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"Your vibe changed again. How's it going? Have you restored your memory?" Liu Jun was squatting on the ground and working. She didn't stand up immediately upon seeing Lin Qiao's car park by the land, but waited until the latter walked over to her.

"Hm, I remember," Lin Qiao walked over and nodded, "I remember everything, and I killed Yang Jianhua. But, that happened before I found my memory back. Thankfully, I ended him myself. I'd be so angry if I let someone else take his life."

"Really! Great! Congratulations! You've restored your memory, so you're still our Chief!" Liu Jun was thrilled to hear that.

"I also brought back two or three thousand survivors from Hades Base, and…" Lin Qiao put a hand on her lower stomach as she continued, "You were right. Viney is my baby indeed. She was my baby before I died!"

Hearing that, both Liu Jun and Duan Juan who stood behind Lin Qiao stared at her with a stunned look, then turned their eyes to her stomach where was covered by her hand.

"No way! I guessed right… Viney is really your baby? Did her soul follow you to this body? Oh, I think you said that yourself!" Liu Jun looked at Lin Qiao with disbelief. Back then, Liu Jun mentioned that Viney might be Lin Qiao's baby because she called her Mama, and then the other made the guess herself.

"I don't know if souls are real. The term 'mind' might be more appropriate. Before I died, I was pregnant for about three months. I owe her everything. I'm not a good mother," Lin Qiao lowered her head. Her face wore no expression, but her vibe turned low.

"It's such a miracle! The baby hadn't even grown mature back then. How did she manage to come to this new body with you? Also, it seems to be growing crazily fast now!" Liu Jun looked at her stomach and said.

"Wait… wait a minute! Chief… you… you-you, you're pregnant?" Duan Juan was stunned for a few seconds and then finally processed what she had heard. She interrupted the conversation between Lin Qiao and Liu Jun, the surprised look still lingering on her face.

"Oh, you don't seem to know yet. The baby is still in my belly now," Lin Qiao turned and smiled at Duan Juan. Duan Juan had always been a composed person, so Lin Qiao found her shocked look funny.

"Eh? What do you mean by the baby is in your belly? Isn't Viney in your space?" Liu Jun asked a question. "What on earth is going on?" She and Duan Juan asked in one voice.

"Eh… you two… calm down!" Lin Qiao looked at them, then turned and walked to the cabin, picking up a hand-made stool to sit down.

"Come here, let me start from the beginning. In fact, the baby didn't wake up right after I became a zombie. She showed up a while later, and back then, she couldn't talk. She was at the bottom of the lake, seeming like some kind of energy. It was her who has been helping me to upgrade quickly, and it was her who fixed my body," said Lin Qiao.

Both Duan Juan and Liu Jun looked at her silently.

"Later on, I grew some power and collected quite a lot of higher level zombie nuclei. So, I helped her to upgrade as well. After that, she was able to talk. She became really smart, and seems to be quite mature. I have no idea how she became like that. She's at level-four now, and it's a special period for her. So… she's… um, she has entered my uterus," Lin Qiao said smilingly with a hand on her belly.

Duan Juan and Liu Jun couldn't help but make an eye-contact with each other. None of them know what to say. This news was way too shocking, so they could not process it right away.

But soon, they managed to calm down a little. After all, Lin Qiao had come back to life in a dead person's body and become a zombie. That was seriously abnormal. So, even though Viney's existence was weird, they quickly accepted it.

"You're a zombie now. How did Viney enter your belly? Is your uterus still able to contain a baby? Can you still provide nutrition to the baby? Also, you've become a zombie, so I assume your eggs are dead. And, even if your eggs are alive, what about the sperm? Eh… wait, wait, I'm a little confused now." Liu Jun suddenly had so many questions about Lin Qiao, but she couldn't figure out the answer of any of them.

As a mother of a child, she cared about all those questions.

Her questions made Duan Juan wear a confused and curious look as well.

"Ah… about that… You have to know that you can't think of me or Viney as a normal creature. Anyway, she's already in my uterus now, and she's growing there. She'll be able to come out when she reaches level-five. By then, you'll know what she's like!" Lin Qiao laughed.

"She's using your uterus to upgrade… That is… eh… so magical!" said Duan Juan with a complicated expression, "So when she breaks into level-five, she would come out of your body as baby? She won't be a baby zombie, will she?"

"Perhaps?" Lin Qiao shook her head. She didn't tell them that half of the baby's genes were actually from a man. So maybe, she wouldn't become a baby zombie. But more or less, she would have some zombie features.

"How have you been providing energy to the baby? I mean… your body…" Liu Jun looked at Lin Qiao confusedly.

"Viney doesn't need the energy from me. She only needs me to find her some energy nuclei or zombie nuclei to absorb, and then she can grow. However, neither of us know how long it will take for her to upgrade. Maybe I'll be pregnant for three years," Lin Qiao winked and made a joke.

Liu Jun and Duan Juan couldn't understand, feeling that the world was such a magical place!

"She can only absorb a limited amount of energy each time. After the absorption, she needs to sleep to digest that energy. So, I guess that the time span could be told based on how much energy she has to absorb," said Lin Qiao.

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"In this case, we can only observe Viney's growth from a special angle. Why didn't you find a man and try it with him? Perhaps, your zombie egg could combine with a human sperm, and then you could make a zombie-human hybrid baby!" Liu Jun suddenly came up with that idea.

Hearing that, Lin Qiao didn't know how to response. She gave a smile and said, "Ah, that… maybe I can try it with someone?"

She would not tell Liu Jun that she had already done it with a man!
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