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Zombie Sister Strategy 1286 The Current Situation of the Zombie Army

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In the All Beings Base, Yun Meng and the others were discussing the report from Shui Mingjun.

"This is nice. Can we all get into the other bases now? We don't need to sneakily go over the fence wall anymore!" Yun Meng and the others were interested in the drug that could allow zombies to pass the virus scan.

The drug could provide them with so much convenience. With that, they were finally able to go straight into the other base through the front door instead of getting over the wall. If their Chief were acting together with them, she always put them in her space and brought them in. But when she wasn't around, they had to get over the fence wall to enter another base.

"Are you sure it'll work?" Lin Feng looked at the sample drug and then picked up the report to read it.

"Last night, when you guys were out there taking action, we tested it at the base gate, and it worked. But, we don't know if it'll work with the virus detectors used by the other bases. Maybe the ones they're using are different from ours," Leng Xuantong sat on the other side of the table and looked at the others as he spoke.

Currently, most bases were using the same kind of virus detector. However, no one could guarantee that some base was using different ones as well. Huaxia Base was a good example. Their virus detectors were much more advanced than those used by the other bases, and could deliver more accurate results.

"Let's find out about the types and functions of the virus detectors used by the other bases," Lin Feng said.

Leng Xuantong nodded and said, "That's what I'm thinking about. But at least, our virus detectors are the same as the ones in Sea City Base. So, next time we visit that base, we don't have to leave our friends waiting outside anymore."

"I'll give it a try," Qiu Lili picked up a bottle of the drug before unplugging it and drinking the drug. After that, she stood up and ran out.

After she left, Lin Feng started talking to Yun Meng about some other things. "Seventy percent of the energy nuclei that we harvested last night will be given to the zombie army. Last time, Chief only upgraded the level five and six ones. But this time, she can upgrade the level-four ones. Chief said before leaving that now is a great chance to expand the zombie army. She'll improve the quality of the army when she comes back."

After spending a few seconds looking at him and thinking, Yun Meng said, "Are you gonna use those nuclei to get most of our level-four soldiers ready for the upgrade?"

In that way, Lin Qiao would be able to upgrade them safely when she came back.

Upgrading was more dangerous for zombies than it was for human beings. Therefore, the zombie soldiers in All Being Base needed Chief's permission to upgrade. She cultivated all those soldiers with considerable energy and time, so it would be a great shame if they died during the upgrade.

Currently, more than five-thousand zombie soldiers were serving in All Being Base. The number of level-five ones among them hadn't reached two-hundred yet, while a hundred recently broke into level-four by themselves. If some among the six-hundred level-four zombies could enter level-five, the number of level-five zombies would finally go beyond two-hundred.

One level-five zombie was able to fight two level-five human superpower possessors without falling into disadvantages.

The level-three zombies in Lin Qiao's army were selected from the huge crowd of zombies that she brought back from Hades Base and left in West Lake District, then trained in All Being Base. During the past year, the zombies in West Lake district had been killing each other for zombie nuclei; the fierce ones managed to break into level-three.

As a consequence, about a thousand level-three zombies recently joined the army.

Currently, there were no vacancies left in the third corps of Lin Qiao's zombie army, and she was ready to start the fourth corps.

Hearing Lin Feng mention expanding the army, Yun Meng thought that more zombie soldiers needed to be recruited at first. After spending a short while thinking, she figured out what he really meant.

Lin Feng planned to give the zombie army seventy percent of the energy nuclei. The rest thirty percent would, of course, be given to the human army in Base Number One. Currently, Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing had only about two-thousand soldiers under their command, mostly commoners. They planned to give a part of those energy nuclei to the small number of superpowered soldiers under their leadership, and use the rest to recruit more soldiers.

More and more survivors had been joining All Beings Base. Currently, the population of the base had risen to eight thousand from four thousand.

Sky Fire Base fell not long ago. Most of the survivors went to Huaxia Base, a small number joined Sea City Base, and an even smaller number of them chose to come to All Beings Base. Because of what happened to Sky Fire Base and Earth Dragon Base, the last batch of survivors in Hidden Cloud City Base had given up on the base and had run.

"Yes, that's what I meant," Lin Feng said, "Earlier, we've been focusing on cultivating the level five and six ones. Now, we should start paying attention to the lower-leveled ones."

"No Problem!" Yun Meng nodded and said.

Lin Feng looked at her and said seriously, "Xie Dong isn't in the base right now. You and Lin Kui should keep a close eye on the army."

"Em, I get it," Yun Meng nodded.

The size of the zombie army had reached a considerable degree. She and her friends should keep an eye on it indeed.

After the meeting, Lin Feng walked out of the conference room to see Chen Yuting walk over to him while holding a letter. The latter waved at him and said, "There is good news!"

"What good news?" Lin Feng looked at him questioningly.

Chen Yuting walked up to him and handed the letter as he said while walking, "It's from your little sister."

Seeing the mysterious smile on Chen Yuting's face, Lin Feng couldn't help but open the letter and start reading while walking. The letter was indeed from Lin Wenwen. In it, she said that she would bring a batch of people from Sea City Base to All Being Base. She wanted Lin Feng to get ready to accommodate them.

Accommodating some people would be no problem. However, the number of that batch of people was unexpectedly large.

"Over ten-thousand? What happened? How did she convince so many people to join our base?" Lin Feng was a little surprised.

Chen Yuting shrugged and said, "I've heard about that hunter group before. They're powerful, but quite mysterious. They've been keeping a low profile all the time. I didn't know they have so many members already. But, I don't think all these people are the members of that group. Weirdly, that hunter group never joined Sea City Base. They've been in some kind of… em, partnership with Sea City Base. Chief Wu tried to convince them to join the base a few times, but they always refused."

Those people were powerful but mysterious, meaning that no one knew exactly how strong they were. They might be stronger than what people thought. Even Wu Chengyue had tried to persuade them to join his base. It seemed that he did think highly of them.

How on earth did Lin Wenwen talk those mysterious, capable people into joining her base? Did she play some kind of trick?

Lin Feng thought hard but couldn't figure out why.

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