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Junjun sensed Lin Qiao, so she walked out of the small space with the little boy to see what the latter was doing. 

She curiously watched Lin Qiao trying to heal Lin Feng. She guessed that Lin Feng was the one that Lin Qiao had been looking for, but she didn't know about their relationship. Judging by Lin Qiao's attitude toward Lin Feng, she figured that they were pretty close. No wonder Lin Qiao went all the way to the South from Sea City to find him. Fortunately, she came back timely. If she were even a little bit late, this man might have been in serious trouble. 

After pouring a cup of water into Lin Feng's mouth, Lin Qiao took off her sunglasses to observe the shadow in Lin Feng's chest with her bare eyes. She found that the shadow had stopped expanding. 

Junjun carried the little boy, stood beside Lin Qiao. Sensing Lin Feng's scent, she took a deep breath. Her appetite for human flesh was no longer as strong as before. 

Then, she turned to look at the lake in Lin Qiao's space, wondering where the water came from and where it was going to. After staying In Lin Qiao's space for a while, she had felt that the lake wasn't as simple as it seemed.

Every time when she nearly lost control of herself and wanted to eat her son, she would go to the lake and drink from it. With that, her mind would become much clearer than before. That was the most noticeable effect of the lake water to her. 

Apart from that, she had eaten Lin Qiao's snake meat as well, because she was starving. Every time she walked past the few buckets which contained snake meat and lake water, she would sense the snake scent. 

When making snake soup for the little boy, she would force herself to eat some raw snake meat. She had tried boiled snake meat too, and found that it tasted even worse than the raw meat. So, after learning how bad the snake meat tasted after being boiled, she moved on to accept the raw snake meat. 

Therefore, from time to time, she would go pick some snake meat from those buckets for herself to eat. During that process, she was quite amazed by the effect of the lake water in keeping it fresh. 

Maybe because the snake meat had been soaked in the lake water for quite some time, she felt that it tasted less awful than before. 

As the shadow in Lin Feng's chest stopped expanding, Lin Qiao sighed slightly in relief. She waited for a few minutes, but the shadow didn't show any sign of shrinking. So, she thought for a moment and went to get another cup of water, then poured it into Lin Feng's mouth. 

Junjun also knew that the lake water had a healing power for human beings, because during the past few days, the little boy had become much healthier by drinking it. His body had even started to gain weight. 

Junjun felt that her son was slowly becoming more and more energetic. 

Seeing Lin Qiao giving Lin Feng the lake water, she wondered what Lin Feng's condition was.

After making Lin Feng drink the second cup of water, Lin Qiao saw that the shadow in his chest started changing, beginning to disappear from the edge. 

'So, it was because the water wasn't enough!' As the shadow started fading, Lin Qiao immediately figured something out. Since the water wasn't enough, the energy it contained was undoubtedly insufficient as well. 

With that thought, Lin Qiao turned to get the third cup of water, then made Lin Feng drink it. 

After the third cup of water was poured into Lin Feng's mouth, Lin Qiao found that the shadow was fading faster than before. Soon, she saw the faintly green energy lingering in Lin Feng's chest. 

On the outside, the people who were knocked unconscious by Qiu Lili's scream slowly woke up. Yuan Tianxing's face paled as a few drops of blood flowed out of his mouth corners. He abruptly covered his chest with his hand, because he felt that his internal organs were shaken badly.

But soon, he forgot about his injuries. He looked at the surrounding zombies which showed up suddenly, then covered his chest with one hand and reached out the other to press in the air before raising them. 

Following his moves, an earth wall slowly rose around the Lin Family people to defend them. After that, Yuan Tianxing held the wall with one hand, then leaned against it and breathed quickly.

But then, he found something strange. It seemed that the surrounding zombies didn't even see them, all fiercely rushing at Yang Jianhua's vehicles. 

"Eh?" He looked at those zombies bewilderedly. 

'What the hell? Are they ignoring me? But, I'm a living human being!' He couldn't understand. 

Next, he saw Qiu Lili charge at Yang Jianhua with a ferocious look. Her ten claws were burning with a purple-red fire. 

Yang Jianhua's sneak attack failed to hurt Qiu Lili, but pissed her off awfully. She would surely get angry. After all, this handsome-looking man nearly cut off her hair.

As Qiu Lili charged at him fleetingly and showed up right before his face within a blink, Yang Jianhua hurriedly raised the ice mirror to protect himself.

Qiu Lili ignored the ice mirror. The red light in her eyes grew stronger as she darted up to the ice mirror, raised her arm high, and swung directly down toward it. 


Her burning claws scratched the ice mirror and immediately cracked the mirror which seemed to be unbreakable. Right after that, a thunderous noise could be heard as the ice mirror was shattered into pieces. 

Under the explosion of the ice mirror, Yang Jianhua felt that the ice pieces were all flying at his face. He automatically turned his face away and raised his arms to shield his face, also leaping backward to try dodging Qiu Lili's continuous attack. 

But at that point, Qiu Lili was right before him. How could she let him dodge so easily? Her other palm was swinging directly at Yang Jianhua's face along with a streak of fire. 


Yang Jianhua managed to create another ice shield to defend himself against Qiu Lili's claws, but the latter destroyed it in no time. But still, Yang Jianhua grasped an opportunity to turn and run. 

"Retreat!" He gave a shout while stepping on the zombie heads and running toward a safer area. 

'Wanna run? Not gonna happen!' Seeing that Yang Jianhua was preparing to run, Qiu Lili snorted and moved swiftly, followed behind him. 

The people in the car received Yang Jianhua's order of retreat and prepared to drive away. Once the vehicles moved, the zombies on them all fell off.
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