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Xie Dong stayed in the small space, trying to gain better control of his fire power. Wu Yueling had stopped following Lin Qiao around after the latter gave her a bath. Instead, she sat on the bed which the latter had prepared for her with the rabbit in her arms. From time to time, she would raise her head to look at her. 

Lin Qiao gave up on finding those baby mice after failing a few times. She couldn't find them, which was so unexplainable. Those baby mice couldn't fly into the sky, could they?

She walked to a flat area by the lake to sit down, then closed her eyes to sense the outside situation. She found that the three high-level zombies were still circling the highway, showing no sign of leaving.

It seemed that this time, the level-five zombie wouldn't leave until it had found something. Lin Qiao couldn't help but feel a little headache on thinking about that. 

'As a zombie, why are you so vengeful? I did nothing more than snatch your prey, but you can just find another one. Do you really need to keep chasing me like this?' Lin Qiao complained silently. She felt that the zombie leader had a higher IQ than the other zombies, and would hold a grudge for a much longer time as well. 

She couldn't let this level-five zombie keep interfering with her journey back home. And, it felt really awful to hide every time she saw it. She thought for a moment and then decided to go out and fight it!

She could always run if she failed to defeat that zombie leader! She could run pretty fast now! She couldn't yet leap really high and move forward very fast by thrusting all fours against the ground like the other high-level zombies. She didn't want to do that either, because that set of movements looked way too ugly. However, she could still run at a considerable speed with her two legs. 

Besides, she hadn't had a chance to find out what the limit of her speed was. 

As for the level-three zombies, Xie Dong might not be able to defeat them with bare hands at this moment, but using a gun was quite a convenient way. Even though a gun could barely hurt higher level zombies, it could still manage to threaten the level-three ones. As long as he could react faster than the two level-three zombies and seize the opportunity to fire the gun before they could launch an effective attack, he would be able to take them out easily. 

After forming a plan in her heart, Lin Qiao stood up immediately and walked toward the dark entrance of the small space. Sensing her coming toward the entrance, Xie Dong stopped playing with the fire in his hand and turned back to look at her. 

Lin Qiao handed him a piece of paper which had a few lines written on it.

'I'm going out to fight that level-five zombie. I want you to go with me. We can't keep staying in my space.'

Xie Dong nodded, then quickly armed himself. His power wasn't working very well yet, but he had a gun. As a former special forces soldier, he was fearless!

In fact, he had been expecting Lin Qiao to let him out and have some fun… or, to get some fresh air. 

'Run if you can't defeat them. You don't need to worry about me. If we get separated, you can head straight for South. We'll see each other again at some point.' Lin Qiao then wrote on the paper, reading which, Xie Dong nodded in agreement. 

After all, they might not be able to defeat that level-five zombie even by joining forces; but, as they didn't want to keep waiting, they had no other choice but to fight as hard as they could. 

When Xie Dong was ready, Lin Qiao dragged his arm, and then, both of them disappeared from the small space. 

Once they were out, both of them struck first to gain some advantages, especially Lin Qiao. She had scanned the two level-three zombies before coming out, and had told Xie Dong about their location and the distance between the enemies and themselves. Therefore, they fired the guns held in their hands the moment they came out, sending bullets flying toward the foreheads of the two level-three zombies who weren't far away from them.

A series of machine gun fire could be heard as two figures flashed out of thin air.

All the three zombies paused briefly when Lin Qiao and Xie Dong showed up. The mere one-tenth of a second's pause was long enough for the two experienced former special forces soldiers to hit their targets. 

The level-five zombie leader reacted the fastest. It roared out loud then flew at Lin Qiao swiftly.

The two level-three zombies moved slower than their leader. By the time they realized what had happened, the bullets had already sunken into their heads.

Lin Qiao and Xie Dong neatly finished off the two underlings of the zombie leader once they showed up. 

The level-five zombie turned back to glance at its two underlings which had fallen to the ground when it rushed at Lin Qiao. However, it only conveniently cast a glance, but didn't pay too much attention. It had a clear target, which was Lin Qiao. 

After shooting the two level-three zombies, Lin Qiao immediately turned her gun to fire at the level-five zombie. However, the level-five zombie was so fast that she couldn't manage to hit it with the bullets. 

She was aware of that, because she herself was also able to see the flight path of bullets, which weren't flying too fast even in her eyes. 

Seeing that the level-five zombie didn't take the bullets seriously and just flew ferociously at her, Lin Qiao threw away the gun and then flicked her dark nails. 

When the zombie leaped high and dove down at her from the air, she suddenly bent her legs and then rolled backward, dodging the zombie's claws which slashed at her. 

While she was rolling backward, a claw of hers swung at the level-five zombie's chest. 

The two of them separated after the first strike. Lin Qiao rolled on the ground again then sprung back up immediately, alertly staring at the zombie leader which had rolled backward as well. And then, she noticed that four very deep wounds were left on its chest, looking like the wounds caused by swords. 

'Eh? Those…' Lin Qiao murmured in her head while gazing at those wounds. 

The expression in the zombie leader's face froze as it curiously lowered its head to check its chest, and found that its bulletproof skin was actually wounded by another zombie which was weaker than itself. 

It watched its own black and sticky blood flowing out of the four uneven sized wounds. It couldn't feel pain, but it did feel rage.

It raised its head and widened its eyes, cocked its brows and bared its teeth to utter deep and weird roars at Lin Qiao. She heard it and understood what it meant, so she couldn't help but to want to laugh. 

She heard the zombie leader say— 'How dare you scratch me! I'll bite you to death!'

It was a zombie leader, but it actually had such childish thoughts. 
'So, NOW you want to bite me to death? Then what have you been doing earlier?' Said Lin Qiao silently.

She didn't let out any sound, but had a smile on her face. The mocking smile in her eyes was pretty obvious, and the zombie leader was smart enough to understand it. Therefore, it became even angrier, and roared resonantly at Lin Qiao. 

After that, it again pounced on Lin Qiao fleetingly, and wiped its own chest with a claw in the meanwhile. With that, the few wounds immediately stopped bleeding, and were covered by a thin layer of frost. 

'It knows how to stop the wounds from bleeding with its power,' Lin Qiao thought. 

Next, the zombie leader charged at her at an incredible speed, with a fierce murderous intent, a strong vibe, and a series of flying ice daggers.

'This is bad!' Lin Qiao said in her head once she saw the ice daggers which were flying toward her from all directions. She immediately gave a hand signal to Xie Dong, who had been silently watching the fight, then turned back to dart into the woods aside.
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