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Duan Juan's hand, which was raised in the air, paused. She didn't knock the door, but put her hand on the doorknob and opened it.

Lin Qiao watched the two of them walk in, then pointed at the couch on the other side of the table and said to Yuan Tianxing, "Have a seat. Have you had your meal yet?"

Yuan Tianxing nodded, "Yes. You asked me to bring the map."

As he sat down, Lin Qiao conveniently took over the drawing from his hands. While carefully looking at it, she asked, "Which side do you plan to put the zombie base in?"

Yuan Tianxing reached out a hand and pulled over the map from her hand, then spread it on the tea table and pointed on it with a pen. "I want to build the human base here. As for the zombie base, I was waiting for you to come back and decide for yourself."

Lin Qiao glanced at the area that he was pointing at, and then looked around that area. At last, she chose Mount Wu area. "Here them… Build a tall wall between these two areas."

"How tall?" Yuan Tianxing understood that the wall was meant to separate the zombies and the humans to prevent any potential accidents.

"Twenty-five meters at least. The zombies at level-three or under can't leap higher than twenty meters. Most of the level-four zombies can't leap that high either unless they have wind power. A twenty-five-meters tall wall should be enough to keep them there. The fence wall of the zombie base can be shorter than that," Lin Qiao drew a circle around the zombie base.

To build a zombie base, the danger and uncertainty of those zombies was the first thing to think about. Humans had sanity, but zombies didn't. The zombies at level-three and under had nothing but wildness and appetite; it was above level-four that zombies tended to become a little complicated.

Higher-level zombies had slight sanity, but their desire and appetites were as great as lower-level zombies.

So, if conditions allowed it, the wall between the human base and the zombie base should be as tall as possible. That was important. Meanwhile, the fence wall of the zombie base didn't need to be that tall. Both inside and outside of that wall would be zombies anyway. The zombies from the zombie base didn't need to be kept inside that wall.

Also, it required great amounts of materials, manpower, and a lot of time to build a huge wall like that.

"We need to send out more people to collect sand, cement, and other materials then," Yuan Tianxing nodded. He had thought of that problem long ago, so he was not surprised.

"Yes, but you don't need to worry about those. I'll ask Yun Meng to lead an army troop and collect the materials. We're no longer short-handed," Lin Qiao looked at him and said carelessly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Alright," Yuan Tianxing gave her a glance.

"We have already searched through the center of the Upper City District, so now, I'll ask Lin Feng to expand the searching range from here. Before that, I'll bring all the zombies in these areas under control, so they won't hinder them," Lin Qiao pointed at the Gongshu District, then drew a circle around Upper City District, from the Lower City District to the Jianggan District.

"Your zombie team is quite handy," Yuan Tianxing laughed.

"Alright, that's it!" After finalizing the location, Lin Qiao waved a hand at them and signaled for him to leave.

"We've done talking about work. Can't we talk a little about personal stuff?" Yuan Tianxing didn't plan to leave, but rolled the drawing and put it aside.

"What do you want to talk about?" Lin Qiao picked up the glass next to her hand and took a few gulps.

"Let's talk about how you became like this… You actually kept it secret from us for such a long time. That was really enough," Yuan Tianxing also picked up his glass and took a sip.

"Didn't you suspect me since long ago? So, I didn't really keep it secret from you, did I?" Lin Qiao shrugged.

"I did suspect, but that was all. I couldn't have really seen you as you. If you didn't tell, we wouldn't even dare to believe that you are Lin Qiao," Yuan Tianxing looked at her and said.

"In fact, you still have doubts now, don't you? You just tend to believe that I am Lin Qiao. Don't I know you?" Lin Qiao rolled her eyes impatiently.

"Hearing that really makes me start to believe you," Yuan Tianxing sighed with relief. He was aware that Lin Qiao knew him well, and that she could guess most of his thoughts.

What Lin Qiao said just now was indeed what he had been thinking. Of course, he had no idea that Lin Qiao was directly reading his mind.

"So?" Lin Qiao looked at him and asked.

"So, why you woke up in this dead… eh, body? I heard that this woman was not a good person. She had an awful reputation," Yuan Tianxing looked at her confusedly.

"I have no idea. I woke to find that I had become her. I woke up in her body not long after her death. She was turning into a zombie at that time. I have her memories, so I know what kind of person she was," Lin Qiao nodded.

"You said that you didn't remember the things that happened in the past five years, but, didn't you go to save Lin Feng and the others? How did you know where they were if you didn't remember?" Yuan Tianxing asked another question.

Lin Qiao slightly lowered her head and looked at the glass in her hands while answering the question, "I lost the memory of the past five years, so I didn't know if my Mom and others were still alive. I was confused back then, and I told myself that they might have been long gone. But still, I wanted to try and look for them. It would still be good even if only one of them survived. So, I had a goal, and felt less confused."

"Were you… looking for them with that kind of mindset?" Yuan Tianxing looked at her with surprise. He imagined Lin Qiao looking for her family without knowing whether they were still alive or not. If they became zombies, she would keep looking, wouldn't she?

"If you couldn't find them, you'd keep looking for the rest of your life!" He said confirmedly. That was not a question; he knew that that would happen, because he knew her.

"Yeah, you're right," Lin Qiao nodded, then raised her head and continued, "What else do you expect me to do? You have no idea how awfully damaged my zombie body was when I woke up. I couldn't even look directly at it. My mind wasn't clear back then, so if I didn't give myself a hope, I might have become something else. I don't know what I might turn into, or if I could even keep my humanity."

Yuan Tianxing looked at her and stayed silent.

The image that Lin Qiao described filled his head. He couldn't feel it in person, but he pictured it and felt that he wouldn't not be able to stand it.

Lin Qiao told him about that casually, because they were actually very close friends. Lin Qiao had been seeing Yuan Tianxing as a brother, but he only did the same on the surface. Deep down, he had a special feeling toward her.

Lin Qiao didn't know about that before.

But now, she had become a zombie and was able to read his mind. So, she knew it all.
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