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Since Xing Fang had witnessed it with her own eyes as Nian Xiaomu was being taken away, Xing Fang should have an impression of whether this benefactor had appeared on that day.

"I placed all my focus on you and eldest aunt that day, though I did take a second glance into the car after you were carried into it. I remember that there was more than one person sitting in the car—I think there were two people inside. I couldn't see their appearances clearly, but the bodyguards all around seemed to be very cautious…"

Xing Fang took a glance at the photo in her hand and reminisced.

She thought about it carefully, but still could not recall anything further.

However, even if she did not look at the photo in Nian Xiaomu's hand, she would still have some recollections of him since he was the benefactor of the Xing Family.

Mr. Cardi looked like a very prudent and strict person; he had dressed in a black suit from the first day he appeared all the way until he left after helping them settle down.

Even the tie around his collar was very neatly tied.

He seemed like a slightly outmoded gentleman.

He was easygoing and was patient with kids as well. However, he loved to nag and had many rules of his own.

Since the Xing Family fell into dire straits all of a sudden, no one was used to it. As such, Mr. Cardi seemed like a god that had swiftly descended.

The second uncle of the Xing Family was immensely appreciative of him and kept such a small photo for so many years. Even Xing Fang, who was still a kid back then, had a deep impression of this amiable old man.

She still remembered how Mr. Cardi stroked her head on the day he left.

He had told her this, "Don't worry, there will be someone taking care of the Xing Family until all of you kids grow up to be adults."

Nian Xiaomu gripped the photo in her hand tightly and said in disappointment, "You remember Mr. Cardi, but you did not see him among the people who had taken me away. This goes to show that Mr. Cardi had no relation to the people who had taken me away…"

After she finished her words, she seemed to have thought of something again and raised her head abruptly.

"You mentioned just now that Mr. Cardi had told you that someone would be taking care of the Xing Family in the future. What was it like after that? Did he continue to take care of the Xing Family?"

"He took care of us for seven years," Xing Fang replied.

Mr. Cardi left in no time after he was done helping the Xing Family settle down.

The Xing Family would receive a remittance every year for the next seven years. At first, Mr. Cardi would still visit them at the end of the year, but he rarely appeared afterward.

However, he was very punctual in sending the money.

Everything continued until three years ago, when Mr. Cardi disappeared all of a sudden.

The Xing Family no longer received any remittance from then on, and life became harder and harder for them every day.

Luckily, all of the children in the Xing Family had grown up.

All of them had jobs of their own; they could still at least feed themselves and the family, albeit with difficulty.

Nian Xiaomu frowned and asked, "Didn't any of you think of looking for Mr. Cardi when he simply disappeared all of a sudden? At the very least, he was the benefactor who had provided material assistance to all of you for so many years."

It was already very rare for a good friend to help a large clan like the Xing Family settle down after they had met with a mishap.

Moreover, this Mr. Cardi actually provided assistance without fail to the Xing Family for a full seven years.

Such behavior could no longer be explained just by simple friendship.

She felt that this Mr. Cardi seemed to be a little weird…

"I have tried searching for him. However, we couldn't get through to the number that he left behind, and he has not appeared ever since—we really could not find him. Furthermore, Mr. Cardi mentioned that he would take care of the Xing Family until the children were all grown up. We thought that perhaps he felt that the time was up and wasn't willing to continue helping the Xing Family anymore, hence we did not think too much into it," Xing Fang explained.

Without financial aid, the Xing Family seemed just like domesticated animals that were suddenly released back into the wild.

At that point in time, all of them were worried about their daily survival, so they did not have much energy to search for him.
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