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Lin Wenwen and Long Qingying tried to imagine the current Lu Tianyu wearing really thick makeup, walking in front of them in a miniskirt, and her taking the pleasure underneath men with exaggerated expressions. Soon, they both couldn't help but shake their heads, feeling that something strange had gotten into their minds.

"So, are you still going out to ask around?" asked Du Yuanxing.

Lin Wenwen shook her head and said, "You've told me all. Why would I still go out? Let's head back. I already have the answer I wanted."

"What answer?" Du Yuanxing and Long Qingying looked at her confusedly.

Lin Wenwen gave a mysterious smile, then said, "You'll soon find out. Let's go back." Before Long, Yuan Tianxing, who had been standing behind the window and waiting to watch the three leave the residential area, heard the door open.

He turned to the look at the three who came back after leaving for less than ten minutes.

"Eh? Aren't you going out? Why did you come back?" he asked with surprise.

"We're not going anymore," Lin Wenwen smiled. After saying that, she went back into her bedroom, leaving Yuan Tianxing staring at the other two bewilderedly.

Long Qingying also went back into the bedroom. She closed the door, then looked at Lin Wenwen and asked her, "Why do you want to know about Miss. Lu? And earlier on, you and Deputy Chief mentioned our Chief. Does this have something to do with her? Have you found something?"

Lin Wenwen leaned against the window and slightly raised her head to look at the clouds outside. She was wearing a relaxed smile, as if she was relieved about something.

Hearing Long Qingying's question, Lin Wenwen turned back and smiled at her, "Maybe I have. Perhaps, you'll know when the time comes."

She didn't tell Long Qingying about what she had just confirmed.

As she refused to tell, Long Qingying didn't ask any further questions, but looked at her with a meaningful expression and said, "I didn't think that Miss. Lu used to be that kind of person. She's completely different from the person that Du Yuanxing just told us about. Could he be wrong?"

Lin Wenwen turned around and looked at her as she said, "I don't think so. If he even couldn't get these things right, he should quit."

Long Qingying thought for a moment, then replied, "You're right though. But, did Miss. Lu really… do those things?"

"Maybe," Lin Wenwen looked at her and said. 'Because that was the old her, and not the current her.'

A person died, then woke up as a zombie which had memories and a soul. Also, her personality and behavior had changed, which made her like a different being. If she hadn't been pretending, she must have become another being.

There were plenty of ways for someone to become a different person. When a person spent too much time pretending to be someone else, he or she might forget about his or her true nature; the influences came from other people, and spirit stimulations such as hypnotherapy could also change a person.

The third way was the change of soul. A person would become someone else when his or her soul was replaced.

Even zombies were talking now. What could be impossible?

For now, Lin Wenwen only believed in the third possibility—Lu Tianyu's soul had been replaced by her sister, Lin Qiao's.

Otherwise, why would she come all the way to save and help the Lin Family people, whom she wasn't supposed to know? And, why did she use cooperation as an excuse to build them a new base, and ordered those high-leveled zombies to protect them?

Lin Wenwen also believed that no other people could have the same presence, habits, and talking style as her sister did.

Lin Wenwen now felt that her sister had come back. She only suspected about this before, but after hearing Du Yuanxing's words, she had confirmed her guess.

Suddenly, Long Qingying stared at her confusedly and asked, "Wenwen, why are you crying?"

Lin Wenwen came back to her senses and wiped her face, finding it to be wet.

"Nothing. I was just thinking about something." She wiped her face again and smiled. However, Long Qingying still looked at her suspiciously.

Lin Wenwen seemed to have relieved and calmed down. She smiled faintly and said, "Why are you looking at me? I'm thinking that maybe we should leave. I wonder if Miss. Lu has watched enough of the show."

"Where to?" said Long Qingying.

Lin Wenwen responded with, "To our own place. This place belongs to other people. It's unsettling to stay here, as we always need to be extra careful."

Long Qingying looked at her, then nodded and said, "So, you should stay here and not go anywhere else."

Lin Wenwen glanced at her and replied, "I don't plan too."

"Good then!" Long Qingying nodded.

On the other side, Lin Qiao, who was watching a show according to Lin Wenwen, was now in a super huge conference hall in an administration building in the central area. The tables in the conference hall are arranged in a door shape, three rows with three distinct groups of people sitting in three directions.

Wu Chengyue was sitting in the middle. Xiao Yunlong, Meng Yue, Moli, Xiao Licheng and his other subordinates were sitting behind him. On the left was Yang Chao and a level-six Deputy Chief. The seat by his left side was empty. Zou Shihui was sitting on the right; he looked about the same age as Wu Chengyue. Among the three base leaders, he was neither the youngest nor the oldest.

Wu Chengyue was the youngest one among the three, but was also the most powerful one. Behind him were one level-six vice-leader, Chen Yuting as the reserve Deputy Chief, Moli, Meng Yue, Xiao Licheng, and about twenty other level-five superpowered ones. In terms of military power, neither Yang Chao nor Zou Shihui could match him.

Yang Chao had two level-six men under his command. The dead Piao Gecang was never a capable subordinate, and he had recently gotten himself killed. Currently, Yang Chao only had one level-six subordinate left, and less than ten level-five subordinates.

One elderly man and a lady were sitting by Zou Shihui's sides, both at level-six.

The lady was Yan Fangyu, the goddess of this base; and the gray-haired old man had a wrinkled face, wearing a thick pair of presbyopic glasses.

Sitting behind Zou Shihui were Lu Tianyi and Kong Qingming. Kong Qingming was wearing a green army suit while Lu Tianyi was in a white robe, looking like a researcher.

All base leaders and vice-leaders on the scene were wearing black army suit. The people at level-five or below were in green army suits or other types of uniforms. Including superpowered administrators and technicians from all three sides, about forty people were sitting in this conference hall.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the conference hall was a little depressing. Except for those leaders and vice-leaders, all the others had their heads slightly lowered, hardly daring to breathe.

The people on Yang Chao's side all looked a little unconfident and panicked.
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