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Lin Qiao looked at Qiu Lili, pointing at the few level-five zombies behind her as she asked, "I asked you to bring back some zombie nuclei, but why did you bring back a group of living zombies?"

Then, she sniffed at Qiu Lili and continued with surprise, "Eh? I sense many different types of energies from you. What are those?"

Qiu Lili took off the small bag that she carried, then opened it and rummaged through it with a hand. Soon, she took out a few weirdly shaped crystal pieces and spread her fingers to show them to Lin Qiao.

"Ahhhh… Ahyayaya…"

'I wanted to kill them. But, they were afraid, so they traded these for their lives.

Lin Qiao picked up one of those crystal pieces, then asked, "Did these belong to animals or plants?"

She picked up those crystal pieces one after another to sense the energies inside them. She found that the energies contained in two of these crystal pieces were similar to that in the vine kernel which she had obtained before, the rest being different. Sensing that, she felt a bit strange.

The two should be zombie nuclei, yet she couldn't tell which level they were at.

Qiu Lili reached out her slender finger and pointed at each of those nuclei while explaining, "Ahhhh… Yahaha… Yeeh…"

'These two belonged to plants, these two belonged to zombie animals, and this one is from a level-five zombie.'

Lin Qiao glanced at the five level-five zombies who were quietly standing aside, and the young female zombie who was sitting on the roof, then asked confusedly, "Did you bring them back? Or, did they follow you here?"

"Ahhhh… Yahaha…."

'I brought them back. Didn't you say that we're gathering a zombie squad? So, I brought them back. Ah, this one isn't included. She followed me here!" While speaking, she pointed at the young female zombie.

"Roar!" Hearing Qiu Lili mention her, the young female zombie lowered her head to utter an unhappy growl at Lin Qiao.

Again, Lin Qiao didn't know what to say.

'This one seems to be a little dangerous!'

"Can you control her?" Lin Qiao asked Qiu Lili, who tilted her head and looked at the former while responding, "Ahyayayaya….'

'Didn't you say that she's not evil? That's why I didn't send her away.

Again, Lin Qiao didn't know what to say.

She had said that indeed, but she didn't know if this zombie would attack humans or not. Besides, this young female zombie was very moody, like a bomb that could go off at any time! What if she got upset and decided to attack people?

Lin Qiao looked at the young female zombie's face which was halfway covered in scales, asking, "Why did you follow her here? I'm telling you, you're not allowed to attack any human being around here. I can't kill you, but if you don't follow my words, I'll ask Lili to punish you!"

While speaking, she pointed at Qiu Lili, who was standing in front of her.

However, what Lin Qiao said about attacking human beings didn't catch the young female zombie's attention. Instead, she roared at Qiu Lili excitedly as if she had heard something that made her happy.


'Your name is Lili!'

"Roarrrr… Roar? Roar?"

'What's my name then?'

She murmured to herself, wearing a happy look as though she was making some kind of decision. But then, she paused, seeming to be confused and struggling. No one could tell what she was thinking about.

Both Lin Qiao and Qiu Lili looked at her bewilderedly.

Why was she so happy upon finding out Qiu Lili's name? What happened to her?

Lin Qiao looked at Qiu Lili and asked, "How was the fight between you and her? She seems to be afraid of you, but she's not willing to leave you. What's going on between you two?"

Qiu Lili responded with a strange look, "Ahyayaya, Ahahahah, Ahyaya…"

'She can't win against me. I don't want to fight her, but I can't send her away.'

'You need to keep an eye on her. If she loses her temper here, we'll be in big trouble!'

While she was speaking, the young female zombie raised her head to yell at Lin Qiao and Qiu Lili, "Roar! Oar! Oarrrr! Oar-whoo…"

'I know what my name should be! It's Mengmeng! Mengmeng! Call me! Say my name!"

"Why did you name yourself Mengmeng?" Lin Qiao looked at her confusedly.

Qiu Lili turned her face away without looking at the young female zombie, saying, "Ahyee…"

'No, I won't call you that name.'

As Qiu Lili refused to say her name, Mengmeng immediately pulled a long face while shouting at her, "Roarrrr? Roar?"

'Why? Will calling my name kill you?'

Lin Qiao glanced at Mengmeng, then at Qiu Lili. Abruptly, she waved her hand at Mengmeng and asked her to come down. "Here, come down here. Let's talk."

Mengmeng looked at Lin Qiao without doing what she asked. Instead, she glanced at Qiu Lili from time to time, seeming to be waiting for something.

Lin Qiao looked at her, wanting to laugh. Mengmeng was so much like a child!

"You talk to her," she thought for a moment, then said to Qiu Lili.

Qiu Lili glanced at Lin Qiao, and as the latter nodded at her, she reluctantly turned her head to Mengmeng and roared.

"Ahyayay, Ahyaya!"

'Just come down!'

Mengmeng looked at Qiu Lili, then at Lin Qiao. Afterward, she leaped off the roof and landed beside Lin Qiao.

"You can stay around Lili if you want, but you can't attack the others. Do you understand that?" Lin Qiao said to her.

"Roar? Roar?" Mengmeng didn't understand.

'What does attack the others mean?'

Lin Qiao looked at her, trying to explain, "You see, other people are staying in this building. You can't hurt or bite them. If you can do that, I'll let you drink this." As she was speaking, a cup of water showed up in her hand.

Hearing her, Mengmeng first glanced at her confusedly. Next, when she saw the cup of water in Lin Qiao's hand, her nose twitched slightly.

'What is it? It smells so good.' She curiously looked at the cup and couldn't help but raise a hand to reach it.

Lin Qiao stepped backward, bringing the cup away from her while saying, "You need to promise to do what I said before I give you this."


'Promise what?'

Mengmeng looked at Lin Qiao with confusion, then glanced at Qiu Lili. Qiu Lili kept ignoring her, so she turned back to Lin Qiao.

"You can't hurt people without a good reason, no matter they're from around here or other places. Do you get it? As for the people around here, you need to protect them. Can you do that?" said Lin Qiao.

Mengmeng thought for a moment, then nodded, still wearing a confused look. After nodding, she impatiently stared at the cup of water.

"Remember what you promised me… No backing out!" Lin Qiao re-emphasized her point as she handed Mengmeng the cup. Qui Lili looked at Lin Qiao unsurely, asking, "Ahyayaya?"

'Why do I feel that she can't understand you?'
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