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Lin Qiao silently followed behind them and saw them go downstairs and get into the car which was parked before the building. Xiao Yunlong sent Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing into the backseat, then sat into the front seat himself. After that, the car was driven toward the middle area of the base.

Lin Qiao leaped up and gently landed on the car roof.

"I wonder if Chief Wu sent you here to find us because you guys have heard something from Ling Ling?" Yuan Tianxing, who was relatively familiar with Xiao Yunlong, started a conversation.

"Not yet," Xiao Yunlong responded, "Actually, we just want to have a meal together with you two. It has been three days, but we don't how Ling Ling has been doing. Ah, I hope nothing bad is happening to her."

Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing glanced at each other. "Who took Ling Ling away?" asked Lin Feng, "Haven't Chief Wu found anything yet?"

Xiao Yunlong glanced back at him and said, "We did find some clues. But, the problem is that we can't find that person, not even a trace of hers."

"If that person you mentioned is really the one we know, Ling Ling will certainly be fine," said Yuan Tianxing.

"Can I ask you… was there something wrong with Ling Ling before she was missing?" asked Lin Feng.

Wu Chengyue didn't seem to worry about what the person who took his daughter away would do to her, but instead, he appeared to be afraid that something might go wrong with her daughter herself. Lin Feng always felt strange about that.

Yuan Tianxing and Xiao Yunlong made an eye-contact. They hadn't told anything that Ling Ling's power awakening, so Lin Feng didn't know about it.

Xiao Yunlong glanced at Yuan Tianxing again, then said to Lin Feng, "Days ago, Ling Ling's power started waking up. She drank some special water that Mr. Yuan gave us, which temporarily stopped her power from waking up. But that day, after you arrived, Ling Ling went missing. There was a note left in her room though…"

"Note?" Lin Feng asked with surprise, "What note?"

Yuan Tianxing also looked at Xiao Yunlong confusedly, as he hadn't heard about the note either.

Xiao Yunlong took out his phone and showed the two of them a picture of the note.

All the satellites were dead after the apocalypse, so signals had ceased to exist in the world. For this reason, cellphones had lost their communication functions.

However, people could still play some offline games with their phones, and watch the movies which had been downloaded. Apart from those, a lot of other functions that came with the cellphones were still useful.

For example, many cellphones could serve as cameras.

"Can you recognize her handwriting," Xiao Yunlong asked after showing the two the picture.

Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing leaned their heads forward to look at the picture, then found the handwriting on the screen to be very familiar.

"Was it really her?"

Xiao Yunlong immediately turned back as he stared at them and asked, "Are you sure? Is she with you?"

"If you had shown me this earlier, you wouldn't need to try finding anything out. It's her indeed," said Lin Feng.

"Who is she?" asked Xiao Yunlong.

Yuan Tianxing glanced at Lin Feng, then turned to say to Xiao Yunlong, "She's not a human."

Xiao Yunlong puzzled at first, looking at the two confusedly. Then, he suddenly recalled the young female zombie with long twin-tails who showed up before their cars three days ago.

He slightly widened his eyes and looked at Yuan Tianxing with surprise.

"No way… Are you saying that she's… that too?"

Yuan Tianxing glanced at the driver and stayed silent. Meanwhile, Lin Feng looked at the two of them with confusion.

"He has met Qiu Lili," Yuan Tianxing said to him. Hearing that, Lin Feng immediately understood. "I see," he nodded and responded.

Seeing Lin Feng's reaction, Xiao Yunlong instantly figured out that Lin Feng knew it all as well.

"You… Wait a minute! You and those… eh… What's your relationship with them? Also, you brought them into our base…"

"No one can stop them if they want to come in," said Lin Feng, "Even the three leaders of your base won't be able to find her, not even by joining hands. Besides, they're not bad."

After saying that, he and Yuan Tianxing knowingly glanced at each other.

Since it was Lin Qiao who took Ling Ling away, and the problem was about the awakening of her superpower, the little girl would definitely be fine.

"Ugh! Didn't you say that Ling Ling's power was waking up? In that case, you don't need to worry. That lady truly knows how to solve that problem," said Lin Feng abruptly.

Xiao Yunlong now had many tangled thoughts in his head. Hearing Lin Feng's words, he asked bewilderedly, "What do you mean?"

"If it's about her power waking up, I think that lady'll help her get through it safely," said Lin Feng. Hearing that, Yuan Tianxing and Xiao Yunlong both looked at him with a confused look.

"You know my daughter?" said Lin Feng, "In fact, her power woke up as well not long ago." As he said that, the other two gazed at him with their mouths gaping. Yuan Tianxing then said with disbelief, "Is that real? Why didn't I know about that?

"I asked the others to not tell anyone about it, so you didn't know," said Lin Feng.

The expression on Xiao Yunlong's face turned from astonished to shocked, then to delightfully surprised, also mixed with disbelief as he gazed at Lin Feng.

"Is what you said real? Is your daughter's power really awake?"

Lin Feng nodded and said, "Deputy Chief Yuan, I hope that you can keep it a secret. That lady helped my daughter… Only she can do that. So, if she took Ling Ling away and left you a note saying that she was going to help, I can promise that she really is trying to help."

As Lin Feng sounded so sure, Xiao Yunlong happily turned around and said, "Great! So, I can finally stop worrying. But ugh, who is this lady that you're talking about?"

While speaking, he turned back to look at the two. Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing glanced at each other, then said in one voice, "You'll find out."

Xiao Yunlong looked at them confusedly.

About ten minutes later, the car drove into Special Region A, then to Wu Chengyue's place. As they got off the car, Xiao Licheng was already seen waiting for them by the gate.

"The meal is ready. We're expecting you guys," he walked up with a smile.

Xiao Yunlong quickly brought Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing in, heading straight to the dining room.

Wu Chengyue was serving the dishes with his sleeves rolled up while Meng Yue was busying in the kitchen.

"Welcome, you two! You came at the perfect time. This is our last dish. Please have a seat," Wu Chengyue placed a large bowl of soup on the table and said. Then, he and Xiao Yunlong each grabbed a seat for Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing.

Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing made eye-contact, then sat down and said politely, "Thank you!"

"Make yourselves at home," Wu Chengyue smiled and responded, "I had said that we're going to invite you for a meal earlier. I was just too busy these days." After saying that, he sat down in the host's seat. At the same time, Xiao Yunlong grabbed another chair and sat beside him, then glanced at the kitchen.
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