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Later, he had gotten even more drunk. He was as drunk as the time he had shot a gun for the first time in years for Qin Zhi'ai.

She came to know from his talk that the day his parents passed away was the same day he had been discharged from the military.

August 19th was the day he had lost his parents and his dream.

She could not forget the scene when she had seen his father hitting him.

She also would not forget the stubborn look on his face when he had been beaten badly by his father.

She would never forget the determined look on his face as he laid on the grass, talking about his dreams to her.

Even though his father had not been a good father, he still loved him.

Even if his dream had seemed so far away, he had still decided to chase after it.

However, he had done nothing that night. How could she not have felt bad for him?

She had thought a lot about what to say to him. She had wanted to comfort him, but her throat had seemed to be stuffed. She had merely given him a hug in the end.

He hadn't pushed her away. She had quietly held him in her arms as he fell asleep.

Actually, she had intended to leave after he woke up if Qin Jiayan hadn't called her. Back then, her father hadn't died yet. He had loaned money, and the loaners had gone to the house to force them to give the money back. They had even pushed her mother's head against the wall and made her bleed.

She had hastily left after she saw he was all right.

Once she left, they hadn't seen each other until she had gone to a party with her teacher.

Since that night, he hadn't remembered who she was.

She wasn't sure if he still remembered she had been there for him on his toughest day four years earlier. Maybe he remembered, but it had been so dark that night, and he hadn't really talked to her. He might not have known who she was.

Qin Zhi'ai thought Gu Yusheng might not have been in Beijing, since Lu Bancheng tried to find him for so long but still couldn't. He might have been in his parent's cemetery.

Qin Zhi'ai turned around to check the rain outside of the window. It had become a lot heavier, but she put down her cell phone without any hesitation. She went to the closet to find some clothes to put on and also grabbed an umbrella before hastily walking downstairs. She remembered he had a fever before she left the house, so she went to find a first aid box. She grabbed some medicine and bottled water before she went to the garage, then started the car and drove to the cemetery.

When Qin Zhi'ai arrived at the cemetery, the rain had stopped.

It was humid. The moist air was blowing in every direction in the cemetery.

She parked the car at the entrance of the cemetery and walked in with medicine and water. She saw Gu Yusheng's car.

It was just as she thought—he was here.

Gu Yusheng's parent's tomb was halfway up the mountain. It had just rained, so the roads were slippery. It took Qin Zhi'ai about half an hour to get there.

The cemetery had been restructured so there were more lights were at night than four years prior.

The light was dim, but Qin Zhi'ai saw Gu Yusheng sitting on the wet ground with his back leaning on the gravestone right away.

There were cigarette butts and empty cigarette packs near his feet.

He frowned, hard. He was unsure if he was just not feeling good or still drunk. His face was pale.

Qin Zhi'ai only paused for a second before she walked towards him.

It seemed that he couldn't sense anyone walking to him, for he kept the same position with his eyes closed.

Qin Zhi'ai squatted down and reached her hand out to feel his forehead. It was hot. She wanted to wake him up to ask him to take some medicine and go to the hospital when he suddenly grabbed her wrist and opened his eyes.
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