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Before the others could realize what was happening, they heard a loud thud. As they turned to that direction, they saw a newly-created hole in the wall. 

After that, they heard a zombie roar. When they clearly saw the creature which uttered that roar, they were all stunned. 

They saw a two-meters tall, strange-looking figure standing there, facing the hole. It was male, extra tall and muscular, even looking like the fictional Hulk. However, Hulk was green, and this creature was blood-red. 

Its arms were as thick as an adult's thighs, and its thighs were as thick as utility poles; its entire body was covered in blood. Its head looked relatively normal, but was bald. 

Meanwhile, bolts of purple lightning had been sizzling across its body. 

Its eyes which were glowing with a purple light were fixed on the hole created by Lin Qiao on the wall without glancing at the others. However, the ones who saw it now didn't dare to move. 

What the hell was that!

Liu Jing and the others stared at the big creature with shock. They had never seen such a giant zombie with glowing purple eyes and lightning bolts all over its body before!

Only Lin Qiao, who was walking out of the wall, knew that it was a zombie king, at Qiu Lili's level, and that it had the rare thunder power. 

Lin Qiao slowly walked out of the wall while, staring straight at the eyes of this zombie king through the sunglasses. The others couldn't see her eyes, but the zombie king could see those clearly. 

It watched Lin Qiao walk out as if nothing had happened, and learned that its attack didn't manage to bring her any harm at all. 

With discontentment, the thunder zombie king roared again at Lin Qiao. 

By roaring, it threatened to kill Lin Qiao unless she yielded. The latter received the message but kept walking forward while looking at the zombie king's purple eyes.

She was surrounded by this zombie king's strong vibe, yet didn't feel much of a pressure. The pressure she sensed was too slight to be noticed. 

Lin Qiao understood that level-six zombie kings or queens could no longer suppress her now. After she upgraded, she felt that Qiu Lili's vibe could no longer give her pressure. No wonder the latter couldn't tell which level she was at. 

So now, she didn't mind the minor pressure from this zombie king at all. 

She stooped about five meters away from the zombie king, then twisted her neck and stretched her shoulders. After that, she slightly raised her hands and released a stream of black mist. 

"Urrrrr…" As Lin Qiao refused to yield, the zombie king bared its teeth and growled with a deep voice. The black mist failed to catch the zombie king's attention when it was just released. But soon, the mist grew thicker and thicker, spreading around Lin Qiao. 

Finally, the zombie king felt that something wasn't right. It slightly narrowed its purple eyes, which sparkled with a weird light. 

The others now came back to their senses, quickly picking up the guns that Lin Qiao provided earlier and pointing them at the zombie king. 

A series of gunshots were then heard. Liu Jing and the others had taken covers, and were shooting at the zombie king. However, the bullets could hardly hurt the target. It turned its head suddenly and waved an arm toward the five people. 

With that, a few bolts of lightning fell from the sky along with thunders. 

"This is bad!" The few people burst in shouts while rolling away. 

When the zombie king turned its head, Lin Qiao grasped the opportunity and disappeared from where she was. The zombie king turned back to find that she was gone, so it instantly looked around with vigilance. 

At that point, Lin Qiao had turned herself invisible and hopped onto a tree nearby. Then, she leaped onto the top of the streetlight nearest to the zombie king, and jumped at its head after that. 

When the zombie king was looking around in surprise, an invisible figure flashed about three meters higher than its head, then Lin Qiao showed her face. 

Lin Qiao flipped int he air, then swung her two claws at the zombie king's head one after another. 

"Roar!" The zombie king reacted fast as well as it suddenly turned its body and rolled to the side. 

Puff! Puff!

Once it rolled away, a few deep cuts were left on the ground. 

After the roll, the zombie king stood back up immediately, hunching its back slightly and giving a raging roar toward the few cuts on the ground. After that, it abruptly thrusted forward. 

On landing on the ground, Lin Qiao saw the zombie king charging at her like a bull. Meanwhile, waves of lightning bolts fell from the sky, coming at her entire body. 

As the lightning bolts were about to fall on her head, Lin Qiao made a roll to dodge. While doing that, she suddenly thought of Wu Chengyue, and recalled that she got struck by his lightning while trying to kindly send his daughter back to him. 

She was still unhappy about that!

Once Lin Qiao dodged, the lightning bolts fell on the ground and left a series of small dents. At that moment, the zombie king nimbly turned around and pounced on her again. 

Lin Qiao hurriedly made another dodge, then turned invisible. 

By then, her black mist had approached the zombie king. When pouncing on Lin Qiao, the zombie king suddenly lost its eyesight. It turned out that Lin Qiao was behind the black mist that she had released before to lead the zombie king into it. 

At the same time, she spared her willpower to control the mist and made it surround the zombie king. Therefore, the latter didn't only miss its target, but also bumped into the black mist. 

The black mist penetrated its skin within no time. 

"Roar!" The zombie king roared thunderously; perhaps, it had felt some pain. 

"Roarrr!" While roaring, it struggled to get out of the mist. But soon, it realized that the black mist was sticking to its body. It rushed out of the cloud of mist, but its body was still wrapped in a layer of purely black mist. 

Maybe because the zombie king's blood and flesh both contained rich energy, the black mist devoured it very slowly. However, that was enough to make this buffalo-like zombie king bleed. 

"Roar! Roar!" The zombie king slapped its body with its claws to try and sweep off the black mist on its body. But, its efforts were useless. On the contrary, more black mist wrapped around its hands. 

Soon enough, only shreds of muscles were left on its hands.
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