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Qin Zhi'ai had made great efforts to calm down, but she became excited again after hearing Lu Bancheng's words.

With great effort, she smiled at Lu Bancheng and responded, "Yes," showing that she had heard.

Not saying any more, Lu Bancheng stepped on the gas and left.

Standing behind the gate for a while, Qin Zhi'ai locked the gate, then turned around and returned to her room.

Lu Bancheng's visit made Qin Zhi'ai stay awake, not sleepy any longer.

She returned to the bedroom. When she had just sat on the side of the bed, she touched the necklace that she had put beside the pillow hastily before she had gone downstairs to open the door for Lu Bancheng.

Lu Bancheng had told her that Gu Yusheng had looked for the necklace all night before he found it.

Did Gu Yusheng do this to show affection? That day in the amusement park, he did all the things that Jiayan did for me. Did he really do those things out of jealousy as I originally guessed?

After hearing Lu Bancheng's words, her already calm mood fluctuated again because of the thoughts flashing in her mind.

After a while, she recovered and became calm. She picked up her cellphone to check the time. Half an hour has passed. Has Lu Bancheng found him?

Qin Zhi'ai didn't know how many times she had picked up her phone to check the time. When it was nearly midnight, she still hadn't received any information from Lu Bancheng. Therefore, she couldn't help taking initiative and sending a message to Lu Bancheng: "Have you found him?"

After about ten minutes, Lu Bancheng replied, "Not yet."

When she had just finished reading the message, she received a new one, "Has he come back home yet?"

"He's not here, either." When she had just sent the message, it thundered loudly outside. She turned her head to look out the window. It was the same as the previous night, a thunder shower on the way.

It's very dangerous driving a car in the rain, and more than that, he has a fever now and is drunk…

It would be better, if he stayed somewhere else. I'm afraid that he drove around because of his bad mood.

The more Qin Zhi'ai thought, the more worried she became. Finally, she couldn't help getting out of bed and strolling around the bedroom on bare feet. After a while, she picked up her cellphone and prepared to send another message to Lu Bancheng to ask whether he had found Gu Yusheng. By accident, she glanced at the calendar date on her phone.

It was July nineteenth… A very familiar date…

Qin Zhi'ai frowned and thought for a long time. Suddenly, it occurred to her that it was the anniversary of Gu Yusheng's parents' deaths.

Is he now…

It suddenly came to Qin Zhi'ai's mind that four years earlier, after learning of his parent's deaths, she had gone to the Gu Mansion. Since she couldn't go inside, she had only stayed outside the gates. On the seventh day of waiting, she had seen him coming out of the Gu Mansion alone.

She had stopped a taxi and asked the driver to follow his car.

He had gone to the graveyard. In front of the tombstone of his parents, he drank a lot.

At beginning, she hadn't appeared, but hid in the corner secretly to watch him.

Later, it had rained heavily, but he had seemed to have no intention to leave. Feeling worry and pity for him, she had gone over to him with an umbrella in her hand.

He knew that someone had sat beside him, but he hadn't said anything. She had been silent, too, because she knew that at that time, he was in deep grief. Even if she had said many words to comfort him, he wouldn't be soothed at all. Therefore, it was better to accompany him quietly.

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