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"The land in this whole area will be developed as a farmland in the future," Lin Qiao drew a circle around herself and then continued, "We're going to grow more crops, not just these. I'll make some time to collect more seeds."

Except for herself, no other zombies seemed to be able to tell which plants were infected and which were healthy and edible. Therefore, only she was able to collect healthy plants and seeds.

"Are we going to expand the farmland?" Liu Jun understood her meaning. Seeing Lin Qiao's gesture, she had some ideas as well.

Lin Qiao nodded and responded, "I've checked the entire Upper City District. Only this area is suitable for cultivation. Many plants are already growing in this area, and we have water here. It's perfect, isn't it?" Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Liu Jun nodded. Based on what Lin Qiao said, this area was indeed more suitable for cultivation in comparison with the deserted areas and the areas with buildings. This place would be able to make a great farm, as long as the soil problem was solved.

Lin Qiao returned to the sweetcorn field, then glanced at the sky; it was already dark. She brought the four level-four zombies into her space, then headed back to the base with Liu Jun and Duan Juan.

"Duan Juan, you go and find Yuan Tianxing later on, then bring me the structural drawing of the new base. I'll talk to him about the structure of the base." Back in the base, Lin Qiao spoke to Duan Juan.

"Sure!" Duan Juan responded, then turned and left.

After that, Lin Qiao went up to the fifth floor with Liu Jun. She checked on Qiu Lili and Mengmeng and found that they were still bathing in their tubs, and didn't want to get up.

With no other choice, she went to the zombie old man.

"Old man, get up! Come to the roof in a minute. I have a mission for you," Lin Qiao stood behind the door of the old man's bathroom and knocked on it.

"Roar!" The old man's zombie roar was heard.

Hearing his voice, Lin Qiao responded impatiently, "You've bathed for a whole day. Haven't you had enough? You'd be rotten if you keep yourself soaked. Get up now!"

After saying that, she turned and went up to the roof.

Looking at those zombie bath buckets which were placed in a straight line, she said to those zombies, "Your bathing time is up. Get up!"

Those zombie leaders obediently stood up from the water, then turned their backs to Lin Qiao as they jumped out of the buckets and started to put on their clothes smoothly.

Lin Qiao glanced at their backs and butts, then silently raised her head to look at the sky.

Zombie Number Four, the zombie boy, wasn't dressing himself. Instead, he stood beside his own clothes, waiting. A short while later, Zombie Number Two, the female zombie, walked over neatly dressed, and started helping him to get dressed carefully.

They could bathe twice more in the water in their buckets, so Lin Qiao didn't touch those buckets.

"Zombie Number Three, Zombie Number Four, you two stay here. The others, go back to your positions," Lin Qiao crossed her arms before her chest and yelled at the middle-aged male zombie and the zombie boy.

As there was no special task for them, the other zombies quickly leaped away from the roof and disappeared. The middle-aged male zombie and the zombie boy stayed where they were, looking at Lin Qiao with confusion.

Lin Qiao waited for a while, and then the zombie old man slowly walked up to the roof.

His traditional-styled black coat with dragon patterns was dry and clean, but the clothes of the middle-aged male zombie and the zombie boy were all wet. After all, the latter two didn't wipe themselves dry before putting on their clothes.

The zombie old man must have dried himself before getting dressed. As for how he did that, Lin Qiao had no idea. There was no towel or anything like that in that room.

The old man walked over and stood before Lin Qiao, then slightly pushed up his glasses.

"Old man, your glasses are useless now. Why are you still wearing them?" Lin Qiao stared at those glasses and asked. She didn't like those glasses.

She had been tolerating the zombie old man for too long! As a zombie, he needed to sit on a clean chair to drink water, and bathe in a private room. Other than that, he insisted on wearing that pair of glasses even though his zombie eyes now had great eyesight. Also, he always put those glasses lower than his black zombie eyes.

"Roar!" The zombie old man gave her a roar with discontentment.

"Alright, alright, I don't care," Lin Qiao responded speechlessly. Then, she seriously gave an order to those three zombie leaders, "I'll give the three of you a mission. Tonight, go over there, kill all level-four-and-five zombies in that area, and bring their nuclei back. You only have one night. Tomorrow, I expect to see you here with those zombie nuclei. Do you understand me?"




The three zombies responded simultaneously, then darted toward Lower City District, where Lin Qiao was pointing at.

She had cleaned out almost all zombies at level-four or above in Upper City District, so now, she had started to sweep the surrounding areas.

West Lake District was, of course, untouchable now, because a zoo was located in that area, and the zombie army that she brought back from the South was also there. So now, West Lake District was a forbidden area. Without her order and guidance, no one could go there.

She planned to clear out Lower City District, Jianggan District, and Binjiang District first, as these three areas were the nearest to Upper City District. After that, she would go further to Gongshu District, Yuhang District, and Xiaoshan District.

Today, she ordered those three zombie leaders to carry out the mission together, because firstly, she wanted to see the result of their team-work training; and secondly, she needed to prepare a good number of zombie nuclei for Liu Jun's upgrade.

Liu Jun had followed her for a rather long time. However, the growth of her strength was a little slow. She didn't plan to give her dangerous missions, but still, she needed her to be stronger.

This time, she had brought back a large batch of level-four-and-five zombies, so she needed a few trustworthy zombie subordinates to manage them.

Qiu Lili was definitely qualified for the job. Except for Lin Qiao herself, she was the strongest zombie in the base. Yun Meng was slightly weaker than her. Yun Meng's temper changed all the time, and she wasn't easy to be controlled. She had restored her memory, and now, she had a very independent mind. Therefore, Lin Qiao didn't trust her for now.

Then there were Xie Dong and Liu Jun. Xie Dong had already upgraded to level-five, so Liu Jun was the weakest among the group now.

Lin Qiao planned to send a few level-four zombies to leave the base along with Xie Dong. Even though they might not be able to help, they could at least serve as flesh shields for him, Lin Qiao, and the others under dangerous situations and buy them some time.

She glanced at the empty roof, then turned and walked downstairs, returning to her own room. She sat on the couch there to wait for Yuan Tianxing to come up with the drawing.

She washed two cups and put them on the tea table, then filled them up with water.

Soon, she heard the footstep sounds of Duan Juan and Yuan Tianxing.

"Just come in." The footstep sounds stopped before her door. Lin Qiao knew that Duan Juan would knock on the door, so she told them to come in before that directly.
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