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Zombie Sister Strategy 171 The Development of Human Beings

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Yuan Tianxing said that they would wait for the right moment to take revenge, but Lin Qiao knew that the moment wouldn't come so fast. They needed to settle down and then expand their team. They needed to wait until their strength broke into a higher level before taking their revenge. It might take them three to five years, or even eight to ten years; no one could tell for sure. 

'So?' Lin Qiao nodded knowingly and then asked him with her eyes. Yuan Tianxing looked at her and responded seriously, "So, we want to work with you."

Lin Qiao looked at him and pointed at herself. Yuan Tianxing nodded and said, "Yes, we want to work with you. Also, we want to ask you for help. You helped us yesterday. We don't know why you did it, but we've felt your goodwill. I think you'll agree to our request. What do you say?" 

He could tell that this zombie named Lu Tianyu was the leader of this small zombie group. He believed that as long as she agreed to cooperate, the other female zombies would be cool with it as well. 

Lin Qiao looked at him, her eyes glowing slightly. Then, she wrote— 'Work with us? What can you offer us then?'

She was a high-level zombie now, while Qiu Lili was a zombie queen. Zombie queens and zombie kings were rather scarce in the post-apocalyptic era. Zombie queens and kings basically had nothing to be afraid of. Only level-seven superpowered human beings had any chance against zombie kings and queens, while all the others below level-seven were no match. 

The smile on Yuan Tianxing's face changed slightly as he said, "We can offer you a shelter." 

Hearing that, Lin Qiao looked at him with surprise, then turned back to make an eye-contact with Junjun. Clearly, neither of them understood Yuan Tianxing's words. 

Yuan Tianxing fixed his eyes on Lin Qiao's bald head and pretty face, also noticing her bewildered look. For some reason, he felt that this zombie looked a little adorable with that confused look, and familiar. 

He gave a bigger smile and continued, "As you can see, human beings have been developing rapidly during the past few years, while you zombies have barely changed. You might think that we are weak now, but once we have built our new base and recruited some homeless survivors to offer them a home to live, our base will grow quickly. You zombies need to protect yourself from all the human bases. The success rate of zombie-hunting missions has been growing higher and higher. So, in one or two decades, how many zombies do you think will survive?" 

Lin Qiao frowned slightly. In fact, she had thought about this question long ago. The situation of zombies hadn't changed much for now, but what would happen in one or two decades?

Human beings were able to reproduce, while zombies weren't. Over time, zombies would become less and less, as more and more of them were being killed. 

What about a century later? Would zombies be killed out by human beings who were getting stronger and stronger?

The potential of human beings was unlimited, especially under chaotic circumstances. Soon, another era would begin, because the most difficult time had gone by, and human beings had built their bases successfully. 

Lin Qiao had lots of thoughts, but unlike her, Junjun had only realized the fact that human beings were growing stronger and stronger indeed, while zombies weren't because they weren't as smart as the other party.

As the two zombies both wore serious looks, Yuan Tianxing knew that the chance to work with them was now bigger than before. He also discovered that the pretty bald female zombie was as smart as most in this roomful of human beings. From her expression, he could tell that she had been thinking far ahead. 

"Based on the current situation, we can easily predict the world in ten years. Since you still have your human memories, I believe you know how creative human beings can be, and how strong our desire for survival is. So, if you protect us now, we'll protect you in the future. What do you think?" He continued. 

Lin Qiao looked at him quietly, thinking that this man was rather calculative. Even if he didn't ask, she would still protect them until they could no longer be threatened. 

She wanted very much to tell these people about who she really was. However, no normal human being would believe such an unscientific thing. If she tried telling her family the truth, Lin Feng and the others might think her as a bad one who was pretending to be Lin Qiao. If that happened, things would become troublesome. 

Even if she could find evidence to prove that she was Lin Qiao, her family might still not believe her. She knew about her family, and the fact that once they believed in something, nothing would be able to change their minds. So, she needed to find a way to make them accept her as a zombie first. 

Another reason that kept her from telling the truth was that she knew nothing about her other self, as if she had lost her memories for the past five years. In this case, how should she persuade them that she was Lin Qiao? That was the biggest problem—she truly had no way to prove her identity.

Earlier on, she was trying to think of an excuse to stay around her family, but now, Yuan Tianxing had given her exactly one. Even though it sounded like he wanted to use her, Lin Qiao knew that this man would always keep his words. Perhaps, he wouldn't abandon this small group of weird zombies in the future. 

No one in the room knew what Lin Qiao was thinking. As she stayed silent, they thought that she was pondering over Yuan Tanxing's words, so they looked at her quietly. 

Looking at Lin Qiao, Lin Feng, Mrs. Lin, and Lin Wenwen all shared the same feeling. 

They wanted Lin Qiao to stay, not only because she had saved them before, also because she had been giving them a familiar feeling from time to time. Moreover, as Yuan Tianxing had said, maybe in a few decades, zombies would fall in a bad situation. 

After about ten seconds, Lin Qiao nodded under the gazes of the roomful of people and wrote— 'You're right. I can see that human beings are growing fast. But, please don't underestimate zombies. Seeing me, you should know that some smart zombies do exist in the world.'

She wanted to tell him that if more zombies like her who had human memories existed, and if they were holding different thoughts, the future of zombies would be unpredictable. 

Yuan Tianxing and Lin Feng both nodded on reading what she had written. 

"That'll depend on if they're hiding well enough." Lin Feng said while staring at Lin Qiao's handwriting without blinking.  'This zombie's handwriting is so much similar to that of Lin Qiao's! Every stroke! But, why can the zombie write like this?'
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