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"Don't mind those zombies for now," Lin Qiao said, "Now, you can do what you promised me before." After saying that, she swung her arm and threw out a thing.

Duan Juan saw a black, football-like thing fall on the floor before her and then roll to her feet.

Ordinary people might freak out on realizing what that bloody black thing was. However, Duan Juan didn't. She only stared at that head before her feet in shock.

That was a human head that belonged to someone she knew. She wanted so much to kill that person, but wasn't strong enough to do it.

"Yang Jianhua! It's his head?" Duan Juan popped her eyes and exclaimed with disbelief.

Lin Qiao nodded and said, "Yes. Didn't you want me to kill him? Now he's dead. You're looking at his head right now. Feel free to check if it's real."

Duan Juan didn't need to check. That was a real, bloody human head. She could recognize those wide opened eyes and that twisted face on that head.

"No need to check. I can tell that it's real," she murmured to respond. Then, she suddenly raised her head and asked Lin Qiao with surprise, "He… Did you kill him?"

Lin Qiao spread her hands and replied lazily, "Yeah. I threw the head at you. Of course, I killed him. Could it be anyone else? Alright. You have confirmed that this head is real now. You can take me to that place now, right?"

Duan Juan nodded without hesitation. She glanced at the base and found that the people in the base had all been distracted by those zombies, and weren't paying any attention to this area.

"Okay. I'll take you there," she nodded at Lin Qiao.

That place had gradually become a forbidden area, and wasn't really a secret. Even if she didn't tell Lin Qiao where it was, she would find out sooner or later. Not to mention the fact that Lin Qiao made a trade with Yang Jianhua's life, she just had no reason to refuse.

"That place is by the sea," Duan Juan continued, "It'll take us two or three hours by driving, but… we don't have a car."

She looked at Lin Qiao embarrassedly. Lin Qiao had killed Yang Jianhua for her, so she should indeed take her to that place. Of course, it would be better for her and her people to provide the car. However, they weren't in a good situation now. Not to mention a car, they didn't even have enough food.

Lin Qiao sensed her thoughts, as the distance between the two of them wasn't long. She had an idea, so she said to Duan Juan, "I have a car, and I'm in no rush to get to that place. Let me ask you something. You're planning to go to Sea City, aren't you?"

Duan Juan glanced at her, then nodded and replied, "Yes, we plan to go there. Why? Is there a problem?"

Lin Qiao smiled and said, "After you take me to that place, I'll be heading back there too. We'll be going the same way. Would you like to join me on the journey?"

She was telling the truth. Duan Juan and her people were going to find Yuan Tianxing, so she could give them a ride. Duan Juan was her subordinate before the apocalypse, so she guessed that she kept following her after the old world ended.

Duan Juan showed a surprised look on hearing what she said. They had already made a deal once, and Lin Qiao kept her words. Therefore, she had a pretty good impression of her. But still, she didn't show a strong emotion swing, but looked at Lin Qiao calmly.

"What else can we do for you?" she asked.

Lin Qiao smiled. She knew that Duan Juan would ask that question.

At that moment, the other people walked out from where they hid in and quietly listened to their conversation. They didn't say anything, but glared at Yang Jianhua's head, seeming to even want to stomp on it.

Lin Qiao turned and smilingly pointed at the devastated Hades Base as she said, "Look, we haven't taken care of those enemy's soldiers and those traitors of the base. How can we leave so soon?"

Hearing that, Duan Juan and the others all had their eyes glowed, looking at Lin Qiao expectantly.

From that head on the ground, they learned how powerful Lin Qiao was. As such a powerful being had shown up to help them, it would be much easier for them to enter the base and collect supplies now. Also, judging by what she just said, she probably was planning to…

"Are you saying that… you're going to drive all them away now?" Duan Juan asked uncertainly.

Lin Qiao nodded and said, "Yes. The people who're still in the base now are mostly under Yang Jianhua's command. There are not a lot of them. As he is already dead, regaining the control of that base will be easy."

Duan Juan thought for a moment and felt tempted. But still, she said with hesitation, "But, there's still a level-six superpowered man in the base, and quite a few level-five ones. Apart from them, there're nearly thirty-thousand soldiers. We're just a couple of people. Will we be able to handle them?"

Lin Qiao waved a finger toward her and laughed, "No, no, no, you don't need to deal with those soldiers. They'll do the job." While speaking, she pointed at the isolation area nearby.

Duan Juan and the others glanced at that area, then turned back and looked at Lin Qiao confusedly. They didn't understand her meaning.

"Them? Them? You're not kidding, are you?"

Lin Qiao laughed, "Trust me, I am definitely not kidding."

Duan Juan had always been a calm person. So now, seeing the bewildered look on her face, Lin Qiao wanted very much to laugh. She couldn't help but tease her a little.

Duan Juan somehow detected her teasing tone, and had her face darkened slightly.

"You really don't need to face those soldiers. Later on, a couple of minutes after I leave, you'll find that the guards on the fence wall have disappeared. After that, the gate of the base will open. And then, you can just walk in through the front gate," said Lin Qiao to her.

Before Duan Juan said anything, the young man beside her responded without thinking.

"Through the front gate? Are you blind? Don't you see all those zombies down there? Do you want us to be zombie food?"

"Mu, watch your language," Duan Juan instantly said to the young man.

"I… I just said the truth!" Hearing what Duan Juan said, the young man named Mu turned his face away while murmuring, looked quite unhappy.

"Will you believe me if I told you that I can let you walk through the zombie crowd without getting harmed at all?" Lin Qiao wore a mysterious smile and walked toward the group of people. She slowly paced around each of them, then stood aside and continued, "What do you think? Would you like to play an exciting game? In a minute, you'll watch me approach those zombies, and you'll see if they're gonna attack me or not. You can make your decision after that."

"You can decide whether you want to play that game after I kill those snipers on the fence wall and open the gate."
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