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Zombie Sister Strategy 537 The Strawberries In The Space

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"But fortunately, everybody is alive and well. I got there at a critical moment. We were so lucky!" Lin Qiao smiled relaxedly.

"I remember it… Yang Jianhua had caught up with them at that time," Yuan Tianxing recalled that when he got there, he saw Qiu Lili attack Yang Jianhua and make him run. He was injured severely back then.

"Alright… If you have nothing important to say, just go back and take some rest. You have lots of work to do. Don't stay here and be slothful," Lin Qiao asked him to leave again.

This time, Yuan Tianxing didn't refuse. Instead, he picked up the drawing and stood up.

He walked to the door and opened it. But before walking out, he suddenly paused and turned back to look at Lin Qiao. He seemed to want to say something to her, but seeing Duan Juan, who was standing aside silently, he only turned around and walked out.

"I think he has something else to tell you," Duan Juan looked at the door and said.

"Perhaps," Lin Qiao responded carelessly, then looked at her and said, "You go back and rest too. I'll be fine here."

"Okay," Duan Juan nodded and then left as well.

Lin Qiao flashed into her space. Standing outside the vegetable field, she found that many vegetables had grown old. Then, she turned and headed to the strawberry filed and found that many strawberries were ripe.

She didn't let anyone come into her space to pick those vegetables and strawberries, so now, some vegetables had grown old, and many strawberries were ripe.

She then turned to look at those small spaces. After she absorbed that level-seven nucleus, the space had grown larger, and the few small spaces had moved further away. Only the small building didn't move.

"Those behind the wall, come out!" She yelled at the small building.

A few seconds later, she saw the few zombies stealthily come out from the other side of the building and slowly walk to her.

Those were a few level-four zombies that she caught around Hangzhou. Seeing them, Lin Qiao waved a hand at them and said, "You, come here! I have a job for you."

Hearing her mention job, those few zombies immediately rushed at her happily.

They hadn't had any job for a couple of days. They had no job to do, so they could not drink the water from the lake. Without the water, they felt so hungry and empty inside…Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

They could see the large lake but not approach it. That made them feel even worse!

"Here, you, go over there and bring me two baskets," Lin Qiao said to one of those zombies, then pointed at those empty baskets which were placed beside a pile of potatoes.

That zombie immediately ran over there.

Then, she said to the other zombies, "You, stay here and pick these vegetables. Remember, don't uproot the entire plant. Leave the tender leaves, and only pick these old leaves."

She squatted and picked a few leaves to show those zombies how.

Those intelligent zombies were like children. If one wanted them to do something well, one had to teach them for a couple of more times.

Lin Qiao spent about ten minutes teaching them how to pick all the old leaves without harming the plant, and then she taught them to put all the picked leaves in baskets.

After that, she stood up and walked toward the small building. Soon, she came out of the kitchen with a few clean stainless bowls and walked to the strawberry field.

"You two, come here!" She pointed at the two nearest zombies who were picking vegetables, prepared to order them to pick strawberries.

Those two zombies stood up, but forgot to put the vegetable leaves into the baskets.

"Oi, wait, put the leaves in your hands in the baskets before you come over," Lin Qiao hurriedly pointed at the leaves in their hands and said.

The two zombies hurriedly put the leaves in the baskets, then walked to Lin Qiao with empty hands.

Lin Qiao handed them the bowls, but suddenly thought of something and took back those bowls.

"Eh? Wait!"

She suddenly realized that those zombies were all color-blind! How were they supposed to pick ripe strawberries? They couldn't tell which ones were ripe!

Thinking about that, she frowned and sighed helplessly, then waved a hand at those two zombies, "Eh, never mind! You don't need to pick strawberries. I'll do it. You go back to pick vegetables."

"Roar?" The two zombies looked at her confusedly.

"Alright, you can't see the color of these strawberries, and you can't smell their aroma. You can't know which is ripe and which isn't. So, you should just go back to pick vegetables. That's easier," Lin Qiao looked at those zombies, wanting to laugh. She found their expressions funny.

The two zombies quietly stared at Lin Qiao for a few seconds, then turned and left. Meanwhile, Lin Qiao squatted and started to pick the ripe but not rotten strawberries, and put them in those bowls.

Viney was in her belly now, but she rarely sensed her existence. Lin Qiao never had a clear feeling of Viney's presence, especially when the latter was in a deep sleep.

An hour later, she finally filled the few bowls.

She picked up a strawberry and put it in her mouth, making a bite without washing it. The soft pulp quickly melted in her mouth.


She tasted nothing but sourness…

The ripe strawberry was actually not sour anymore, but Lin Qiao had a different sense of taste. She could only taste the sourness of the strawberry.

"Owoooo…" At that moment, a weird series of dog bark could be heard from the woods, and then a furless ugly dog rushed out.

Strangely, the large king cobra followed behind the dog.

Lin Qiao stood up with two full bowls of strawberries and saw the zombie dog run out with the king cobra chasing behind it.

"Eh?" She looked at those two with confusion.

The zombie dog was running at the front, but seemed to be very happy. Behind it, the king cobra was staring at it angrily with its flattened neck. Again and again, the snake tried to bite the zombie dog's butt.

Lin Qiao watched the hooligan-like zombie dog run over without knowing how to describe it.

When the king cobra tried to bite it, it easily dodged. But after that, it turned back to bark at the snake, and then ran faster.

For some reason, the king cobra kept chasing behind the dog.

"Owoo!" The zombie dog excitedly darted at Lin Qiao and hid by her side, then stuck its head out from behind her to look at the king cobra.

The king cobra stopped about ten meters from Lin Qiao, rearing up its upper body and looking at her vigilantly. It wanted very much to go forward and bite the dog, but it didn't not want to get close to Lin Qiao.
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