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His eyes were deep and serene, just like a pool of spring water. Figuring out what he was thinking was unfathomable, yet one could not help becoming immersed in those eyes...

"I'm talking to Yuehan. How dare you, a nurse, interrupt us!" When Cheng Xiuliu heard those words, she gnashed her teeth in anger as she loudly told off Nian Xiaomu.

Yu Yuehan's face darkened when he heard what she said.

The atmosphere in the room started to change.

Cheng Xiuliu felt goosebumps rising from his stare. Just as she was about to say something, she saw Yu Yuehan take his cell phone out of his pocket to make a phone call, then tossing it onto the coffee table.

Shortly later, the assistant's voice spoke up from the phone.

"Young Master, we have checked the bank transactions. There have been large amounts of money deposited into Fang Zhenyi's bank account this month. I have already gotten ahold of the statements..."

Before the assistant finished speaking, Cheng Xiulu's face had gone pale.

Yu Yuehan slowly got up from the sofa.

He adjusted his business suit with his slender fingers and walked toward her.

It felt like his imposing presence was trampling on her heart with every step he took.

"Fang Zhenyi has been charged in court. If you still deny your involvement in this, I have even more evidence to show you. However, you might have to appear in court together with her by then..."


Before he finished what he had to say, a shell-shocked Cheng Xiulu's knees had already given out and collapsed onto the floor.

Her eyes were wide with trepidation and her mouth was agape, but she could not say a word.

"If Small Aunt is unwell, then do not overwork yourself. Stay in the small courtyard to nurse your health." Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes and slowly buttoned up his jacket as he turned to give instructions to the servant standing by the side. "Send word that Second Lady needs to cultivate her character and temperament. For the next six months, she is not to take one step out of the small courtyard!"

When he was done speaking, he walked past Cheng Xiulu, whose face was as white as sheet, and toward Nian Xiaomu.

Before she could even react, he led her by the hand and walked out.

As Nian Xiaomu followed behind him, her mind was blank as she stared at the big hand that was holding hers...

Before she could regain her composure, he had already let go of her hand.

She looked up and realized that they had already walked out of the small courtyard.

His face had resumed that look of indifference. With a hand in his pocket, he coolly looked at her before continuing to walk along.

"..." Nian Xiaomu pouted her lips.

He had specially taken her with him to let her see how Cheng Xiulu ended up?

Being grounded for half a year was surely worse than being killed off.

The question she had earlier flashed in her mind again.

If Yu Yuehan had already known that Cheng Xiulu had planted an informant around him, why did he trust her?

To allow her to stay and look after Xiao Liuliu was a demonstration of trust, right?

Nian Xiaomu was still deep in thought when she sensed a piercing glare targeted at her.

She looked up and discovered that they were a distance apart.

He stood in front of her, took a glance at her legs, and asked impassively, "Short legs?"

Nian Xiaomu: "...!"

When they returned to the villa, Xiao Liuliu was already awake.

The cuddly little ball nestled in the sofa, hugging her favorite piggy doll and restlessly looking toward the door.

When she saw them walking in together, her eyes lit up immediately!

She slid off the sofa and darted in their direction.

When Yu Yuehan saw his little princess, the frosty aura surrounding him dissipated, and he dotingly stretched out his arms toward her.

Yet, at the very next moment, Xiao Liuliu walked right past him and dove into Nian Xiaomu's arms.

"Pretty Sister!"
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