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After throwing Piao Gecang out, Moli immediately moved to Liang Dashu's side, then turned around and shielded him.

"We didn't develop a cure, so we aren't able to give you one even if you kill us," Moli stared at Tang He and said to him fearlessly, even though she knew that this man was at a much higher level than her.

Piao Gecang struggled up from the ground, yelling with disbelief, "That's impossible… You must have a cure… You're lying… I know you have…"

At that moment, Tang He waved a hand. Following his movement, Liang Dashu's gun, which had become a long and sharp needle thorn floating in the air, suddenly turned around and flew toward Piao Gecang's head.


Piao Gecang popped his eyes in shock when that metal thorn pierced into his head and sunk deep into his skull. A stream of dark-red blood flowed down his face from the middle of his eyebrows.

Thud! Soon, he fell to the ground.

"I hope you didn't misunderstand this," said Tang He. "I have no interest in the cure that you were talking about. No one in the world can possibly develop something like that. Otherwise, why don't we even have any drugs to suppress the zombie virus yet? It has been five years, and we have had nothing, not to mention a cure."

Moli remained silent. Behind her, Liang Dashu asked with a calm look, "What do you want then? Are you gonna kill us?"

Tang He gave a cold smile and responded, "Do you think I'll let you tell the others that I killed this Deputy Chief?"

Moli took a step backward to shield Liang Dashu firmly. They both knew that they might not be able to survive tonight.

Moli had spirit power at level-five. She gazed into Tang He's eyes, yet the latter made no response at all. Based on this fact, she figured that Tang He was at level-six or even above. Anyway, he had easily killed Piao Gecang, who was at level six.

She and the doctor both guessed that the strange man was either at the peak of level-six, preparing to break into level-seven, or was already at level-seven.

Because of the large level gap, Moli's superpower attack was completely ineffective to Tang He.

Liang Dashu had healing power, and zero fighting capacity. He had a gun, and maybe he was a good shot; but, the enemy happened to have metal power which disabled the gun. What was even worse, the metal-powered enemy was a level six or seven being.

Killing both of them wouldn't be too difficult for Tang He.

"Yeah? Hehe, since you've said so, we don't intend to die too easily!" At that point, Liang Dashu raised a grenade with its pin pulled out already. Meanwhile, he put his other hand on Moli's shoulder and pushed her aside.

Finishing talking, he threw the grenade at Tang He, then pressed Moli to the ground and shielded her with his own body.

Tang He knew that something bad was going to happen when he watched Liang Dashu take out the grenade, so he quickly moved backward.

This type of grenade wasn't made from metal, so no matter how quickly he reacted, Tang He wouldn't be able to stop it from exploding. Therefore, he had no other choice but to try and dodge.

Lin Qiao, who had been watching this show outside the door, had stepped far away when Liang Dashu took out the grenade.

Bang! Along with a thunderous sound, the entire underground laboratory was shaken. The small glass-walled laboratory where Liang Dashu and the other two stood was completely destroyed. The glass wall on the door's side was shattered entirely.

All the devices on the tables near the door broke into pieces while the ones on the other tables fell to the ground.

A cloud of smoke rose.

"Eh… Doctor! Doctor!" Moli, who lay underneath Liang Dashu, only felt an intense vibration. The latter had protected her from the explosive force caused by the grenade.

"Pah… This… remember to… take… this to…" Liang Dashu lay his head on her shoulder and coughed out a large mouthful of blood, then weakly put a flash drive into her hand while saying a few words to her. However, his head tilted before he could finish his words. After that, he never moved again or let out any other sound.

"Doctor! Doctor!" Moli hurriedly got up from the ground and held Liang Dashu in her arms in a panic. However, the latter didn't give her any response.

Moli put her shaking hand on one side of his neck to check his pulse, then put a finger under his nose to see if he was still breathing.

Upon realizing that Liang Dashu was already dead, she froze.

"Wake up! Go! Yang Chao's people are here!" Suddenly, a hoarse voice told her to leave.

"Who is it?" The startled Moli immediately turned to the source of the voice, but saw no one. However, she couldn't ignore what that mysterious voice had said. Holding the flash drive, she looked at Liang Dashu, who was in her arms, while forcing herself to calm down.

Soon, a series of footsteps sounds was heard from the outside. Hearing that, Moli was instantly on the alert.

She looked around, then glanced down at Liang Dashu for the last time. After that, he put him on the ground and stood up, then turned and quickly walked out of the messy laboratory. She didn't go to the stairs, but turned around and left from the other side.

She couldn't let anyone else have what Liang Dashu had just given her. So now, she had to leave this place and find Wu Chengyue.

A few seconds after she had left, a group of armed soldiers burst in. They raised their guns and quickly came to the destroyed laboratory. Except for the two dead bodies, only broken glass and devices were there.

"Go and find the files. He must have hidden them here!" A leader-look man yelled to the other soldiers with a cold face. Meanwhile, he had been looking around; clearly, he was looking for something.

Once in, the others all began searching through the remains of the laboratory.

A couple of minutes later, they had nearly turned the entire laboratory upside down, but found nothing.

"Boss, we've looked for it up and down. It's not here."

"It's not here either."

"Maybe he didn't put it here."

"He has a female assistant. She follows him everywhere. She's not here, so maybe she has left with the files." One said soldier to the leader.

The leader looked around, then turned and said decisively, "Go and find that woman. Keep an eye on Wu Chengyue and his people. Don't let her get close to Wu Chengyue. You take some people to guard the entrances. Don't let her get out of the base."

"Yes, sir!"

On the other side, Lin Qiao quickly followed Tang He away and found that he was heading toward Special Region B.

'Is he going to find Yang Chao? That bearded doctor seemed to have given something important to that woman before he died. I'm just wondering if Yang Chao has already known about that thing that she took away.'

While thinking, Lin Qiao followed behind Tang He and also headed toward Special Region B.
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