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Du Yuanxing caught up with the two girls and asked, "What do you want to find out?"

Lin Wenwen was walking before him. She didn't answer his question, but asked another one, "Du Yuanxing, do you know who in this base have contact with Miss. Lu?"

Du Yuanxing was puzzled for a moment, then stopped walking and asked with surprise, "Eh? Do you plan to ask around about Miss. Lu?"

Long Qingying also looked at her while saying, "Based on what you said earlier, does Miss. Lu have something to do with Chief?"

Lin Wenwen nodded and said uncertainly, "I have some thoughts and guesses, all of which need to be confirmed."

"Why don't you just ask her? Why ask around behind her back?" said Long Qingying with confusion.

Lin Wenwen shook her head and said, "She won't tell. Otherwise, she wouldn't get close to us with her current identity."

Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing confusedly glanced at each other, without understanding Lin Wenwen's meaning.

What identity? Did she have other identities?

Long Qingying abruptly looked around, then said with a weird look, "Do you think she might be following right behind us now? She always shows up suddenly and then disappears. And now, we're talking about her…"

Lin Wenwen responded with a calm look, "She isn't here. I think she's now watching the show which is being staged by the important people in this base. She loves doing these kinds of things. Isn't Chief Wu preparing to start some disturbance?"

Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing looked at her bewilderedly and asked in one voice, "How do you know?"

Lin Wenwen shrugged and said, "I guessed." While speaking, she turned and prepared to keep walking.

At that point, Du Yuanxing finally couldn't hold it back anymore, "Um… If you only want to know about Miss. Lu, I actually know it all. You don't need to ask around. If you really want to know, I can tell you."

Lin Wenwen stopped walking, then turned back and gazed at him with surprise as she asked, "You know? Really?"

Du Yuanxing nodded and replied, "In fact, she's pretty famous…"

Lin Wenwen walked up to him, eagerly holding his arm and going downstairs. After that, she paused to look around, then dragged him to besides a window in a corner.

"Why didn't you say it earlier? Who is she? What have you heard about her?"

Long Qingying came down and stood beside Lin Wenwen, also looking at Du Yuanxing with curiosity.

Du Yuanxing glanced around to confirm that no one else was here. After that, he said, "Eh… She's quite well-known, but her reputation isn't good."

"Why? Is there a reason?" asked Lin Wenwen curiously.

"Eh, I heard that she used to be a commoner," said Du Yuanxing, "She relied on men and survived by using her beauty and body. Also, she was evil, and admired vanity. People said that she has done many bad deeds. After becoming Yang Chao's lover, she did lots of bad things in this base, and pissed many people, off also causing Yang Chao tons of troubles. Therefore, Yang Chao dumped her, maybe because he was tired of her or because she was too old for him."

Lin Wenwen and Long Qingying made eye contact in shock. They couldn't have thought that Miss. Lu used to be a person like that!

"How can it be possible? According to what you said, she should be a disgusting woman. But, I think Miss. Lu is quite nice. She's nothing like what you said," said Long Qingying confusedly.

Du Yuanxing quickly nodded in agreement, "Yeah, Deputy Chief and I were both shocked when we learned about it. We couldn't believe it either. We actually thought that whom we've heard about was another person, but not her."

Lin Wenwen fell into deep thoughts. A short while later, she said, "So, she's completely different from before, right?"

Du Yuanxing nodded and said, "Yes. She has become a totally different person. I heard that she died because… Eh-hem, because she had her eyes on Chief Wu. Yang Chao encouraged her to kidnap the little princess, and she somehow really did that."

After hearing that, both Lin Wenwen and Long Qingying wore a weird expression.

"That was really suicidal! Did she use her space to kidnap the little princess?" Long Qingying guessed.

Du Yuanxing shook his head and said, "No. She was a commoner before. She didn't have any superpower. If she did have a space, she wouldn't need to depend on her face and body to live."

Long Qingying nodded and said, "You're right!"

Du Yuanxing continued, "I bet you can't imagine what she did later. I heard that she… eh-hem, she raped Chief Wu. After that, Chief killed her outside. I guess that's why she became a zombie…"

Saying the last sentence, he lowered his voice and glanced around with a strange look.

"Wait, wait a moment! What did you say?" Lin Wenwen hurriedly interrupted him with confusion, "What? What do you mean by she raped Wu Chengyue?"

Long Qingying also popped her eyes and stared at Du Yuanxing with a meaningful look.

Du Yuanxing hurriedly shushed Lin Wenwen, then said, "Shh, don't say it so loud! Actually, many people here know about it. But still, don't just say it out loud, for the sake of Chief Wu's reputation!"

Lin Wenwen responded with a complicated feeling, "So technically, she killed herself, right? Was it really Chief Wu who killed her? Is he such kind of person? Even though she raped her, I don't think he'd hate her to the point of killing her, would he?"

"Em, about that, there seems to be some other inside information," said Du Yuanxing, "But, we didn't try to dig for more details, as we don't want to offend Chief Wu. Now, we've all seen that the little princess is safely at home. So, we also think that he wouldn't truly kill Miss. Lu."

"I doubt that," said Long Qingying expressionlessly, "Rapists can be both male or female. Being a woman doesn't mean that she can be forgiven for doing something like that. She shouldn't have raped him."

"Hah… Why do I want to laugh while hearing what you said?" Du Yuanxing looked at her and said with laughter.

Lin Wenwen nodded and said, "She's right though."

After that, Long Qingying added, "Ugh, so according to what you just said, she and Wu Chengyue are enemies, aren't they? But, why does it seem like nothing has been going on between them?"

If she were the woman who had kidnapped his daughter and raped him, how could he possibly cooperate with her and her friends so peacefully like they had been doing now?

Du Yuanxing answered her question, "Ah, I guess it's because she looks very different now. I think Wu Chengyue hasn't recognized her yet. I heard that she used to wear very thick makeup, and that she only wore miniskirts in the base. She liked to expose her long and white legs and hang around in the base in high heels. She was a woman who loved to dress up. Compared to what she looks now… Eh, I guess she does look like a different person now. Maybe the others didn't recognize her either."
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