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Zombie Sister Strategy 357 Unknown People Have Crept In

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"Em… If Shen Yujen was taken out of the base before she turned into a zombie, what happened last night had nothing to do with Chief Wu" Zou Shihui said, "As the victim's husband, Chen Yuting had the right to bring her out instead of letting her stay in the base to hurt the others."

Zou Shihui wasn't trying to help Wu Chengyue. Instead, he was telling the truth. Wu Chengyue was on the right side, so Yang Chao's question didn't affect him.

That was why Yang Chao's words only embarrassed himself.

After thinking for a moment, Yang Chao said with a grim look, "My security measures are fine. There must be someone who sneakily brought the zombie in and a zombie beast. Your people and some foreigners have been coming in and out of the base these days, so I have the right to suspect you."

Wu Chengyue looked at him and said, "Chief Yang, you need to provide evidence when saying something like that. Or, you're just smearing me."

"I will find the evidence and capture that female zombie," Yang Chao snorted coldly.

Zou Shihui glanced at the two of them. As Yang Chao had temporarily stopped talking, he said, "Now, we'll talk the second thing. The reason why Piao Gecang went to the research institute after being bitten by the zombie is yet to be determined. However, he did come into conflict with Liang Dashu and Moli, who were both researchers. At last, an explosion happened in the laboratory. Now, one of the victims, Moli, will tell us about what happened back then."

Wu Chengyue turned back to nod at Moli, and then the latter stood up and walked out. She walked to the empty space before the conference table, where a chair was placed.

She sat on the chair, then straightened her waist and looked ahead as she started talking expressionlessly, "Last night, at twenty to ten, Doctor Liang and I were working in the underground laboratory. Piao Gecang suddenly rushed in. His face was pale, and he looked frenzied. Neither Doctor Liang nor I knew what had happened at that time, so we didn't set up a defense against him. He seized an opportunity to hold me hostage and threaten Doctor Liang to give him the cure of the zombie virus. However, we haven't developed any cure for the zombie virus, so we weren't able to respond to Piao Gecang's demand."

She paused for a moment, then continued, "But, I grasped a chance to throw him away with my combat skill when he was getting emotional and paying less attention to me. That's how I freed myself out of his control. At that very moment, a powerful metal-powered stranger showed up, quickly killing Piao Gecang, who was under the attack of the zombie virus. As he prepared to kill Doctor Liang and me, the doctor detonated the grenade which was carried with him to protect the important research data and me, then died in the explosion."

Both Moli's expression and tone of speaking was calm, but her eyes turned misty. However, she blinked hard and quickly stopped her tears.

"That's what happened last night before the explosion," she said.

While reading the files in his hand, Zou Shihui asked her, "Do you know which level that metal-powered stranger is at?"

"My spirit power is at the middle stage of level-five, so it's ineffective on the ones at the middle stage of level-six and above. Last night, I tried to attack him, but then found that he made no response to my attack at all. Based on that fact, I roughly concluded that he's at the top of level-six, or has already stepped into level-seven."

Except for Wu Chengyue and the others who had already known about that, and Yang Chao who had been holding secrets, the others all had their expressions changed upon hearing Moli's words, especially Zou Shihui.

Zou Shihui paused shortly, then raised his head to look at Moli in the eyes and said, "Are you saying that person is at or nearly at level-seven?"

That was a serious matter. Someone who was nearly as powerful as the three base leaders was hiding in their base, and had killed a researcher. Clearly, this person was here with no good intentions.

What purpose did that person have? How did he enter the base?

"Yes," Moli nodded and responded certainly. After hearing that, Zou Shihui turned to nod at Wu Chengyue with a grim look.

Wu Chengyue looked at Moli and nodded at her, who quickly stood up from the chair, then walked back to her seat behind Wu Chengyue.

Zou Shihui then looked at Yang Chao and Wu Chengyue as he said, So, that metal-powered man is responsible for the death of both the researcher, Liang Dashu, and Piao Gecang. Where is this metal-powered man now? What purpose does he have? What does he want to do in our base?"

Wu Chengyue put his crossed fingers before his chin and said, "By far, no one knows what he is up to. We have to find him and ask him."

"Since he's a level-six or seven powerful being, he can easily enter the base if he wanted to. But now, he is hidden somewhere, and it's difficult for us to find him. Now, the most important thing is to find that female zombie and that zombie beast, and the one who let them in!" said Yang Chao with a cold voice.

With those words, he seemed to be trying to change the topic and divert people's attention.

"Zombie beast? Chief Yang, you've mentioned a zombie beast earlier too. What made you believe that there's a zombie beast in the base?" Zou Shihui looked at Yang Chao and asked confusedly.

"Carry it in," Yang Chao said to the Deputy Chief by his side.

His Deputy Chief immediately stood up and uneasily glanced at Yang Chao, then turned and left.

The people in the conference hall watched him leave. Not long after that, he came back in. A few people followed behind him, carrying an object which was covered in white cloth.

The white cloth was heavily stained by blood. That object had the shape of the human body.

The four people put the object on the ground, then one of them lifted the cloth.

As people thought, they saw a bloody female corpse, with half a head and an arm missing.

The people on the scene showed two different types of expressions when seeing the corpse. The ones who often left the base for missions stayed calmed and composed upon seeing that corpse, while those technicians who had spent five years under the base's protection, and never went out to see corpses and zombies, had their faces paled the moment they saw the bloody corpse. They were both shocked and slightly frightened.

Yang Chao pointed at that corpse and said, "You may not be able to recognize this victim, who has half a head and an arm missing. But I believe, many of you used to know her. She was my sister, Yang Yan. Last night, about nine o'clock, she suddenly disappeared for a few minutes. When she was found again, she had already become like this."

Hearing Yang Chao's words, people's expressions changed once again, becoming a little weird this time. Some people were even silently happy about Yang Yan's death.
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