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At night, the soldiers in the base began searching door to door. A turmoil was stirred up in every region, and the people were jittery; many couldn't sleep well the whole night.

However, Yang Chao's people failed to find any suspicious people even after spending the whole night searching.

Moli was hiding in a dark corner, watching those soldiers walk about.

She hid next to a wall. As a squad passed by, she quietly followed behind them. When the squad was getting around the corner, she abruptly covered the mouth of the last soldier, put an arm around his neck, and dragged him backward.

The soldier was dragged into a corner before he could react, then heard Moli's cold voice saying, "Sleep, you can stop searching."

Once Moli said that, the soldier dropped his eyelids and actually fell asleep. He had no idea what he was doing.

Moli carefully observed around. After finding nothing suspicious, she quickly ripped off the soldier's clothes and put them on.

As she stood up after putting on the soldier's clothes and hat, her body suddenly began growing taller, and her face started shifting shape. Soon, she became exactly like that soldier.

She carried the soldier's rifle and quickly ran out of the corner, catching up with the squad.

"Hurry up! Where have you been?" The squad leader seemed to have sensed that one of them was missing. He turned back to look at his squad members and saw Moli catching up.

"I had to pee!" said Moli.

She looked like a man, and her voice was a man's voice now. No one could tell her true identity.

She didn't want to follow this squad. However, as the searchers in the base had all been taking actions in squads, she would look very suspicious if she acted alone.

She followed this squad for a while, then switched to another squad. Sometimes, she would hide in dark places and sneakily move toward Wu Chengyue's place.

By the time she made it to Wu Chengyue's place with some real efforts, she only saw Meng Yue.

"Who are you?" Meng Yue looked at the soldier who suddenly pushed the door open and walked in, speaking with a tough attitude.

A base leader lived in this building, so the soldiers wouldn't normally come in without an order, meaning that a stranger soldier coming into this place wasn't normal.

"It's me," said the male soldier with a woman's voice. In the next moment, Meng Yue witnessed that this soldier's face suddenly changed, and even his body became shorter.

Once Moli showed her face, Meng Yue hurriedly walked up to her and said, "Why are you here? Did those people hurt you? What happened to Doctor Liang?"

Hearing Meng Yue mention Doctor Liang, Moli's face darkened instantly. With sadness, she said, "It was Piao Gecang. He was bitten by a zombie. He suddenly came to our lab and asked the Doctor for a cure. And then, a level-seven stranger showed up, killing Piao Gecang. When he wanted to kill us too, Doctor threw out a grenade. So, he… died trying to protect me."

"What? Level-seven? Are you sure?" Meng Yue immediately wore a grave look.

"He killed Piao Gecang within a blink," said Moli, "Piao Gecang didn't even have a chance to fight back. Besides, his power gave me the same pressure as what the three Chiefs have given me. If he's not at level-seven, he should be only a breath away from it."

"There's the fourth level-seven being hiding in our base. Who is he? What is he up to?" Meng Yue asked with a straight face.

"I don't know! But I believe he's not a friend!" Moli shook her head, then asked anxiously, "Where's the Chief? I need to report to him about something else!"

"He went to the research institute. I don't think he'll be back soon. Also, after what happened, he might take some major actions toward Yang Chao. You stay here and wait for him to come back," said Meng Yue.

And so, she waited until the next morning.

Next morning at dawn, all the important officials in Sea City Base were summoned for a meeting. Soldiers guarded all over the base, sentries at every three or five steps.

In the morning, Lin Wenwen looked around the apartment but failed to find Lin Qiao. "Eh? Where's Miss. Lu?" she asked.

"No idea!" The others shook their heads and responded.

She rolled her eyes, then gave a smile and said, "Alright, I need to go out today."

Hearing that, the others immediately turned to her with confusion.

"You're going out? Now? Where're you going? You should stay here. What if something bad happened to you?" Yuan Tianxing said to her with a slight frown.

The others nodded in agreement.

Lin Wenwen walked to Yuan Tianxing and said, "Tianxing, I have a question for you. If… my sister didn't die, but came back someday with a different look and identity, what will you do?"

Yuan Tianxing paused for a moment, then looked at her silently. On his handsome face, that pair of smiling eyes now looked as deep and quiet as a lake. In about ten seconds, he slowly began talking. "No matter what she became, she's always my boss. My squad only knows her as her soul. We don't care about her appearance."

Lin Wenwen's eyes dimmed slightly, then a watery beam of light flashed across those eyes. She dropped her eyelids slightly, then re-lifted them.

With a calm look, she said, "Me neither. So now, I'm going to find something out. No danger can stop me."

"Where are you going?" Yuan Tianxing looked at her curiously.

"I don't know. But, I think I won't go too far," Lin Wenwen thought for a moment and said.

Yuan Tianxing and Du Yuanxing glanced at each other. They didn't understand why Lin Wenwen wanted to go out.

Lin Wenwen stared at Yuan Tianxing with a mysterious look in her eyes and said, "Tianxing, some people have been keeping secrets from us. So, we can only try finding out the truth by ourselves. Besides, I guess Yang Chao has no time to bother me today!"

"What are you trying to find out? And what does that have to do with your sister?" asked Yuan Tianxing.

"Whether it's related to my sister or not will depend on the result," said Lin Wenwen. After saying that, she turned and walked to the door. "Qingying, let's go!"

Hearing her, Long Qingying carried her katana and followed Lin Wenwen out.

At that moment, Yuan Tianxing said to Du Yuanxing, "Yuanxing, you go with them. Wenwen might be right. The important people in this base now have no time to mind us, so it's relatively safer for her to go out now. You and Qingying should be able to handle most of the problems. Stay on alert!"

"Yes, sir," Du Yuanxing glanced at him, then stood up and nodded. After that, he walked out of the door and followed Lin Wenwen and Long Qingying downstairs.
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