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Daniel had a huge grin on his face when Samantha acted so cute. How can he ever say no to this woman? "Yes, you may even buy the whole ice cream shop if you want."

"Mr. Cho, don't waste so much money.", she nagged.

He smirked as he lowered his head to look at her, "Yes, my wife."

He liked that she was nagging him just like how a wife does. The truth is, he knew that Samantha would probably not accept his proposal from the night before. But he didn't regret saying those words to her. Now, he was more determined to make her completely be his. Doesn't matter what and how long it takes, he'll push through.

"Stop it.", she playfully hit his arm before she hugged him back. "Why do you always smell so good, Mr. Cho?", she confessed coyly.

"I do? But I didn't wear any perfume?"

She glanced at him briefly and added, "Really? Then I guess I just love your scent then."

"Yeah, I know you love me.", he shamelessly declared with a smirk on his face.

Samantha just looked at him with a little annoyance, she can't have a serious conversation with this man.

"Are you buying me ice cream or not? I feel so depressed, I need something sweet.", she spoke with a frown.

Daniel shook his head in amusement and stood up. He grabbed his coat and led Samantha out of his office to bring her to a dessert shop.

"Oh, add some chocolates too and maybe some cake.", she demanded with a smile on her face seeing that her boyfriend was indulging her like a child being spoiled.

"Yes, my wife.", he said teasingly.

"What do you think will happen to Hannah and Joon?", Samantha asked Daniel as she scooped the ice cream with her mini spoon. Daniel wanted to bring her to a finer dessert shop but she insisted on buying from the ones on the small boutiques. They were sitting on his car which was parked at the parking lot of Cho Corporation, they literally just went out to get ice cream and came back.

Daniel was constantly watching her as she ate ice cream, he doesn't even want to blink in fear of missing out Samantha dropping a blob of the dessert in his car. He didn't actually mind that she was eating there, he was the one who proposed it in the first place but when they already got in the car, the little OCD in him was trying to claw its way out.

He took a bunch of tissues and placed it on her lap and on the seat beside her; 'just in case'. Samantha laughed at his actions, "What are you doing?", she snickered. "I told you we'll stay out but you insisted on sitting inside your car."

"It's too hot outside.", he replied. "Just be careful. Eat slowly."

Samantha chuckled even more, she wanted to tease him but decided that it's best not to wake the sleeping beast.

"So, Hannah and Joon?", she asked once again.

"Wait a minute, wasn't Hannah dating that Shawn guy? The one who has a sweet mouth.", he commented sourly.

"Huh? Who said that? That's impossible."

"Your brother said so. How's that impossible? He even called Hannah 'honey'."

"Oh, Darling, Shawn's gay.", Samantha revealed as she looked at her man seriously. Daniel stared at her, his expression puzzled.

"What? He is? But your brother was so sure that Hannah is dating that guy. Hannah even heard it when Joon said so and she didn't deny it. You must be mistaken.", Daniel stated.

"She didn't? That's strange... but I'm serious, Shawn's gay, honey. And he's married!", she announced.

Daniel thought about it first and began, "Well then if that's the case, then you can't really put all the blame on your brother. If he misunderstood something and Hannah knew about it but chose not to tell him, then Hannah was also being stubborn."

"Are you saying that it's all Hannah's fault?", Samantha became defensive.

He grabbed her hand and stroke it, "I'm not saying it's ALL her fault, I'm just saying that Joon and she were both in the wrong for not making things clear between them. And since your brother already believed that she was dating Shawn, then what can he do about it? Your brother isn't selfish, Samantha. If he thought that Hannah is with that guy and she's happy with him, I'm sure he didn't want to ruin that relationship.", he spoke carefully making Samantha understand what was on his mind.

"Your brother met that woman whom he now fancies, don't you think that he deserves to be happy as well? How can he still go after Hannah if he knows that she's taken?", Daniel convinced.

Samantha became quiet as she thought about everything that Daniel had told her. If that's true, then why did Hannah let the misunderstanding go on for a long time to the point that it made Seo Joon just move on and date other women? How huge were their prides?

"If it were you, would you also have moved on and dated another like Joon did?", Samantha leaned back on the car seat as she looked at Daniel with her eyes full of wonder.

"If it were me? What kind of question is that? You won't even have the chance to look at other men, much less be in an 'unclear relationship'. You've already fallen for me the moment you laid eyes on me.". Daniel bragged arrogantly.

Samantha's lips twitched, this man can sometimes be too much. She changed the subject, "What should I do about the presentation?

Daniel answered, "You don't need to worry about it, just bring the prototypes and show them. Explain a little and that's it. They might ask questions and you'll also get feedback, so that's what you need to be prepared for. They really just want to see the initial phase so that there is something that they look forward to. They wouldn't understand how you make it, what they just want to see is how it would possibly look like and how it will be convenient to use in the future."

Samantha listened attentively as she made a mental note. She nodded and was determined, "Okay! I can do this!"

Daniel was pleased by what he is seeing, it was really nice to see Samantha being confident. "You're going to be busy these days, huh?"

"Yeah, I'm going to make the prototype alone. So I need to isolate myself.", Samantha declared.

His brows furrowed, "What do you mean 'isolate yourself'?", he questioned, not sure what she meant.

"I need to focus while I'm coding, I need to be in a quiet place and undisturbed so that I can work properly without distraction. There's a construction going on near my house, I won't be able to work there. I can't work in the office either."

"So where are you going to stay?"

Samantha thought about it first and announced, "I might check in at a hotel."

"Why don't you stay at my place?", he offered.

"You're a distraction."

"What? I am?", Daniel had a bewildered expression.

Samantha smiled to him before she responded, "You are! And with you around, I can't concentrate."

Daniel Cho observed her smiling face, "I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. Nevertheless, I'll arrange your stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. When do you plan to start?"

"Hmm… I have to pack some things first, so I think I can go later tonight or early tomorrow.", she replied. "But… I'll take you out for dinner first.", she expressed with a gentle face.

He looked at her and smirked, "Oh… are you being romantic?"

"Don't ruin it.", she pouted playfully. "I'll treat you to a nice meal."

After their fancy dinner in one of City M's luxurious restaurant, they went back to Samantha's house to get some of her things before they checked in to the hotel.

She had already instructed Alexander about what he needed to do for the next few days in preparation for their presentation and to not disturb her for a couple of days. She was really determined to do her best with this prototype, after all, she was representing her company to the CEO of Cho Corporation.


Four Seasons Hotel is also owned by Cho Corporation and Daniel had arranged for her to stay in the presidential suite.

"Are you sure you're okay in here?", he confirmed as he entered the suite with Samantha following him from behind.

She nodded, "Of course, I'm only going to code anyway. I just need a quiet place to camp."

"Okay.", Daniel placed Samantha's things by the bed and started to remove his coat, then unbuttoned his shirt.

Samantha who was checking out the room noticed his actions, "What are you doing?", she asked with a confused expression.


"Okay. But why?", Samantha tilted her head and looked at the sexy man who's very confident in his skin. He had already managed to remove his shirt and is now topless. Samantha couldn't help but form a smile on her face, this man is just too damn lovable.

"Your husband needs some love.", he smirked as he walked towards her. "You're gonna be busy these days, can't you spare me a little?", he pulled her close and kissed her.

Samantha pulled away gently, "Honey, I can't. I'm on my period."
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