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Zombie Sister Strategy 269 The Skilled Are Bold

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Liu Jun looked at her helplessly, saying, "The skilled are bold. You're really afraid of nothing."

"That's called confidence," said Lin Qiao, "Besides, this is my world, and I'm the sole owner of this place! You haven't answered my question yet. Do you know the few people?"

Liu Jun glanced at the group of people sitting on the couches, then said, "Many Hades Base people know them. If you find back your memories, you'll diffidently recognize them."

"Is that so? Do they have anything to do with me?" Asked Lin Qiao curiously.

Liu Jun rolled her eyes and responded, "Of course. They were all under your direct command!"

Lin Qiao looked at her with disbelief, murmuring, "Eh? No way. The few people I saved conveniently are my subordinates? No wonder they seem to be quite close with Lin Feng and the others. I thought they all know each other."

She didn't notice all those after bringing the group of people into her space. She saw Mrs. Lin untie them with surprise, so she assumed that they all knew each other. After that, she didn't pay more attention to them but exited her space.

"Did you let Yang Jianhua go?"

Hearing she mentioning Yang Jianhua, Lin Qiao spread her hands and said, "Yeah. I've heard about many things that he did to me, but I can't remember anything. If I revenge on him now, my revenge would be meaningless. I want to take my time to deal with him after retrieving all my memories. Besides, with my current power, I can barely hurt him. He can't hurt me either though."

Liu Jun looked at her and responded with, "You're right. But, we don't know how to restore your memory. What if you still can't remember anything when you're back in that place? Will you always let him live?"

Lin Qiao glanced at her, said, "If I still can't remember a thing after going to that place, I'll have to think of another way. However, if he boldly sent himself to me again, I won't let him go like I did this time."

Liu Jun looked at her, without knowing how to continue. So, she changed the topic, said, "Where is this small space from? I think it'll be more convenient if you get a few more small spaces like his. You see, this place is like your home now, and you often invite people here. Maybe you should just bring in a house from the outside, so we can place those furniture pieces well. Don't you feel weird for them to stand in grasses?"

Lin Qiao glanced at the group of people and the furniture area. The furniture pieces were neatly places, yet they looked a little weird indeed.

She had thought about getting a house into her space, but there was a problem. "Em, the buildings outside are all built on the ground. I'm unable to bring anything that's connected with the earth into this place. Look, like that solar equipment. Only after someone removed it from the building, could I bring it in."

Liu Jun nodded with agreement. That was indeed a problem.

"I was going to wait for Yuan Tianxing to come back and ask him for help. As for getting more small spaces like this one, I think I might need to kill some space-powered people or zombies to do it."

After the last upgrade of her space, she had learned about some of the nature of this space. Earlier, this small space became a part of her space because she absorbed the space-powered man's energy nucleus.

If she attained the energy nuclei of some more space-powered people, or the zombie nuclei of space-powered zombies, she would be able to create more small spaces inside her space.

"Are you saying that this small space is transferred to you from someone else? Can that even work?" Liu Jun looked at her with surprise.

Lin Qiao turned to her, looking at her from head to toe while saying, "I found that you now many things. Your understanding ability is really great."

Liu Jun grinned and said, "If you want to give me a compliment for how smart I am, you can just do it. I won't be shy."

Lin Qiao didn't know what to say.

"How's the outside now?" Liu Jun asked.

Lin Qiao closed her eyes to observe the outside world. Soon, she reopened her eyes and said, "The entire hotel building is frozen. No one can get in or out."

"What about…Yang Jianhua?" Asked Liu Jun.

At that moment, Lin Qiao's face suddenly darkened a little. "I'll go out and take a look," she said.

Finished speaking, she turned and disappeared by the entrance of the small space.

Lin Qiao exited her space, stood by the stairs on the roof. The door of the stair room was covered in a thick layer of ice. Inside the ice, were a few soldiers. She then turned to look at the group of ice statues around her, found that they were all Yang Jianhua's soldiers.

Her face darkened further, radiated waves of coldness and intention of killing.

The stairs were sealed by ice. All the space inside the building should have been filled up by Yang Jianhua with ice. From the outside, Lin Qiao saw the soldiers on the stairs, who were knocked out by her earlier.

Yang Jianhua had frozen all the soldiers that he brought here to death, including two level-five squad leaders.

Lin Qiao didn't know that the two squad leaders died because they tried to beg for mercy for those dead soldiers.

"They're useless even if I let them live. They'll be eaten by zombies on our way back anyway. It'll be better for me to let them die without being torn into pieces," while speaking, Yang Jianhua waved his hands and turned the two squad leaders into ice statues.

After watching that, the other squad leaders fell into silence.

Lin Qiao looked at those dead soldiers, felt a pain from her heart.

Those soldiers shouldn't die. They were the soldiers of Hades Base. Yang Jianhua imprisoned their families to threatened them, so they followed him. None of them had ever thought that they would end up in this way.

Their lives meant nothing to Yang Jianhua. He might let them live if he was in a better mood, but that didn't happen. Instead, he killed them because he wasn't happy.

'A man like him should die for ten-thousand times! How can such a man even think about being the leader of a base? I didn't kill him, but I guess the others won't let him live for long,' Lin Qiao clenched her fists tight.  

The ice in the building wasn't ordinary ice. Only until the energy contained in it was consumed up, would it slowly melt or break.

Lin Qiao didn't touch those ice statues on the roof, because she knew that once she touched them, they would fall into pieces.

She turned and entered her space, then said to Liu Jun who was looking at her, "Yang Jianhua has frozen all the soldiers that he brought here to death."

Liu Jun popped her eyes and said, "What? Why did he kill his own people?"

"Those people were forced to come out with him," said Lin Qiao, "Perhaps, he knows that those people hated him, so he never planned to bring them back to the base alive."

"That's way too cruel," said Liu Jun with disbelief, "Did the lives of those people mean nothing to him?"

"I guess so," Lin Qiao sighed.

"I didn't know that Yang Jianhua is this kind of person! A tyrant!" Liu Jun murmured with a shocked look.
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