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Zombie Sister Strategy 273 The Cup is Chewed

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Lin Qiao crossed her arms before her chest as she stared at the male zombie. She had controlled her strength; otherwise, based on the distance between the two of them, the middle-aged male zombie would have been cut into pieces.

Sensing Lin Qiao's strength and attitude, the male zombie started to feel threatened again. Slowly, his sense of crisis suppressed the slight hope in his heart.

He took two steps backward with hesitation to move away from Lin Qiao while black and sticky blood flowed out of the wounds on his arm. As he wiped his arm with his hand, a layer of ice appeared on those wounds, freezing the black blood.

He stared at Lin Qiao, then suddenly charged at her again, even faster than before. He flashed across the air and showed up before her, along with a wave of cold air.

Lin Qiao sensed the cold air as the floor under her feet was frozen suddenly. Ice fixed her feet to the floor, disabling her from moving.

'Not a bad move!' Lin Qiao gave a compliment silently. Then, before the male zombie darted up to her, she abruptly waved a hand and released a stream of thick dark mist that surrounded her entire body.

The male zombie saw the dark mist just as his claws were about to land on Lin Qiao's body. He immediately stopped moving, then quickly withdrew his hands and began moving backward.

As a zombie, he was instinctively afraid of the dark mist.

The male zombie got as far away from Lin Qiao as possibly, then squatted without making any other move.

Lin Qiao raised a hand and sent the black mist up, making it float above her head. Meanwhile, a few wisps of the black mist covered her feet to melt the ice slowly.

The male zombie squatted in a corner of the stair room in front of her, not looking like he was going to attack again. Seeing that, Lin Qiao couldn't help but shout at him.


The male zombie didn't move, only glancing at her once before lowering his head.

Lin Qiao was a little speechless.

Was the male zombie giving up?

The ice created by the male zombie contained his energy. It wasn't as hard as Yang Jianhua's ice, yet Lin Qiao still noticed that the few wisps of black mist could only melt it slowly.

Therefore, she brought the cloud of dark mist down from above her head and wrapped the ice under her feet. After a whole minute, Lin Qiao was finally able to pull her feet out of the ice.

She raised a hand and let the black mist flow back into her palm, then walked to the male zombie. Seeing her approach, the male zombie wanted very much to run away. However, he understood that he wouldn't be able to run far. He was afraid of Lin Qiao, who was clearly a strange zombie.

He continued squatting; each time Lin Qiao made a step toward him, he would move slightly to the side.

Lin Qiao walked up to him, then slowly lowered her head to look at him and asked, "Have you given up?"

The male zombie quickly glanced up at her, then lowered his head again.

Lin Qiao understood that he had given up. She was surprised to find that he feared her dark mist so much. While thinking that, she raised a hand, and a cup of water showed up in her hand.

"Here, drink," Lin Qiao handed it to the male zombie.

The zombie seemed to be attracted by some kind of scent. As he raised his head to sniff around, he saw that Lin Qiao was handing him a cup of water. He took over the cup with curiosity, then sniffed at it. After pausing slightly, he sniffed at it again, then put the cup near his mouth to lick it. Afterward, he poured the water straight into his mouth.

After drinking the water, he spent a moment gazing at the empty cup, then suddenly opened his mouth and took a bite of the cup, caused a cracking noise.

Lin Qiao was shocked as she hurriedly grabbed the cup back.

Did he like the water so much that he even chewed the cup?

Right at that moment, a voice was heard from the stair room. "I think I've heard something from up there…"

"Miss. Lu is up there. Is Qiu Lili back?"

"I've sensed energy fluctuations. Is a fight happening there?"

Following the voices, three people soon showed up in the stair room—Lin Hao, Li Zheng and Lei Yao. The three of them stood by the door, confusedly looking at the male zombie who was squatted in a corner, and the few level four or five zombies standing on the nearby roofs.

"These… Why are so many high-level zombies here? They're not all zombie leaders, are they?" Sensing the strong vibes of these zombies, Li Zheng asked alertly.

"Eh? Where are all these strange zombies from?" Lin Hao wasn't as nervous as the other, only observing the group of zombies curiously.

He saw that Lin Qiao was holding a broken cup while facing the zombie in the corner. He didn't know what she was doing.

"Don't move! They are all zombie leaders. Lili just brought them back. They haven't been trained, so they might attack you. You can either go downstairs now, or stand there and not move," Lin Qiao turned to say to the three.

Abruptly, she raised her head to say to Mengmeng, "Don't you forget what you promised to me just now!"

Mengmeng, who was preparing to pounce down upon the three people, immediately sat back down.

Hearing Lin Qiao shouting at the roof of the stair room, Lin Hao and the other two raised their head to find a head sticking out of the edge of the roof. Mengmeng was staring at them with a pair of black eyes, which had green and erect pupils in it.

"Eh!" The three people were all startled, as they had completely no idea that Mengmeng was there!

Mengmeng had given them a very strong suppression. She wasn't calm and mild like Qiu Lili, as her eyes were filled with aggressiveness.

Li Zheng and his people hadn't encountered any zombie king or queen before, but they had met zombie leaders. Now, as quite a few zombie leaders were standing right in front of them, they didn't dare to move even if they wanted to!

Lin Hao had seen Qiu Lili before, so he understood that Mengmeng was also a zombie queen just like Qiu Lili. But unlike Qiu Lili, Mengmeng looked wilder, seeming ready to attack people at any time.

Once the three people showed up, all the others fixed their eyes on them, making their scalp numb.

"We… Can we go downstairs? This place is scary!"

At that point, a white figure suddenly showed up on the middle of the roof and uttered a roar toward the four zombie leaders who were scattered on the nearby roofs.


Following the roar, the four zombie leaders all leaped toward the hotel building.

Seeing that, Li Zheng and Lei immediately put themselves on full alert. But unlike them, Lin Hao was only half alert, because he believed that Lin Qiao and Qiu Lili wouldn't let those zombies attack the three of them.

Hearing Qiu Lili summon the zombies, the middle-aged male zombie intended to go to her. However, Lin Qiao was still standing before him. Should he move or not? If he didn't go, would the big zombie eat him?

In the eyes of zombie leaders, zombie queens and kings were big zombies.
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