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The Rest Of My Life Is For You 84 Yu Yuehan wasn’t what he seemed to be, totally not what he seemed to be!

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Fang Zhenyi could not understand this no matter what.

Yu Yuehan obviously had not trusted Nian Xiaomu earlier on, but why had his attitude changed all of a sudden?

She stared blankly and did not move from her position. She could not believe it.

Upon seeing this, Nian Xiaomu walked forward with the wine glass in hand, placed it conveniently in front of Fang Zhenyi, and said, "I am kind, so you can use this glass to drink. I am afraid you wouldn't be able to take it if you drank from the bottle."


Fang Zhenyi looked at the pair who seemed to echo each other. She felt like a dancing clown.

However, she was very clear about the contents of the wine.

With clenched fists and gritted teeth, she stared fiercely at Nian Xiaomu.

If it were not for Nian Xiaomu, Young Master Han would not have wanted to fire her at all costs. As a result, she would not have taken this risk.

Yu Yuehan was known for being callous in the business industry.

It was akin to suicide if one were to offend him.

Fang Zhenyi met his icy cold gaze—she had absolutely no choice but to summon her courage and drink the entire glass in one shot.

Her expression changed after just a minute.

Her face turned fiery red in color from its original pale white color, and her entire expression had also changed to become blurred and bewildered.

"So warm..."

Fang Zhenyi pulled at the collar of her blouse with force and walked to Yu Yuehan.

"Young Master Han, I really like you. Please help me..."

Her face had already turned dark red in color.

Before her hands could reach Yu Yuehan, the assistant entered the room. He lifted her up from the floor and brought her out of the room...

As Nian Xiaomu watched Fang Zhenyi being escorted away, her mouth was still slightly agape with shock even after Fang Zhenyi had disappeared from sight.

She had guessed that Fang Zhenyi would tamper with the wine, but she had not expected it to be such a powerful drug!

It was a fairly long distance between the Yu Family villa and the hospital, so that would be quite some suffering for Fang Zhenyi to endure!

When Nian Xiaomu came back to her senses, she noticed Yu Yuehan reclining lazily on the sofa. With one hand supporting his head, he stared at her with a face full of interest.

The way he looked at her was filled with rays of light which she did not understand.

Her heart thudded. She finally recalled that she had not knocked on the door while in a rush to enter the room just now.

According to the bad and temperamental personality of this iceberg, he would not appreciate what she had done. Perhaps he felt that she had ruined his golden opportunity instead?

After all, he seemed like he had enjoyed Fang Zhenyi's massage...

Nian Xiaomu became gloomy again after all these thoughts and said, "Young Master, I will head out first if there is nothing else for me."

"I have something for you." Yu Yuehan opened his mouth suddenly, his eyes sparkling lightly.

The look with which he gazed upon her was dense and complex.

He had already found out about the additional contents in the wine when he lifted the wine glass and took a sniff just now.

The reason why he had not exposed Fang Zhenyi was because he wanted to see what she was up to.

Perhaps he could have take this chance to see if there was anyone else manipulating her from behind...

However, he had not expected Nian Xiaomu to appear out of the blue.

He had almost pushed Fang Zhenyi's hand away subconsciously the moment he saw her turn around.

However, he wasn't sure about whether he was afraid that she had misunderstood.

He was unable to make heads or tails of the jittery feeling in his heart.

The way she pursed her lips, the way her cheeks puffed up; even her laughter and her every movement was so attractive...

"Young Master, your face looks slightly red. Are you alright?" Nian Xiaomu moved forward when she heard what he said and pointed at his handsome face with her fair, slender fingers.

She felt that his reaction was similar to how Fang Zhenyi had reacted from before.

However, the thing was that he had not consumed any alcohol at all.

Nian Xiaomu turned around and scanned the huge bedroom. Immediately, she sniffed out a subtle hint of fragrance and was slightly stunned.

"Could it be incense?"

Nian Xiaomu's nerves tightened. She wanted to look for the smell when a strong arm suddenly embraced her waist and hugged her. Then, with a flip of her body, she landed on the sofa.

The next second, her lips were blocked!

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