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The squad leader brought his boss' words to Huang Tianfei and told him that they would start moving soon. The latter seemed to have seen that coming. He nodded in agreement, but then started writing again.

'I'm having difficulties in moving now… I may need your help.'

The squad leader glanced at him, then nodded, "No problem." After that, he turned to the few soldiers and said, "Get him onto the car first."

"Yes, sir!" Two of those soldiers immediately helped Huang Tianfei up, then carried him out of the room.

Before long, Long Yubai's motorcade started moving toward the city.

In Upper City Base, Wu Chengyue was listening to Xiao Licheng's report.

"Huang Tianfei? Who's that?"

"I heard that he came earlier with the second batch of workers. He lied about his power level. He's actually a level-five. He made some troubles since he got here. Also, he seems to be in some complicated kind of relationship with that um… that lady on Miss. Lu's side, named Liu Jun. When those two saw each other, they directly started a fight."

Xiao Licheng told Wu Chengyue all that he had found out. He knew that Liu Jun was a zombie. While mentioning her, he almost directly called her zombie. However, he had a second thought and felt that it would sound impolite, so he changed his words.

"Ah… I guess he was here to earn the easy money. The work isn't hard, but the workers are provided with food, accommodation, and will be paid with rice. I think he was here for the rice," Wu Chengyue nodded, thinking about why Huang Tianfei came here.

Xiao Licheng nodded and said, "I think you're right. The little boy on Miss. Lu's side is probably his son. That day, he attempted to take the boy away once he saw him, but Miss. Lu stopped him."

"His son? Why is the boy out there with a group of zombies if he's his son?" Wu Chengyue's faint smile faded from his face as he asked expressionlessly. He had looked into all the people and zombies around Lin Qiao. Therefore, he knew that Liu Jun was a zombie, and she was that boy's mother.

He was surprised to know that the boy had been living together with those zombies. Seeing that boy in such a good condition, he started to feel that those zombies were special, especially the one that his daughters liked.

Indeed, it was Ling Ling who liked her, not him.

"Ah, I'm not sure about that. To Liu Jun, that boy is even more important than her own life even though she has become a zombie. Since she met Miss. Lu, the boy had been living with them. Huang Tianfei joined our base a couple of months ago. Before that, he was a resident of Hades Base. For some reason, he suddenly ran to our base with his wife and son. However, he abandoned his wife and son out there on his way, letting them face all those zombies alone."

While telling that story, Xiao Licheng got angry.

What kind of man was he? He was nothing but a scum! How could he abandon his wife and son but run away alone?

Wu Chengyue nodded.

He had a precious girl, so he deeply understood what being a parent might feel like. He would never abandon Ling Ling unless he died… He just couldn't do it. He would even give up the whole base for that little girl.

So, he hated the men like Huang Tianfei who abandoned their wives and children even more than Xiao Licheng, who hadn't even married yet.

"Then what?"

"Ah," Xiao Licheng continued, "He tried to take the boy away right in front of Liu Jun, who surely wouldn't let him. They argued at first, then Huang Tianfei attacked her. He was even gonna hit the boy, but Qiu Lili stopped him… After that, he insulted Qiu Lili. You know Qiu Lili… She's a zombie queen. Huang Tianfei insulted her, so without a doubt, he didn't end well. Qiu Lili cut his mouth."

"Good job! If I were her, I'd have cut off his balls," said Wu Chengyue with a smile.

"Chief, watch your language! There is a child!" Xiao Licheng looked at him and reminded him. After saying that, he glanced at Wu Yueling who was playing alone beside him.

"Okay…" Wu Chengyue responded.

After that, Xiao Licheng kept talking, "Then, Huang Tianfei released his power. But, he was defeated very soon. After that, Du Yuanxing threw him out of the base and left them there. I thought he wouldn't be able to survive or even make his way back to Sea City Base so easily. Unexpectedly, Long Yubai's people found him."

"Long Yubai seems to be quite lucky. He actually found someone who can guide them here. Let's see if Huang Tianfei has the guts to come back here with Long Yubai or not. If he really came back, Licheng, find a way to take care of him," said Wu Chengyue blandly while rubbing his chin.

"Yes, sir!" Xiao Licheng nodded.

"Have you informed Yuan Tianxing and his people about this yet?" Wu Chengyue asked.

Xiao Licheng nodded and said, "Yes. I have warned them."

Wu Chengyue stood up and held Ling Ling's hands as he walked outside. "Ling Ling, let's go. Let's take you to play with your little friends," he said.

Ling Ling looked at him confusedly. Hearing her father talk about taking her to play with her little friends, she didn't look happy. But, she wasn't unhappy either, and only followed her father out expressionlessly. Meanwhile, Xiao Licheng followed behind them as well.

In an office on the second floor, Yuan Tianxing, Lin Feng and Chen Yuting were sitting and talking about what Xiao Licheng had just told them.

"Yang Jianhua has just left, and now Long Yubai has arrived. They really don't plan to give us a break," said Lin Feng with a cold face. Yuan Tianxing didn't say anything, but the look on his face was sullen too.

Unlike them, Chen Yuting asked curiously, "I haven't asked you about the situation of your old base yet. So, Long Yubai is the leader of Earth Dragon Base. Why did he come all the way here to look for you?"

"God knows!" said Lin Feng.

"I don't think we're the real reason why he came here. We're not his main target," Yuan Tianxing thought for a moment and then said.

As Long Yubai's old enemies, Yuan Tianxing and Lin Qiao knew about Earth Dragon Base's strength, and Long Yubai and his few vice-leaders.

Long Yubai was a discontented person. What he did to Hades Base was just a start.

Hades Base was equally strong as his Earth Dragon Base, and was close to his base. Therefore, he chose Hades Base to be his first target.

As a result, Hades Base was broken easily. That fact made Long Yubai start casting his greedy eyes on the other bases. He was a scheming man; he wasn't broad-minded, but was patient indeed.

He had enough patience to get what he wanted. He was like a poisonous snake, waiting for its targets to come closer.
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