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Zombie Sister Strategy 483 Ambush the Enemy's Motorcade

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Long Qingying and the others agreed to it.

"Okay. We'll go over there to observe them from a shorter distance, then take action before they know." Yun Meng said with a calm voice.

After choosing the strategy, Yun Meng immediately led her team to move toward Long Yubai and his army.

Soon, they approached the enemies and took covers around Long Yubai's army, observing his vehicles and the surrounding geographical features through telescopes. Long Yubai's motorcade was arranged in a special array. Combat vehicles were at the front, rear, and both sides of the motorcade, while the off-road vehicles were at the middle-front, and the trucks were at the middle-rear.

That array made sure that when any situation happened, no matter at the front of the troop or at the rear, the weapons on those combat vehicles would be solving the problem.

At last, Yun Meng and her team ambushed them under a bridge.

Under that twenty meters wide bridge was a river, a branch of Qian River with polluted water. The river wasn't deep, but was wide. To cross the river, Long Yubai and his people had to go over the bridge.

Yun Meng stood on the bridge and abruptly raised her head, then widened her mouth and bared her sharp teeth as she gave a roar.

"Roar!" Her resonant voice spread far. After that, she hopped onto a tree nearby, waiting silently.

The others had each found a place to hide; Long Qingying was right under the bridge.

After Yun Meng gave that roar, the zombies in that area which were scared away by her vibe had all slowly come back. They shambled to the bridge and gathered around it.

"Roar…" Those zombies looked around confusedly. Their faces were covered in black blood stains and dark veins, and their noses, mouths, or eyes were mostly broken. But still, they could make confused looks.

They were summoned to this area, but they didn't know what should they do in this place.

They didn't dare to leave though. They only received the order of coming to this place. Without the order of leaving, they didn't dare to go away.

More and more zombies came to that area and gathered on both sides of the bridge. Soon, the bridge was full of zombies too.



Those zombies swayed around, slowly moving in circles because they sensed the scents of living human beings. That sweet and tempting scent agitated them, disabling them from quieting down.

"Roar!" At that moment, Yun Meng gave another roar.



Hearing that roar, those zombies gradually quieted down and stopped moving. But still, more zombies were gathering to this area. All the zombies within the area three miles in radius came over here without hesitation when they heard Mengmeng's voice.

At that moment, Long Yubai and his people, who were driving to that bridge directly, noticed that the zombies on the road were ignoring them and moving forward.

"What? What happened to these zombies? Why are they running before us?" Long Yubai leaned against the car window and said to Lin Ruifeng with surprise.

Lin Ruifeng had been looking outside with a surprised look as well. Hearing Long Yubai's question, he responded. "I think I just heard a strange noise, a bit like a zombie roar… Is a high-leveled zombie summoning those ordinary zombies?"

"It's possible," Long Yubai nodded.

While they were looking outside, the motorcade kept moving forward. However, the road was getting more and more difficult. All the zombies nearby had shambled to the road. They weren't attacking anyone, but they did block the road.

Consequently, the vehicles at the front gradually slowed down.

At that moment, Lin Ruifeng's walkie-talkie rang. He walked to the driver's seat and picked up the walkie-talkie before putting it near his ear.


"Deputy Chief, a lot of zombies gathered on the road and blocked the way. Should we drive over them?" A man reported about the situation.

"No need to slow down. Put down the crusher and run over them," said Lin Ruifeng blandly.

"Yes, sir!" That man responded quickly on the other side. Next, the armed vehicle at the front of the motorcade suddenly let down a giant shovel, and then the vehicle suddenly accelerated, rushing at the zombie crowd.


Those slow-moving zombies weren't prepared for that, as the vehicle with a shovel created a path in the zombie crowd.

The giant shovel before the vehicle violently pushed all the zombies before it forward. Those zombies which were thrown to the ground immediately got back up and jumped onto that vehicle, even though that high-leveled zombie who summoned them hadn't given any further instructions.

Some zombies rolled under the vehicle, being cut into pieces by the giant shovel. As a result, black blood splashed all over the vehicle.

Those zombies didn't die immediately. Instead, they dragged their broken bodies and kept moving on the ground. As the second vehicle ran over them, they were finally flattened into puddles of sticky flesh.

With those shovel vehicles clearing the way at the front, the motorcade raised its speed.

"Blow them with short-range artillery," said Long Yubai.

Lin Ruifeng turned and gave him a glance, then nodded and said, "Alright!"

After that, he turned back around and spoke in the walkie-talkie, "Blow the zombie crowd. Don't waste time on those stupid things."

"Yes, sir!" The people on the other side of the walkie-talkie responded quickly. Next, the first shovel vehicle kept moving forward and pushing away the zombies while the muzzles on top of the second and the third vehicles turned and pointed at the zombie crowd.

Bang! Following the boom, a cannonball was sent out, exploding hundreds of miles away.

Some zombies were blown up, and the concrete road was dented, not deep enough to affect the road safety though.

Those zombies were blown into pieces; their body pieces fell to the ground, being pushed away by the shovel cars. Yet, the motorcade was slowed down a little. By the time the motorcade got near the bridge, the bridge was already surrounded by a giant number of zombies.

Seeing the motorcade approach, all those zombies turned and pounced on those vehicles. Wave after wave, they popped their claws to attack the motorcade.

"Roarrrrr!" Zombies rushed at the motorcade, but the guns and cannons on those combat vehicles fired together, putting down a batch of zombies.

The surviving zombies landed on those vehicles, scratching and crazily banging the windows.

"Roarrrr!" Meanwhile, more zombies rushed up like a tide.
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