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The second uncle of the Xing Family turned around and walked toward his room as he spoke.

The other members of the Xing Family also started speaking as they told Nian Xiaomu everything that they remembered.

The second aunt of the Xing Family said, "We were already at our wit's end at that time when the Xing Corporation was closed down and liquidated by the bank. I am afraid all of us might not have survived if the old friend of eldest brother and sister-in-law did not appear to help us."

The third aunt of the Xing Family declared, "That person was extremely generous and did not lose to my eldest brother one bit. On the first day when he came to the Xing Family, he helped us to repay the debts that the company owed after it was closed down and even helped us to relocate to another residence."

The fourth aunt of the Xing Family added, "Speaking of this, I am still a little curious even now—we did not mention many of the things that had happened in the Xing Family, but the benefactor seemed to be aware of everything and settled it all for us before he appeared."


The atmosphere grew lively in an instant as everyone chimed in and recounted.

As Nian Xiaomu listened to the information, she became so nervous that her palms began perspiring.

All of a sudden, a huge hand appeared on her shoulder. This warm hand seemed to have the ability to control everything, and she immediately felt at ease when it came close to her.

Nian Xiaomu turned around and looked at Yu Yuehan, who had appeared behind her.

He was facing the light, causing a porcelain-like brilliance to penetrate his perfect facial features.

He stared at her closely with a deep and soulful gaze.

He silently mouthed the words, "Don't be afraid. I am here."

For some reason, these few simple words calmed Nian Xiaomu's anxious emotions.

Just when Fan Yu wanted to head forward, he saw that Nian Xiaomu's tense body had already loosed up in relaxation.

She sat on the chair with Yu Yuehan's noble figure standing behind her—there was no room for any intrusion even though they were not behaving intimately.

Fan Yu stood rooted to the ground.

His dark brown eyes flickered slightly as they covered the ray of disappointment behind his gaze.

Very soon, the second uncle of the Xing Family returned with a photograph.

"I found it. This is the one. Even though it has been more than a decade, I won't forget the person in this photo for my entire life!"

Nian Xiaomu leaped out of her seat the moment she heard this.

Reaching out, she took the photo from the second uncle and quickly scanned it.

It was a group photo.

There were a lot of people, and almost all the members of the Xing Family were present. However, Nian Xiaomu managed to spot the man who stood in the middle with a single glance.

The next second, the expression on her face changed slightly.

"He is the benefactor that all of you had mentioned?"

The second uncle of the Xing Family followed the direction of her finger, took a glance, and answered, "Yes, he is the one!"

"…" The agitated rays of light within Nian Xiaomu's eyes turned complex in an instant.

Before she could say anything, Yu Yuehan had already walked over to her side. Taking the photo from her hands, he took a glance at it.

He raised his eyebrows slightly.

He understood her disappointment immediately.

The man in the photo had white hair on his temples and appeared to be at least 50 years of age. 10 years had passed since then, and he should be at least 60 years old now—this wasn't the age that her parents should be.

Furthermore, he was a foreigner with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"What is his name?" Nian Xiaomu continued to ask even though she knew that there wasn't much hope.

Surprisingly, the second uncle of the Xing Family remembered this benefactor very clearly as he replied swiftly, "Mr. Cardi. He never once specifically told us his full name and only told us to address him as Mr. Cardi!"


It had been 10 years and they did not even have his full name—it would be even tougher for them to search for him.

All of a sudden, a ray of light flashed behind Nian Xiaomu's eyes as she took the photo back in her hands. She walked to Xing Fang and asked, "Did you see this man on the day I was taken away?"
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