ice thorns fiercely landed where Lin Qiao was a moment ago. The finger-thick ice thorns fell on the ground and the rock. The ones that hit the rock shattered it into pieces, and the rest pierced straight into the ground. 

Lin Qiao quickly glanced at those ice thorns before she turned and continued running. Those ice thorns wouldn't cause any pain of they hit her, but would pierce very deep into her body. She didn't want tens of deep holes in her already-broken body, because she would look intolerably ugly that way! Furthermore, those holes wouldn't be able to heal! She was already ugly enough, and if she got even uglier… In fact, she couldn't think of any bad effects of being uglier. 

Since she was now a horrible-looking zombie, she couldn't possibly find anyone to marry her, could she? Who would dare to marry her? Should she get a zombie husband? She didn't think so! She had way better taste than that!

Even at such a dangerous moment, Lin Qiao could think of the boring questions such as marrying someone. If the zombie leader that had been chasing behind her knew what she was thinking, it would definitely have been infuriated. 

She rolled on the ground again to dodge another attack. Once she stood up, she heard a series of swishing noise from above her head. So, she squatted back down without even taking a glance where the noise came from.

Right after she bent her waist, the zombie leader leaped across her head, but was a little too high above her. Its claws failed to touch Lin Qiao's head, only grabbing the air. 

"Roar!" Failing to hit the target again, the zombie leader flipped in the air before landing on the ground, then let out a wave of raging roar toward her. 

Lin Qiao looked at its chest and found that the few wounds caused by her had already been frozen by a white layer of ice. 

'Damn! It even knows how to dress its wounds!' 

At that point, the zombie leader realized that its roars were ineffective on Lin Qiao, and this wasn't the first time for that to happen. The zombie leader was able to control other lower level zombies, but it couldn't figure out why this one could always ignore it.

Based on her vibe that the zombie leader had sensed, it always believed that she was merely at level-three, and hadn't even reached level-four. Therefore, the situation of being able to control the other level-three zombies except her had irritated it quite badly. 

For this reason, it had been chasing her and trying to defeat her with violence. But to its surprise, she was way too good at running.

In fact, it no longer cared that she had snatched its prey. It kept chasing her mainly because it wanted this lower-level zombie to be under its control. It just felt so uncomfortable when it couldn't do that. 

Meanwhile, being targeted by this zombie leader, Lin Qiao had been trying to figure out a way to escape from it. 

As expected, she was lower than the zombie leader in levels, as it could climb trees and leap between treetops across long distances. Lin Qiao didn't think that she could do the same, because her jumping ability wasn't as good as her running ability.

Therefore, when she saw the zombie leader nimbly leaping between treetops, she knew that she couldn't escape from it. 

Level-five zombie leaders were truly hard to deal with!

Right at that moment, the zombie leader flashed across the air and charged at her. 

She had been staring at it the whole time. Seeing it pounce on her suddenly, she stepped back immediately while crossing her arms before her face to defend herself. Then, she felt a strong impact force from her arms, along with a fierce vibe. 

The zombie leader directly clawed at her hand. 

The moment the zombie leader's claw slapped on her hand, she stopped stepping backward, then immediately twisted her waist and turned her upper body to drag it aside. After that, she raised a foot to kick its stomach. 

The zombie leader didn't take her kick seriously, so she managed to kick heavily into its stomach. In the next second, it was sent flying backward.
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