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As Fei Chonglin said, their mission this time was to come to Sea City ahead of time and talk to the Base's Chief Leader. In fact, they had traveled for nearly a month before arriving at the Sea City Base. If they hadn't encountered a group of fierce post-apocalyptic world robbers and lost their car to them halfway, they might have arrived long ago. 

Post-apocalyptic world robbers were all psychos who would die for food. They would even eat human beings if they got too hungry. Therefore, in order to accomplish their mission, Lin Yu and his teammates ended their battle against the robbers as soon as they could, but let the latter take their car. 

However, the five of them didn't know yet that their chief leader had died in a battle not long ago. She had felt that her enemies would soon take action, but had never thought that there was a mole amongst her people. Not only did the mole find out her plan and betray her, but also helped her enemies poison her. 

Chief Netherworld Fire of the Hades Base had an incredible fire power, but she wasn't immune to all kinds of poisons. 

Her enemies knew her well enough to swat at her weaknesses. By collaborating from within with the forces from outside, five level-seven powerful people laid siege to her, who was also at level-seven. As a result, a few of the five were injured severely, and she died together with one of them. 

Her brothers and sisters managed to escape from the base, but they were all being hunted by now. 

In this post-apocalyptic world, communication networks didn't exist. Therefore, Lin Yu and his teammates had no way of receiving a message and finding out what had happened in their base. All that they knew was their Chief Leader had given them a mission, and they now needed to accomplish it. 

They stayed in the Sea City Base to wait for the Chief Purple Thunder to return, but they had no idea that the man they had been waiting for was chasing a zombie which had abducted his daughter, and the ones who came back were only his deputy commanders and leaders. 

In a rest station near the base, Xiao Yunlong sat in the only leather double couch in the room. A few of the soldiers were scattered around him, a couple of them standing on his both sides and two behind him, while two guarded by the door. 

Three meters away, three people were standing in front of him with their hands tied behind their backs. 

Those were two men and a woman, none other than Lin Yong, Liu Hongshi and Liang Caiyan.

The tall and strong Xiao Yunlong leaned against the back of the couch, putting one arm on the couch's back while the other hand fiddled with a pistol.

"Do you mean that the woman has become a zombie already?" While speaking, he looked at the pistol which was spinning in his hand instead of the three people. 

The three glanced at the soldiers who were standing aside while pointing rifles at them, not daring to move.

"That's right! We were going to let her lead us to Chief Purple Thunder's daughter. We don't know where the little girl is, as only she knew that. We wanted her to take us there so that we could save the girl from that woman and send her back to Chief Purple Thunder. But, we didn't think that she…" said Lin Yong calmly.

"Send her back? Can you be so nice? Hilarious…" Xiao Yunlong interrupted him coldly. He sneered and continued, "Of course you wanted to send her back! Or, Yang Hao would kill you even if we let you live, wouldn't he? In order to get rid of that boring woman, he involved our little Yueling and made her missing. You have to give our chief an explanation about that, don't you?"

Lin Yong and the other two lowered their heads, not daring to face Xiao Yunlong's sharp gaze. Sweat oozed out of their foreheads immediately.

Xiao Yunlong had already seen the truth, so whatever they said now would be useless.

Xiao Yunlong's face darkened as he stared at the three fiercely and said, "So…what now? You get that woman killed and make ur little Yueling missing. Do you think your lives are enough to compensate for our little Yueling?" 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before his voice faded, the pistol which was spinning quickly in his hand was suddenly gripped by him, and then three gunshots were heard. 

He didn't even warn them. Before the three could realize what had happened, a bullet sank into each of their heads, leaving a thumb-sized hole with blood gushing out.

They widely opened their eyes and softly fell on the ground, faces filled with confusion. 

"Toss them out," Xiao Yunlong put the gun back into the holster, then stood up and said, walking out of the room. 

"Yes, sir." The few soldiers in the room responded immediately, then quickly began moving the bodies. 

After walking out, Xiao Yunlong said to the deputy commander by his side, "Send the message to Chief and tell him that the woman is dead. And, send some people out to check the surrounding area… See if we can find the zombie turned from that woman, or her chewed body." 

"Yes, sir. I'll do it now." The deputy commander nodded and responded instantly.

Looking at the back of his deputy commander, Xiao Yunlong wanted to laugh, but instead, he sighed and hoped that the little girl would be fine. 

As Xiao Yunlong sent his people out to verify Lu Tianyu's death, Lin Qiao was looking for mice in the grass. 

She was hungry; sensing Wu Yueling's scent every day made her hungrier and hungrier. But, she couldn't go out of her space to find food, because the level-five zombie was waiting of her outside.

 Therefore, she thought of the baby rabbit in her space. But, she then remembered that the rabbit seemed to have become a friend of Wu Yueling. Would the little one be sad if she ate the rabbit? Lin Qiao didn't want to take the risk, so she had no choice but to give up. Then, she suddenly recalled that before she threw the rabbit in her space, she had also put in a few furless baby mice. 

She didn't know if the few little mice died or not. She assumed that they were dead, because there was no adult mouse to feed them, and so many days had passed. 

However, another voice in her heart had been telling her that those baby mice were still alive. Therefore, she bent her waist to search for those tiny things among the grasses which were taller than her knees.

As she began searching, she really confirmed that those baby mice didn't die, although she had no idea where they were. The grass nest she made for them earlier was empty by now.

She and Xie Dong were two zombies, Wu Yueling was a human kid; except for them, the only other visible living being in her space was the little rabbit. 

Rabbits didn't eat meat, so if anyone had eaten those baby mice, that would be one of the other three. As the little girl had been eating strawberries and couldn't possibly eat raw mice, it would be either Xie Dong or herself. However, after observing, she found that Xie Dong was only interested in human flesh, and disliked all other kinds of animals. 

Earlier on, Xie Dong refused to even look at the little rabbit when Lin Qiao handed it to him. 

Therefore, after ruling out all kinds of possibilities, Lin Qiao concluded that no one in the space had eaten those mice. She didn't know if other creatures existed in her space, but she had been living here for so long without seeing any, unless it was something in the lake…

She thought about this over and over again, and still felt that those baby mice were still alive. 

Therefore, she crawled into the grasses to look for them, but failed after trying for quite a while. She had excellent eyesight and hearing now, and her sense of smell was even sharper than that of dogs. Yet, she still couldn't find those baby mice.
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