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Lin Wenwen nodded and said, "Ah, you used to be soldiers! Eh, do you mean that only soldiers use those gestures?"

Lin Feng nodded and responded while walking, "That's why I said he seems to be an ex-special forces soldier."

"But, why did he make those gestures only to you?" Du Yuanxing asked. "Does he know that you'll understand them? In this case, he doesn't need to write anymore. If he has something to say to us, he can simply say it to you by using hand gestures."

"I am also wondering why he knew that I could understand those gestures." Lin Feng said. 

Du Yuanxing thought for a moment and said, "No wonder he said that he used to be your subordinate. It seems that he knows about you. That's why he made those gestures only to you."

Lin Feng spent a while pondering, then nodded. Du Yuanxing's words could be right. 

Then, Du Yuanxing asked another question, "But, why did he suddenly leave? What was he going to do? It seems that he has discovered something rather important just now."

Lin Feng nodded and said, "I guess so. He's a zombie, so his sensations are tens of times sharper than ours. I suppose that thing he discovered just now isn't in this area, so he left temporarily."

"He left in such a haste. What on earth did he discover?" Du Yuanxing turned to where Lin Qiao disappeared and said. 

After hopping on top of that building, Lin Qiao had darted in another direction. Soon, she made herself invisible and hid her vibe entirely.

Once she turned invisible, no superpowered human being or zombie could discover her. The invisibility disabled her from attacking, but didn't limit her from moving.

She leaped faster across building tops. The buildings in this area weren't tall; most of them had six to seven stories, while some small factory buildings only had three to five stories. Only the residential buildings were relatively taller, a few having over ten stories. 

Anyway, none of these building could slow Lin Qiao down. About twenty minutes later, she leaped across all the buildings and arrived at a large park. This park was about ten miles away from the hotel where Lin Feng and his people were heading to. 

Just now, she sensed something special from this park. That thing was very attractive to her. 

It was edible!

When she arrived at this park, she found that all the plants in this place were thriving. The trees were incredibly huge, many reaching thirty or forty meters in height; some were even fifty to sixty meters tall. 

Lin Qiao walked around the park and found its entrance. The building which had the name of this park carved on it was already wrapped in red fire vines, and the park name was no longer visible. Lin Qiao glanced at the building; in her eyes, these red vines were dark-grey, and all the other things were white or light-grey. 

She peered into the park and sniffed at it; then, she walked in. 

The small square behind the entrance was occupied by all sorts of strange mutant vines. Lin Qiao walked straight in, then took a side path. She needed to bend over to get through. If she didn't, she would run into branches and vines.

She kept moving forward. When she found the path blocked completely, she would pop her claws to cut off those branches and vines. After about ten minutes of walking and cutting, she finally walked out of the woods area and arrived at a lawn. 

The lawn was a tangle of overgrown weeds. In fact, there were many bugs in the weeds, and Lin Qiao could feel them. When she came through the woods just now, she had sensed some bugs as well. But, for an unknown reason, these bugs wouldn't land on her body. A spider accidentally fell on her shoulder, but soon hopped away from her without lingering. 

'Are these bugs afraid of zombies?' She wondered. She didn't pay too much attention to those bugs, but walked to the lawn. She stood by the side of the woods to look at the other end of the lawn. A lake was located in that area, and the lake water was dark-green. Lin Qiao saw a strong virus energy in the lake, meaning that the lake was full of virus. 

Some creatures lived in that lake. Lin Qiao couldn't tell what kind of monsters they were, but she guessed that those were some mutant aquatic animals. 

She sniffed at the air and sensed a strong fishy smell from the lake. But at the same time, she sensed something edible, and it was moving. 

Was it a fish? A mutant fish?

She walked toward the lake. But on her way, she stopped abruptly, because she saw many fish skeletons among the grasses nearby. The flesh of those fishes had been eaten; only the spines and rotten fish heads remained, emitting a putrefactive odor.

Many fish bodies had been dried by the sun, and the half-rotten fish heads had become dry as well. The lawn looked messy, and the grasses were pressed to the ground, as if something often crawled around. 

Before Lin Qiao figured out anything, her expression changed suddenly, and she immediately turned toward the lake. 

That was because something had come ashore.

Looking at that creature which had come out of the water, Lin Qiao instantly felt speechless. Except for the four oddly shaped legs, the rest of its body looked exactly like a fish; it was a large carp. Normally, a carp could be one or two feet wide, but this one was seven or eight feet wide. 

Lin Qiao wondered how the four short and sturdy fish legs grew out of it. 

To answer that question, Lin Qiao even wanted to dissect this mutant fish.

Before she saw that fish clearly, seven or eight footed fishes suddenly crawled out of the water and darted at her fleetingly. They were incredibly fast. 

Lin Qiao was about ten meters away from these fishes, but they only took a few seconds to run past Lin Qiao's feet. 

Lin Qiao automatically jumped to the side, as she was worried that those fishes might bump into her feet. However, the fishes didn't touch her feet. Maybe because they were sensitive, they even avoided her feet. 

These fishes brought up a wave of fishy smell that made Lin Qiao cover her nose with a hand. That smell was just too awful.

Right at that moment, some other noises were heard from the lake surface, followed by a series of water sloshing sounds. Lin Qiao turned back to the lake and saw a group of turtles rushing up. 

Indeed, they rushed up! Their shells looked heavy and thick, yet they swiftly chased after those running fishes. They were much faster than those weird fishes.
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