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Du Yuanxing murmured, "We have around four-hundred people now. I think that's already a lot… We're only going to build a fence wall. That doesn't need too many people, does it?"

Yuan Tianxing smiled faintly as he gave him a glance and said, "Don't we need to clean up the buildings inside the fence wall? Don't we need to tidy those rooms? Don't we have to clear the roads?"

Hearing that, Du Yuanxing immediately turned a little upset as he realized that a huge clean-up work was needed to be done. "Ugh… You're right! We also need to clear the road and clean the buildings for people to live in. Wow, there are so many abandoned cars on those roads. If only those zombies could remove the trash for us."

"That's a good idea," said Long Qingying, "But, you have to ask Miss. Lu or Qiu Lili for help."

Hearing her say that he'd have to talk to Lin Qiao or Qiu Lili, who was also a terrifying zombie, Du Yuanxing quickly shook his head and said, "No, no, I think we can clean the road by ourselves real quick."

Lin Wenwen rolled her eyes and said, "At least you don't need to worry that some zombies might jump on you while you're working. Don't be ungrateful!"

The others all nodded; she was right. Before, when building a base, half of the people needed to guard the construction site to prevent sudden zombie attacks so that the other half could focus on working.

At that time, everyone had different feelings from what they had now. Most of the people were scared, despairing, panicked, and helpless.

By now, all the survivors had gotten used to the environment after the apocalypse, and were even familiar with zombies. It had been five years. Anyhow, they should have adapted already.

"Du, you stay here to continue the recruitment. I'll leave Junjie and Wenxing here to help you," Yuan Tianxing made the decision, "The rest of us will stay for another day. If Miss. Lu doesn't show up tomorrow, we'll leave at four in the afternoon. We should be able to arrive there by six."

The others all nodded in agreement.

On the other side, Wu Chengyue went back to the base center, wearing a sports suit. Wu Yueling was carried in his arms. He didn't say anything on the way back, only maintaining that faint smile on the corners of his mouth. However, Meng Yue, who had been paying attention to him, found that he was absent-minded the whole time.

"Chengyue, you spent there an entire night. Are you really fine?" Meng Yue asked while following him home.

Moli also lived in the base center. Wu Chengyue had accommodated her in a nearby building, and sent two level-five superpowered people to be her bodyguard. She had a great reaction capacity, and was able to protect herself to a certain degree. So, as long as she didn't encounter level six or seven enemies, she would be safe.

Hearing Meng Yue's question, Wu Chengyue walked to a couch and put Wu Yueling down.

He made his daughter sit on the couch, then raised his head to say to Meng Yue, "Something did happen… But, I'm afraid that you might not be able to accept it if I told you. Yue, in the past five years, I've been seeing you as a good friend or my little sister. I think you know that."

He then erased that smile on his face and said to Meng Yue seriously, "Sit down, let's talk."

Looking at his face and hearing his words, Meng Yue suddenly had a very bad feeling. She even had an impulse to turn and leave. However, she still obediently sat on another couch and looked on at Wu Chengyue, waiting for him to continue.

Wu Chengyue thought for a moment, then said to her, "You've been working for me all these years. You're very capable, and I like capable people. In front of the others, we are leader and subordinate, and at home, we are friends. I've been taking care of you because you're like my little sister. I wish that you can find a good man to spend the rest of your life with."

Hearing that, Meng Yue panicked. "Chengyue, please stop…" she said abruptly.

However, Wu Chengyue didn't plan to stop. Instead, he continued, "I don't know when you suddenly fell in love with me. That's not your fault. It's my fault, because I can't respond to the special feeling of yours, just like you can't respond to what Yunlong has toward you. I believe you can understand me."

He believed so, because they were in about the same situation.

Meng Yue had always been a composed woman. But at that moment, she abruptly stood up and stuttered, "Chenyue, I haven't made the dinner… I'm going to make the dinner…"

"Sit down… let me finish," said Wu Chengyue."

"No, I don't want to hear it!" Meng Yue shook her head as she looked at him and said.

Wu Chengyue sighed, "Sit down. I need to say this to you, sooner or later… Please!"

Meng Yue stared at him and paused for a moment, then slowly sat down. Her face was wearing a bitter look, and her brain was occupied by disordered thoughts.

Why did he suddenly say those words to her? He never gave her any chance, and had been keeping a distance from her, intentionally or not. To avoid awkward situations, the two of them and Xiao Yunlong had been living here together.

However, she never thought about giving up. She believed that one day, Wu Chengyue would realize how much she loved him, and slowly accept her.

But now, he was making it clear. He was saying all those words to reject her.

Meng Yue couldn't accept it. She didn't want to hear Wu Chengyue reject her. She didn't want to hear it! Nevertheless, she didn't dare to disobey him, because she was worried that he might dislike her because of that.

Seeing the look on her face, Wu Chengyue sighed silently. He had to tell her how he had been feeling, because if he didn't, she would have more and more hopes, and things would become complicated.

He rubbed Wu Yueling's hair, then said, "Like you said last time, I should find Ling Ling a mother. I have already started to think about that. You're not a little girl anymore. Don't waste all your time on me. If you really don't want to accept Yunlong, think about the others."

Meng Yue popped her eyes to gaze at him. When she heard what he said, she couldn't help but choke up, with her eyes turned red. The sadness suddenly rose from her heart, making her want to burst into tears.

Once again, she abruptly stood up. This time, she didn't say anything but turned and ran upstairs, rushing into her room.

Looking at her back, Wu Chengyue sighed again. "Daddy made Aunty Yue cry," he said to Wu Yueling, "What should I do? We have nothing to eat for dinner."

After the apocalypse, everyone thought that he was married, because he had Ling Ling. But in fact, he had never married. Even before the old world ended, he was still single.

He was a good-looking base leader, so without question, a lot of women fancied him. However, as a picky man, he wouldn't even touch the women that he didn't like.

Therefore, he had been fulfilling his sexual needs with his own hand.
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