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Zombie Sister Strategy 532 The Condition Of Healing

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Lin Qiao covered her own body with the black mist as she walked out of the lake. She put her clothes on, then flipped her wet hair and walked to Xie Dong's side as she said, "I remember that you had fire power before you died. And now, you're at level-five. There's a difference between level-five zombies and level-five human beings. Have you sensed it yet?"

She herself was at level-seven currently, but she was already strong enough to fight level-eight human beings. She couldn't guarantee to win, but would certainly survive.

But of course, her great body condition and special superpowers were necessary.

Hearing her words, Xie Dong closed her eyes to sense his power. He tried to release his power, but found that it seemed to have been limited by something.

"Oh, the air in this place is suppressing your powers by ninety percent. Only I can fully release my power in this place. You should get out and try again." While speaking, Lin Qiao grabbed his arm and brought him out of the space.

She thought it would take a longer time to upgrade Xie Dong. But when she got out and looked at her watch, she found that it was only around 4 pm. Xie Dong's upgrade took her less than six hours.

Once out, Xie Dong sensed the growth of his power.

His pupils were now sparkling with a faint red color, which made him look more like a zombie. The white parts of his eyes always remained white, so the others hadn't been seeing him as a zombie.

The two showed up outside the zombie old man's room. Lin Qiao spent a moment to sense that old man's whereabouts, and found that he was still bathing in the room. So, she stopped paying attention to him.

She quickly observed Xie Dong and found that his vibe had changed because of his upgrade. He had always been an unnoticeable man. After he became a zombie and started following Lin Qiao, he turned even more unnoticeable.

Now, as he had stepped into a higher level, he gave out a slightly stronger sense of presence, but only slightly stronger…

A man like him was perfect for doing deduction and intelligence work.

"Alright, go back and get ready. In three days, you'll leave the base with Li Zheng and his people," Lin Qiao said to him. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Xie Dong nodded, prepared to leave.

"Eh, wait, can't you talk?" Lin Qiao abruptly stopped him and asked.

It wasn't necessary for a zombie to reach level-seven to be able to talk, because Liu Jun was only at level-four, and she was able to talk since long ago.

Xie Dong turned and looked at her. He opened his mouth and gave it a try, then shook his head disappointedly.

He had upgraded indeed, but still couldn't talk.

"Alright," Lin Qiao said regretfully, "I guess you need to break into higher levels to be able to talk. Okay, just go back to your room."

She waved a hand toward Xie Dong.

As he turned and left, Lin Qiao stood where she was and crossed her arms before her chest, squeezing her breasts together while trying to figure out why. She spent a short while thinking, and then suddenly thought of a key factor.


She remembered that Viney had the healing power, and she didn't. She was able to control the energy in the lake, but under her control, that energy merely filtered and purified the energy source for the other zombies to absorb better.

That meant she had no way to heal the other zombies. They had to wait until the energy in the lake activated healing systems of their own bodies, so that they would be able to self-heal.

Their healing systems could only be activated when they entered level six or seven. For lower level zombies, the energy in the lake couldn't deliver a strong stimulation.

So now, even though Lin Qiao wanted to restore the other zombies' memories and enable them to talk, that would still depend on their own luck. Not every zombie could talk when they upgraded to level-seven like Yun Meng.

The energy in the lake still had a healing effect, but it was very slight. Even with Lin Qiao's help, the healing effect could not be significant.

At that moment, two figures came downstairs. Qiu Lili ran toward Lin Qiao with Yun Meng following behind her.

"You're out! It was done pretty quickly this time! I thought you wouldn't come out until tomorrow," Qiu Lili came over and held Lin Qiao's arm.

"Em, it didn't take so long this time. It might be because Xie Dong was at a relatively low level. He made the breakthrough pretty easily," Lin Qiao smiled at her.

"I want to take a bath too. Fill my tub with lake water," Qiu Lili said to Lin Qiao with a sweet voice. The latter nodded and responded, "Sure! Ah, Mengmeng, you can go back to your room and take a bath as well. I'll give the water to both of you."

While speaking, she went to their rooms and filled their bath tubs with lake water. After that, she stood by the door of Qiu Lili's bathroom and gestured the latter to come in while saying, "Enjoy!"

Looking at the small amount of lake water in the tub, Qiu Lili had her eyes glowed.

The energy contained in a small amount of lake water would not make Qiu Lili and the other zombies feel overwhelmed. On the contrary, they were able to absorb the energy from a small amount of lake water. Therefore, they all liked to bath in a limited amount of lake water.

"You two go ahead and take a bath. I'll head to Mount Wu area to see how's the farm work going," Lin Qiao smiled at Qiu Lili.

"Em, go!" Qiu Lili nodded. She had no spare attention for Lin Qiao now, as all she wanted to do was enjoy the bath.

Lin Qiao walked out of the room and went downstairs, then crossed the lobby. In the lobby, all the people who attended the meeting earlier stopped walking and nodded at her.

Lin Qiao nodded slightly back at them, then walked out of the hotel with big steps. Then, she got into the vehicle which was parked before the hotel gate by Duan Juan, who was sitting in the driver's seat, waiting for her.

"Let's go to Mount Wu!" Lin Qiao said.

"Sure!" Duan Juan nodded and then turned the car around. She hadn't been to Mount. Wu before, but she roughly knew which way to go.

Lin Qiao guided her to Mount Wu, then asked her to park by the farmland.

"Roar!" Seeing a car approaching and bringing the scent of a human being, all the zombies except for Liu Jun and Shen Yujen roared at the car.

Lin Qiao got off the car, looking at the well-furrowed earth. With her good eyesight, she even saw those tiny sprouts.

She walked down into the farmland from the roadside, heading toward the wooden cabin while observing the land.

"What? Am I not welcome?" Lin Qiao said to the three zombies who were roaring at her.

"Owooo…" The three zombies flinched immediately. As Lin Qiao walked toward them, they turned and ran right away, automatically going behind Liu Jun.

They did that because the pressure that came from Lin Qiao was way too strong. She was a level-seven zombie, but the pressure that she had been giving out was only a breath away from level-eight.

Level-eight zombies were also called zombie emperors. None of them had been seen in the whole country yet.

"Oi, how dare you run away! Aren't you afraid of me anymore?" Lin Qiao looked at those zombies behind Liu Jun and said with discontentment.
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