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The zombie boy quickly emptied his cup, then handed it to Lin Qiao again.

Lin Qiao directly put the stainless kettle in his hand and said, "Alright, take it, take it… Drink slowly! Don't forget to give it back to me tomorrow."

The zombie boy took over the kettle and gave an obvious pause. After hearing what Lin Qiao said, he quickly nodded at her.

Lin Qiao waved at him and said, "Go… Guard this area well! Don't let strangers come in."

She prepared to tell the zombie boy to move aside and then drive into the site of the new base.

After hearing her words, the zombie boy suddenly thought of something and gave her a roar.

"Roar!" 'Some people came recently…'

Lin Qiao paused while staring the car, then turned to the zombie boy and asked, "Who were they?"

"Roar…" 'I don't know. I didn't let them in. They didn't seem to want to fight, so I let them leave.'

Lin Qiao put her elbow on the car window and scratched her chin while thinking.

Who were those people? They might be from a zombie-hunting squad. However, this place was a zombie city, which was filled with zombies. A normal zombie-hunting squad wouldn't visit this place, as it was dangerous and far.

"Roar, roar…" 'They wandered around at first. I don't know what they were doing.' Said the zombie boy.

Lin Qiao nodded and said, "Alright, I get it."

The zombie boy held the kettle and leaped onto a tree nearby, then disappeared into the leaves without a trace. Meanwhile, Lin Qiao drove the car into the new base site.

As Lin Qiao drove in, a zombie roar was heard. Following that, the zombies which had run away came back out from the surrounding allies, crowding together again.

Lin Qiao drove for another mile, then arrived at the road before Victoria Hotel.

The creatures in the hotel had heard the noise of Lin Qiao's car before she arrived at the hotel. So soon enough, some figures appeared beside her car, but didn't stop her.

Lin Qiao was driving an armed vehicle which belonged to Yang Jianhua. She was able to look outside through the windshield, but people on the outside couldn't look inside.

Fortunately, the people in the hotel were quite familiar with those armed vehicles that Lin Qiao stole from Yang Jianhua. Seeing that vehicle, they guessed that Lin Qiao was inside.

Lin Qiao parked the car before the hotel, then opened the door and got out. A few people walked out from the lobby, looking at her happily.

"Qiaoqiao!" A white figure jumped down toward her from the roof, then landed gently on the ground with her silk-like long twin-tails fluttering in the air. Lin Qiao didn't dodge Qiu Lili's huge hug and just stood there, letting the latter pounce on her and put her arms around her.

"Roar!" An unhappy roar was heard from the roof.

Lin Qiao raised her head and found Mengmeng looking at her with discontentment.

"Qiaoqiao, you're so slow! What took you so long?" After giving Lin Qiao a hug, Qiu Lili freed her, then held one of her arms and asked.

Lin Qiao glanced at her confusedly and said, "Why didn't I realize earlier that you like to stay around me so much? It has only been about ten days. That's not a long time, is it?"

"Hm," Qiu Lili pouted to complain, "This place is no fun without you." After that, she curiously looked at Lin Qiao's hair and said, "Eh? Your hair grew long within just ten days, and you've upgraded again! Your vibe has also changed."

After saying that, she put her face near one side of Lin Qiao's neck to sniff at her, then narrowed her eyes and said intoxicatedly, "Em, you smell so nice!"

Qiu Lili had been around Lin Qiao for long, so she was used to the improving rate of the latter's power and the quick changes of her body. However, the others all looked at Lin Qiao's hair with surprise.

"Eh? Where did you find this wig? It's well-made, looking exactly like real hair!" Liu Jun walked out of the hotel and stood behind Cheng Wangxue as she asked with curiosity.

The others also wanted to ask the same question.

"Wig? No, these are real hair," Qiu Lili said while pulling Lin Qiao's hair.

The others all wore a shocked face when they heard that. "Eh? Real hair? Not a wig? How can it be possible? It has only been ten days! Were you injected with a hair-growing hormone or something?" said someone.

Lin Qiao walked into the gate of the hotel, then responded while heading toward the lobby, "I'm not injected with any hormone. I just repaired my body."

While speaking, she unwittingly touched her belly.

"You upgraded again! Honestly, are you already at level-six… or even seven?" Lin Feng walked over and asked her.

Lin Qiao glanced at him and laughed, "About that… Lili, what do you think?"

She suddenly threw the question to Qiu Lili, who was at the highest level among all who were on the scene.

Qiu Lili was fiddling with her own hair. Hearing Lin Qiao's voice, she looked at her from head to toe, then responded, "Well in fact, I can't sense your level either. But, your vibe is already suppressing mine. Are you at a higher level than I am already?"

Lin Qiao shook her head and said, "Actually, my level isn't as high as yours. I'm not sure about my current power yet. I'll have to give it a try to find out."

"You've been upgrading crazily fast as if you're cheating," said Qiu Lili.

Lin Qiao smiled and said, "I am cheating indeed. If I didn't cheat, would you be able to talk?"

She had Viney, who had been helping her cheat.

She walked to a couch, then abruptly turned to look at Chen Yuting and said, "Your wife is ready to come out. Wait a second!"

After saying that, she suddenly disappeared in front of everyone else.

Hearing that, Chen Yuting became a little excited. He popped his eyes and stared at where Lin Qiao disappeared.

"See, I told you that she'll be fine. Maybe she still remembers you," said Lin Feng to him.

The others all knew what had his wife been though. They wanted to comfort him at that moment, but were worried that they might end up saying the wrong words.

In less than two seconds, Lin Qiao showed up with another female.

"Jen!" Chen Yuting shouted out loud at the sight of Shen Yujen, who was standing beside Lin Qiao, looking perfectly unharmed.

After that, he couldn't help but quickly walk up to her, holding her hands as he asked, "Jen, do you… know who I am?"

Shen Yujen looked at the others, then nodded at Chen Yuting.

"Great! You remember me!" Chen Yuting held her in his arms.

Shen Yujen was able to sense his emotions, but could do nothing except hold him silently.

She wasn't able to cry or talk.

Some of the others were pretty jealous of the two love birds. "Your Jen is now… a…" said one of them.

They were quite curious about Shen Yujen's current condition, especially because she looked normal. Her eyes weren't black, and no part of her body seemed to have changed.

Chen Yuting paused for a second, then abruptly loosened his embrace and looked at her face.

"Don't worry! She has indeed turned into a zombie, but she still has her memories. She remembers what happened before," said Lin Qiao.
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