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The snake which was ready to have a snack watched Lin Qiao carry the bucket away with confusion. Then, it got unhappy and wriggled its body before darting at Lin Qiao.

'You can take the food, but not the water! Leave the water!'

While carrying the bucket away, Lin Qiao had still been paying attention to the battle which was happening outside.

The snake rushed up to her, then turned and blocked her way. It didn't dare attack Lin Qiao, as it couldn't possibly win against her. It was also afraid that she might kill it if it attacked.

So, the snake stopped Lin Qiao with an aggressive manner, but had no guts to do anything to her. It simply barred her road. When she moved to the left, it followed to the left; and when she moved to the right, it followed to the right.

Lin Qiao didn't know what the snake wanted. As the snake refused to let her go, she took the baby tiger out of the bucket, then put the bucket on the ground. After that, she made a few steps backward and kept herself about two meters away from the bucket.

She wanted to know if the snake was going after the bucket or the baby tiger in her hand.

As a result, the snake crawled to the bucket. The water in the bucket had already been dyed red by the little tiger's blood. The snake sniffed around the bucket, then suddenly lowered its head and pushed one side of the bucket.

The bucket was overturned by the snake, and the water poured out.

While observing the snake's movements, Lin Qiao kept watching the battle outside.

The ice tiger had already picked up a life-threatening fight against the crocodile. Maybe because of its ice power, it was able to move freely again.

The tiger sprung up nimbly and pounced on the crocodile. In the air, it let out a wave of ice blades toward its enemy. Countless two-feet-wide, twenty-centimeters-long ice blades swished toward the crocodile.

The crocodile had a strong skin. Over a hundred ice blades fell against its skin and shattered into pieces without doing any harm to it.

Seeing its attack deliver no effect at all, the ice tiger uttered a wrathful roar.


The crocodile only slightly moved its feet to free its forepaws from the thin layer of ice.

Lin Qiao wasn't going help any side of this battle. But earlier on, she automatically saved the baby tiger as she couldn't bear watching it die in the crocodile's mouth.

She sighed silently, then found a cloth that belonged to no one. With that, she wrapped the baby tiger up and put it on a carpet in the small building. Then, she poured a cup of lake water into the tiger's mouth.

After that, she flashed out of her space. She knew that the snake wouldn't enter the small building, so the baby tiger was safe there.

After Lin Qiao left, Qiu Lili came downstairs. She came down to find out what Lin Qiao was doing here, but as a result, she saw the little tiger lying on the carpet, seeming to be on its last gasp. By that time, Lin Qiao had already disappeared again.

Lin Qiao came out and glanced at the boa which was sneakily approaching the dead tiger when the ice tiger and the crocodile were fighting each other.

She felt a little strange about it. Snakes never ate dead animals, so why was that boa crawling toward the dead tiger?

The ice tiger which was attacking the crocodile sensed the boa's movement. Thus, it immediately turned back and gave the boa a roar.


While roaring, it quickly glanced at the crocodile, then jumped on the boa and successfully stopped it from getting any closer.

Lin Qiao watched the tiger confusedly.

She didn't understand why the ice tiger was still guarding the dead tiger's body, neither could she guess the relationship between those two tigers.

The boa completely ignored the ice tiger's attack because it had strong scales. The ice tiger's ice blades barely did any harm to the boa.

"Roar!" The ice tiger seemed to have been driven mad. It roared ragingly, then abruptly let out a cloud of ice mist toward the boa.

The ice mist spread fast. The boa was close to the tiger, so a big half of its body was shrouded by it.

Soon after that, the boa's body began turning into ice, starting from its scales.

The ice tiger fleetingly rushed to the boa. It jumped onto its body which was temporally frozen, and smacked the boa with both forepaws.

Crack! A piece of the boa's body was shattered by the tiger's paws and fell off.

The boa's lower body wasn't frozen. At that point, it was intensely wriggling its lower body and loudly slapping its tail.

Clearly, the ice tiger hated the boa's guts. After the first strike, the tiger kept smashing the boa, even creating a couple of holes on its body.

The boa's flesh and blood were seen when its body was shattered. However, no blood was shed, maybe because it was frozen.

While slapping the frozen boa violently, the tiger also bit it from time to time. Every time, its teeth would tear off a piece of the boa and chew it into shreds.

Right at that moment, a giant mouth suddenly reached over from the other side and swiftly attacked the ice tiger.

The ice tiger reacted amazingly fast. It leaped to the side and dodged the crocodile. However, the crocodile didn't go after the tiger, but quickly went to the boa.

It crawled to the boa's side and raised a claw to smack it. Its movement was actually the same as what the ice tiger did just now, but the effect was way different.

Following a series of thuds, the boa's upper body, including its neck, was broken by the crocodile. More specifically, that part of the boa's body shattered into pieces.

The crocodile might have no interest in the dead tiger. It broke off the boa's upper body, then started moving toward its lower body and biting the unfrozen part.

The crocodile made the first bite, then pressed the frozen part of the boa with both paws, trying to pull off the unfrozen half of the boa. It tried for a few times but found that was a pretty difficult job. So, the crocodile held the boa in its mouth and slowly dragged it away.

The ice tiger which wasn't able to defeat the crocodile was left in the woods.

One of the three parties in this tangled battle died, and another one left. Lin Qiao silently gave a glance to the ice tiger which was still guarding the dead tiger's body.

The ice tiger sensed that threats were gone, but it still maintained its current look without showing a sign to turn back.

Lin Qiao sighed. She was planning to help, but the situation had changed, and her help was no longer needed. So now, she figured that she needed to give the baby tiger back to the adult tiger.

She flashed into her space and saw Qiu Lili squatting beside the wet baby tiger and looking at it.

As Lin Qiao came in, she raised her head and asked, "Where is this baby tiger from? Poor little thing… It's injured so badly! Its internal organs are punctured, and a few of its ribs are broken. It would be dead if it didn't run into you, wouldn't it?"

In Qiu Lili's eyes, the baby tiger's life was secured because Lin Qiao was here. However, its injuries might need some time to heal.

Lin Qiao responded, "Ah, it's from Hangzhou Zoo. We're in the zoo now. It was bitten by a crocodile."

While speaking, she picked up the baby tiger, prepared to bring it out.
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