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Lin Qiao didn't open the door entirely, so Lu Junjie didn't see Junjun and Tongtong, who were behind the door. But at that point, Tongtong said something. 

"Mom, I'm hungry."

Lin Qiao glanced back at the little boy and realized that it was dinner time, and the kid should eat. 

Lu Junji stared at Lin Qiao with both surprise and doubt. He tried to lean his head forward to look inside the room; meanwhile, he said with disbelief, "Is someone else in there?"

In fact, he wanted to ask if there was a child in the room. However, as he heard the child call 'Mom', he figured that more than two living beings were in that room. 

Lin Qiao opened the door entirely; nothing needed to be kept secret anyway. She needed to find a way to stay around Lin Feng and the others, so she couldn't let them suspect her of having ill intentions. Without question, she wouldn't keep any member on her side secret from them, as they all needed to meet each other at some point. 

Once the door was opened, Lu Junjie saw a female zombie carrying a little boy. The boy's arms were put around the zombie's neck. 

"Ma, I'm hungry."

As Lin Qiao opened the door, Junjun alertly turned toward the stranger outside. 

Seeing a living human child being carried in a zombie's arms, Lu Junjie automatically tried to rush into the room. In his eyes, it was way too dangerous for the kid to stay with a zombie. 

Lin Qiao stopped him with a hand, then said with a flat tone and a bland expression, "Don't… worry…"

Lu Junjie stared at Tongtong and said, "You'll lose control and eat him!"

Zombies liked children's flesh the most, as it was tender and soft. Even the higher level zombies which only fed on human hearts would eat children. 

Lin Qiao kept him outside the room and continued slowly, "We…won't… We…don't…eat…human…"

Lu Junjie was nearly driven crazy by Lin Qiao's talking speed. However, as she wouldn't let him in, he had no choice but to give up and step back. 

"You really won't hurt him?" He asked Lin Qiao, his faced filled with doubts, "He's a child! It's too dangerous for him to be with you!"

Lu Junjie was worried that if someday Lin Qiao and Junjun lost control of themselves and let their zombie instincts win, they might eat the boy, as he was so close with them. 

He suddenly recalled that earlier on, he had heard from Wei Jingchen that the young female zombie showed up with another female zombie who was carrying a kid. Back then, he and the others had thought that the kid was a zombie too. 

Lin Qiao waved her hand toward Lu Junjie to let him know that that kind of thing would never happen. Not to mention the fact that Junjun was clear-minded and still had her maternity, as long as she was with Lin Qiao, the lake water from the latter's space could keep her from losing control. 

Lu Junjie looked at Lin Qiao doubtfully, then glanced at her bald head. After that, he took a step backward and said, "When do you have time then? Our Deputy Chief is expecting you." 

Lin Qiao nodded at him, then pointed at Lin Feng's room to let him know that she could go there right now. Then, she turned back to crook her fingers toward Junjun, signaling for her to follow. 

She didn't know where Qiu Lili had gone to, and she didn't want to leave Junjun and Tongtong here alone, as neither of them had any fighting capacity. 

Receiving her hand signal, Junjun carried Tongtong and slowly came out of the room. She understood Lin Qiao's meaning, but she didn't feel like getting close to any human being. Judging by the reactions made by these human beings when they saw her and Tongtong, she felt that these people would take him away from her and claim that it would be better for the child. 

She felt uneasy, even though she believed that Lin Qiao wouldn't let anyone hurt her and Tontong. 

Lin Qiao and Junjun followed Lu Junjie to Lin Feng's room. Lin Feng's room was just seven or either meters away from theirs, the two rooms separated by a stair top.

Before Lin Feng's door and under Wei Jingchen's curious gaze, Lin Qiao waited for Lu Junjie to knock on the door. 

Lu Junjie moved ahead and reported to Lin Feng, "That…Lu Tianyu and her friends are here." 

At first, he didn't know how to call Lin Qiao and her friends, but fortunately, he soon remembered Lin Feng mentioning the zombie's name. 

"Let them in," Lin Feng soon responded. Lu Junjie opened the door and then stood aside, signaling for Lin Qiao and Junjun to walk in. 

"Haha…you, where are your hair?" Once Lin Qiao walked in, Mrs. Lin burst in laughter as she pointed at Lin Qiao's bald head and asked. 

The others in the room all stared at Lin Qiao's bald head with surprise. Even Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing, who were both high-positioned leaders, didn't manage to react timely. 

On the other side, Lin Qiao didn't know what to say. Behind her, Junjun covered her mouth and smiled in her head when she saw the looks on the faces of the roomful of people.

As Junjun was standing pretty close behind Lin Qiao, Tongtong had been looking at her bald head the whole time. When Lin Qiao stopped walking, the boy couldn't help but raise his little hands to touch her head from behind. 

When the boy touched her head from behind, Lin Qiao turned back to glance at him, then kept moving forward. 

At that point, Yuan Tian came back to his senses. He closed his gaped mouth and took in a deep breath, then showed a polite smile. After that, he stood up to point at the empty couch next to him and said, "Sit down, please."

Lin Qiao walked over and sat down quite naturally. She didn't realize that she was acting like all this was completely normal. 

Junjun carried Tongtong and followed Lin Qiao to the couch. But instead of sitting down, she stood behind it. 

Through observation, Lin Feng, Yuan Tianxing and the others had learned that Lin Qiao was the leader of the zombie group. She didn't seem to be as powerful as the young female zombie, but she did have a strong vibe. 

She had a vibe of a high-positioned one. She was able to stay composed when facing anybody, without showing any fear. 

Sitting beside Lin Qiao, Yuan Tianxing showed a confused look. He felt that Lin Qiao's vibe was familiar, as if he had sensed it before, and had been impressed by it. 

As Lin Qiao sat down, the others all changed their expressions. Only Lin Xiaolu continued staring at Lin Qiao's head with curiosity. As the atmosphere in the room turned serious again due to these adults, she didn't ask her grandma any question, only fixing her eyes on Lin Qiao. 

After calming down, Lin Feng, Lin Wenwen, and Mrs. Lin all had the same feeling as Yuan Tianxing. 

'Her vibe is so familiar! But, who is she?'

Lin Feng frowned slightly and thought, 'Who on earth is she? Her vibe is familiar to me, meaning that I've certainly met her before.' Lin Qiao's vibe made him feel that his lost sister was right here, as if he was having an illusion.
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