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"Captain, Long Qingying is right. It must be that b*stard who brought those soldiers here. Otherwise, how could they be so fast? We've only been here for a while, but they've already found us."

Reminded by Long Qingying, the rest of the team was inclined to believe in that possibility as well.

"So, what should we do now? Perhaps, they haven't found out that we have a level-four zombie nucleus," Du Yuanxing still had a slight hope in his heart. 

A level-four zombie nucleus could buy a large amount of food. In the post-apocalyptic era, zombie nuclei were the best kind of treasures. 

However, this chaotic era had no rules or laws; power was the only principle here. The weak were the prey of the strong, and only the strong ones could survive. 

Therefore, when one was holding a precious zombie nucleus which could buy a large pile of food, it would be normal for the others to cast their eyes on them. 

Robberies and murders happened quite often between zombie-hunting squads. Every squad which came out of the base to hunt zombies needed to watch out for the other zombie-hunting squads that might sneakily attack them.

Between zombie-hunting squads, people might not really kill each other cruelly. As long as the one with the zombie nucleus was willing to surrender the treasure, the other squad might still let them live.

However, if a zombie-hunting squad was robbed by an army from a base, the squad would be destroyed, and all its members would die for sure. The reason was obvious. 

More importantly, half of the leaders of Hades Base had been replaced, and now was a chaotic period in the base. Fishing in troubled water had always been what human beings were best at. 

Hearing him, Long Qingying shook her head and said, "Stop fooling yourself. The body of that level-four zombie is lying out there. Once they find it, what will they think?" 

"That we're the only squad here, so it can only be us who killed the level-four zombie…" Du Yuanxing sighed.

The others all wore a grim look, showing a trace of despair and ferocity. However, they soon accepted the situation, as they understood that they came out of the base to risk their lives for a better life, and that zombies weren't the only dangerous beings out here. 

At the moment, the fighting capacity of this squad hadn't recovered fully, as two team members were still in a coma. So, they needed to spare two men to look after them. 

"They haven't started attacking yet, so we should pull out first. Perhaps, we still have a chance to run," said Long Qingying. 

"Let's move then!" Du Yuanxing didn't want to waste any time. 

Once he said the words, the others immediately turned and prepared to go. They asked two relatively stronger teammates to carry the unconscious two. Du Yuanxing and Cai Hongqing raised their guns which were carried on their backs, both showing serious and alert expressions. 

Long Qingying had her katana gripped in her hands the whole time. Lin Qiao didn't leave her weapon in the place which was covered in piles of zombie bodies. 

For that reason, she felt slightly grateful toward the latter. Although she was still keeping a vigilance against the latter, her view of the zombie had changed a little. 

When the team began moving, Long Qingying walked to the door with the katana, then gently opened it and alertly looked outside. After discovering no danger, she walked out ahead of the others. 

She held the katana behind her body with one hand, and had the other hand raised, palm facing forward. Soon, some metal objects flew out of the room and melted into a metal ball in front of her. Before long, the metal ball transformed into a series of steel thorns, floating in the air. As Long Qingying moved forward, the metal thorns drifted forward along with her. 

Behind her were Cai Hongqing and the two who were carrying their unconscious teammates. Du Yuanxing was following in the rear, keeping a sharp lookout. 

None of them had noticed that an invisible figure had been quietly following them, but was keeping a distance from them. 

Lin Qiao had guessed their situation earlier when she heard their conversations. As this squad now seemed to be on guard for all possible dangers, Lin Qiao understood that those newcomers weren't good people. She estimated that a battle would soon start. However, judging by what Du Yuanxing and Long Qingying said, there was a big difference in strength between them and the enemies. 

They didn't seem to have a chance to win. 

Lin Qiao silently walked past them, then directly leaped out of a window nearby. After that, she leaped to the ground from the third floor. After a smooth landing, she was surer that her body was much nimbler than before. 

When leaping down, she didn't have the scary sense of weightlessness anymore. Instead, she could even adjust her position in the air. 

She felt that her body was becoming more and more agile, and that made her happier and happier. 

After landing, while waiting for Long Qingying and her teammates to come down, she sneakily moved toward the people who were hiding in all kinds of corners about twenty meters away. 

She didn't sense any superpower energy from these people, meaning that they were all just ordinary human beings who probably had good combat skills. These people weren't hiding in random places. Instead, they were not far away from each other, so each one of them was all able to observe the situation of the surrounding teammates, who were in the range of each other's weapons. 

In this way, they were able to shoot the zombies behind their surrounding teammates, and wouldn't need to worry about zombies attacking from their backs. 

Lin Qiao quickly walked around among these people, then figured out their formation and its functions.  

She didn't linger or do anything to these people, but moved toward the group of people behind, who had been emitting stronger scents of human beings. She wasn't worried about the scout team, as the members of this scout team were all without superpowers. This scouting team had no choice but to stay put at the moment, because if they attacked, Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing, who were with level-five superpowers, would utterly destroy them. 

From what Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing said, Lin Qiao had learned that the ones who had been threatening them were the main force of this army, who were further behind. 

Lin Qiao wanted to know how powerful that so-called main force was, and why could he or she even make Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing feel frightened and despairing. 

She crossed a few streets and moved for less than three-hundred meters before having her eyes on the target. 

She found two heavily armored military vehicles parked in the middle of a square. Both vehicles were wrapped in steel frames and iron sheets, which made them bulletproof. The claws of ordinary zombies couldn't possibly leave a scratch on these iron sheets. 

Both vehicles were quite large, each able contain twenty to thirty people.

Lin Qiao sensed that not many people were in this area, only about forty of them. However, the superpowered ones in the vehicles were rather strong. One of them even made Lin Qiao feel a slight pressure. Judging by the vibe, Lin Qiao felt that this person was a level-six superpowered one. 

What was this deputy-chief-level superpowered person here for? 

Only to hunt Long Qingying? Did Long Qingying need to be handled by a level-six just because she had helped Lin Wenwen and her family?
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